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Let me try to capture this feeling. It is a strange state to be in, when you want something to be true so badly, but everything you were ever taught says otherwise. 442 more words


When You Least Expect It

As a forty-something-year-old woman, I hear it all the time. “You’ll find him when you least expect it.” Married people love singing this refrain often. While I don’t know if I can apply it to my love life, I can certainly connect it to waiters I have met in my lifetime. 805 more words


So here I go...I take the first step

To start something is sometimes the hardest bit (next to finishing of course).

But I start. My first personal blog.

I begin with all of my life stories filling my mind – the life stories that make up who I am and how I think. 358 more words


Prayer Changes Things...like the HEART

It’s not a cliche.  The Lord is telling me it’s true:  prayer changes things.  Sometimes it changes the situation.  I think more often it changes our hearts, and not usually in the way we expect. 621 more words


The time is now

Nicole Kung, NK Body Philosophy: It isn’t the falling that matters. It’s the getting back up.

Alfred Pennyworth: Why do we fall sir? So we might learn to pick ourselves up… 100 more words


The Beauty of Roses

The beauty of roses
I’ve never comprehended
Though I’ve seen them.

The softness of lips
I’ve never felt
Though lips have been pressed to mine. 95 more words


The Silhouette

The night hangs in nightclub lights,

Pink, purple, blue — the hues reach in reproach

To the mountains brown in sawdust,

Overlooking the cathedral of governance. 142 more words