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Unexpected Trip: Mackinac Island

One of the things I look forward to in Summer, is a number of expected and unexpected trips. Maybe one or two weeks ago, my sister decided to go to Mackinac Island, and take me along. 836 more words


366 Poems: May 30th, 2016


Isn’t it funny how I always expect an end?

Like the curtain should close,

the credits should roll,

and what is done is

done. 87 more words



Hello I’m John Armstrong, thanks for visiting my blog. I’m not exactly sure which direction I want this to go, however I know its beneficial to document different things I do to share with not on friends and family, but professionals as well. 181 more words


Some highlights of a s2s7 talk

This was at the BYATA conference in Rotorua last year. A 40 minute talk cut to six minutes.


A Day of Travel


Sitting in the Detroit Airport carries a strange mix of familiarity and nervous anticipation. Due to my decision to attend college in Florida, flying out of this airport is a frequent occurrence and I’ve gotten to know the layout very well. 1,369 more words

Au Pair

Gentle Change

I’ve been reading over the archives of my blog, and it’s actually a rather strange experience for me. I blogged extensively at Tumblr until I eventually grew weary of people half my age arguing about everything and anything. 1,332 more words


The light blinked.

Ciara watched it. She counted slowly upwards, satisfied that it blinked again precisely on ‘seven’. She knew that eventually she would need to look away from the small LED and deal with the situation that was deteriorating around her, but that was going to be… 326 more words