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Child Misbehaving...Bad vs. ADD/ADHD

Have you been told your child has a behavior problem, and is a distraction at school? Are you constantly receiving emails and phone calls from the teacher regarding daily incidents? 312 more words

Growing Up Poor in a Rich Neighborhood

One of the many reasons I will miss Andrew Sullivan when he gives up blogging: informative posts like this one, which pointed me to a… 170 more words

Why Sterilizing Your Dog is Not Up for Debate

As a behaviourist I can confidently say- and I’m sure the majority of my colleagues will back me up on this one- the majority of serious cases I am called upon to assess involve unsterilized dogs.  988 more words


HAVE YOU TRIED EVERYTHING? Rehoming a Dog With Behavioral Problems

Since I started working with dogs, rescue and rehoming has been very important to me and making sure dogs that haven’t always had the best of luck get a second chance has become a focus of mine.  721 more words


Two Upcoming Parenting Classes at the Fremont Library

By popular demands, there are two parenting classes scheduled on Saturdays, 10:30 am to 12:30 pm, in Oct.

  • 10/18 – Behavior Issues for Toddlers and Elementary School Children…
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