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Dog Aggression - Is it predictable? How do humans’ contribute to dog aggression? Are we responsible? Part Two

Dog Aggression – Is it predictable?  How do humans’ contribute to dog aggression?  Are we responsible? Part Two

Lindsay’s alternative hypothesis

Classifying aggression

Lindsay (2007) classifies aggression in general terms as “ 1,519 more words

Training Dogs

Whiny child? Take these three steps:

Whiny child? Consider hunger, fatigue, boredom.

Not hungry or tired, then rather than punishment or sending the child away, consider: Engage, Include, Enjoy!

  1. ENGAGE: “You seem out of sorts.”
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A Powerful Concept to Alter Children's Behavior

There is a Jewish word that doesn’t translate directly into English, but it informs my attitude to people who have undergone hardship and need help. 613 more words