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Saying "No" Not an Option for Some High Achievers: Ask Madeleine

Dear Madeleine,

I’ve been with a small and very successful business for fifteen years and am a senior manager. Every time we want to try something new, I am asked to be in charge of it—even though I already have a full-time job and am running all the other initiatives and programs I’ve successfully started for the company. 603 more words

Behavior Change

Expert Interactions--did that really (not) happen ???

Two things to remember to ensure expert interactions really do not happen:  Talk a lot about what you know and when you ask a question, don’t wait for the answer. 1,100 more words

Practicing Happy

Small Steps to Health and Wealth - Stepping Down to Change

Welcome Back! Today we’ll discuss the twentieth Small Step to Health and Wealth – Stepping Down to Change.

Back in December we discussed the Small Step – … 486 more words

Practicing Extreme Self Care—7 Ways to Get Started

When Ken Blanchard and Don Shula’s book Everyone’s A Coach was released, professional coaches took umbrage. Some among us thought Well, that’s just not true. … 723 more words


How Forming a Wellness Vision Creates Behavior Change

How do you accomplish a wellness goal when you are unsure of how to change the behavior pattern?  Without creating a wellness “blueprint” or vision for success, it is difficult to carry out the steps to get to that place. 602 more words


How To Talk About Things That Are Hard to Talk About

How to talk about the things that are most difficult? Choose one or more answers that apply.

A. Don’t. Keep it inside, and when a thought that pains or confuses you comes across your mind, wave it away like a fly. 264 more words


SHOTGUN WEDDING: Public Health & Medicine

When all is said and done, healthcare transformation may be a shotgun wedding between public health and medicine.  In order to improve clinical outcomes, the untidy fact that changing  behavior is the root of self-management may bring clinicians (surely kicking and screaming) to utter, ‘I do……. 306 more words

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