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Memento Mori - last time

last time
i could not remember
if the stars and the moon was out
while we traded our first words
from our tongues to our ears… 134 more words


I love a good project!

So I am a big fan of project plans. What I mean by this is that I will write down big life goals and manage the execution of those like a project.  933 more words


Greatness: The Series

Hello Viewers

I realize that I haven’t posted anything in quite a long time, and for that I truly apologize. On to better things though. I will, over the course of the next few weeks, attempt to put into text what I believe are the most important things are in order to achieve greatness. 44 more words

Welcome to Nebulous Expanses! Its bigger, expand-ier, and an all-around better named blog.

Who doesn’t love a name change? No one, that’s who. If we all could change our names every ten years with absolutely no negative consequences, I’m sure we all would. 127 more words


Part 4. The Second Year.

In 1998 Washington State passed a law allowing medical marijuana. If someone was sick and wanted marijuana, they’d need to see a doctor and get a “green card”, as we say. 995 more words


Creation for non mothers

I have always been sure that I will never have children in my lifetime.

This is a strange certainty to have. I have never been sure about which subject to study, which career field is right, neither have I held a clear vision of what kind of lover I sought or a city I was destined to settle in. 1,354 more words


Freedom from Gaming

I am one for following joy. If Gaming brings you joy, just figure out ways you can learn from the game. I have an addictive personality where I will obsess about a game until I have considered it beaten. 473 more words