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Do You Suffer from Excessive Stuff Syndrome?

It is guesstimated that nearly 48.9% of the U. S. population suffers from this condition!


Excessive Stuff Syndrome (ESS) is a debilitating syndrome that has been known to cause mild to severe anxiety, elevated stress levels, and a sense of overwhelm and despair. 1,319 more words

Behavior Change

Booze or Lose

“It’s a great advantage not to drink among hard drinking people.” -F. Scott Fitzgerald, The Great Gatsby

“No blame: the most liberating and empowering day of my life was the day I freed myself from my own self-destructive nonsense” -Steve Maraboli… 290 more words

New Ways Of Thinking

Make A Lasting Change, Part 2

Last week we looked at some commonly known facts about fitness to serve as a baseline of knowledge moving forward towards a lasting change. This week we will look at what it means to actually change. 640 more words


Dear Potato

Dear Potato,

I am writing you an apology letter.  I am so sorry about the way that you have been treated.  You have become villainized.  You have been misunderstood.   157 more words

New Ways Of Thinking

Dig Deep

“Trust yourself…dig deep down and ask yourself who you want to be? Not what, but who?” -Arnold Schwarzzeneggar

“Dig deep and believe in yourself and have the self-confidence you need to forge ahead.”                  -Katie Ciouric… 214 more words

New Ways Of Thinking

Richard Thaler won the Nobel Prize for Economics 2017! (and why you should care)

Why do you eat junk food even though you know it’s bad for you?

Why don’t you save money even though it will set you up for a great retirement? 290 more words

Human Behaviour

Make A Lasting Change, Part 1

How many times have you set out to make a change in your health and lifestyle? Maybe joined a gym, started a weight loss program, or scoured the internet for the best plan to achieve your goals? 743 more words