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Taking steps away is easy, standing still is hard~


Bipolar Disorder


Now, I am by no means a writer, but when the universe gives you signs that you should go forth and write a blog, it’s kinda hard to resist it. 477 more words

11 out of 366

I know I’ve said it a million times before but no, seriously, I’m too competitive. I had taken a break from the online realm for a while due some personal reasons, nay excuses. 635 more words

Fresh Eyes

Life is terrifyingly beautiful and sweetly crushing. To love is to open yourself up to be vulnerable to those cold dark never ending winter night-like experiences or those beautiful nostalgic summer-like days. 457 more words

We Need a Priest

Today’s reading is Leviticus 7-8.

Did you see all that stuff Aaron and his sons had to go through just to be priests? The constant threat of death if they didn’t do it just right? 248 more words


Monotony kills.

Do something exciting, something different. You know what makes your heart beat fast. That sets your nerves to the edge and you enjoy that feeling. … 123 more words