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What is Social Issue Marketing?

My life’s work has encompassed one specific area of marketing and communications: Social Issue Marketing.

aka:  social marketing; cause marketing; behavior change communication.

It’s not the same as “social media,” which, if you’ve been to Facebook lately, you may agree that the benefit to greater society is questionable at best. 229 more words

Making More Filipinos Realize What Earth Hour is About

Earth Hour 2014 just finished a few hours ago.

I started celebrating Earth Hour in 2010 by turning off as much light and electricity in the house as I could, without my family’s help. 255 more words

The Philippines

What are we doing to change?

Not surprisingly, a recent report conducted by the Economist titled “Water for All?” confirms worldwide water shortages. The report was sponsored by Oracle and looks at the relative preparedness of water utilities across 10 major markets—the US, Canada, UK, Australia, France, Spain, Brazil, Russia, India and China—to meet future water supply challenges to 2030. 511 more words

Marketing Water

Wouldn’t it be great if marketing water—or green marketing in general—were easy? If so, we’d have no trouble getting people to change their behavior and conserve water, scoop dog poop, or make whatever clean-water action we wanted them to make. 345 more words

Green Marketing