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Still messy

A couple of weeks ago I heard it said in an AA meeting that “life is good, but it is still messy.” That small statement has stuck with me. 174 more words

Here is where I start.

I wont introduce myself. I prefer to stay anonymous. At least for now. I started this blog because I like to write about my life. Little tid bits here and there. 319 more words


The Sound in the Woods

I sat in the passenger side seat of the Jeep waiting on Michaela. She didn’t even hesitate as she moved towards the driver’s seat. She sat down, “You okay?” 737 more words


Writing Honestly - Part One

I have always wondered how it feels to hurt. Think about it for a moment, we have all felt the small cut or scratch, maybe a broken bone, maybe even something traumatic, like getting your arm stuck under a bolder in a canyon for several days before you inevitably resort to chopping it off with a pocket knife – I’m still not over that story – but in the end, that hurt that we feel is relative. 545 more words

Writing Honestly - An Explanation

I want to write truth. I want to write reality.

Everything I write in my normal life is filtered for the people I know who may end up seeing it. 523 more words

Vernal Equinox


The time of new beginnings. A reboot for the spirit that is weary from the long dark of winter. A breath that brings life and clarity and promise. 46 more words