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Here Goes Nothing....

For some reason I have decided to become a blogger.  Right now.  I decided this right this moment.    I am the absolutely the worst for coming up with grand plans for self improvement ( yoga, running, meditating, etc..) and then abandoning the project when I either a. 127 more words

How I found out I had breast cancer.

Have you ever heard friends or family members putting off that doctors appointment or health screening because they were afraid of hearing bad news? Despite the fact that they have no knowledge of the result before hand and especially since they know that hearing the truth would be beneficial for early treatment plans in the event they found out they were sick? 742 more words


Moving Forward

The space vibrates with my need

to touch beyond my reach

The sound of my heartbeat melts

in the rhythm of your breathing

As you stay still, captured in sweet suspense… 69 more words


Farewell, Factory

Well, yesterday was my last day of high school which was bittersweet. It was a weird feeling indeed. On one hand a bit sad in that something was over, but on the other hand happy in that something new would be starting in the near future. Pretty deep huh? FT :P

Book Review: I Wrote This for You

I Wrote This for You

by Pleasefindthis (Iain Thomas)


202 pages

Genre: Poetry, Photography

Final Rating: 3 out of 5 stars

Summary: Started 2007, … 654 more words


Three Hour Conversation

Florescent wildfire

A scattered chill

Ignited by your tongue

World class enthusiast

Lessons learned

Sincerely apologetic

Exposed to your

magnetizing glass world

Sensing fragility

But armor and strength… 20 more words


If I Could Freeze A Moment In Time

There are those special times in life I simply want to savor. Enjoy the moment without rushing on to the next thing that needs to be done. 512 more words