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Constant Login Prompts & Spam: Experts Fear Yahoo Has Dementia

A special report looks At Yahoo’s functionality, or lack thereof

SUNNYVALE, CA:  Recent studies about Yahoo’s services conclude that the website is unable to deliver commonplace expectations.  366 more words


Google Nexus7 Built by ASUS

Google Nexus7 debuted today at Google IO, and the device is priced starting at $199 which is similar to Kindle pricing. It’s hard to imagine that this isn’t a loss leader like the Kindle is for Amazon, and that Google makes up for it with app purchases like Amazon does book purchases. 51 more words

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Google Now will learn from every action you take in order to build its uncanny personalizations, no doubt targeting behavioral ads at you with each step, each ride, each flight.

Online preferences influenced by health condition

77% of individuals are now turning to online sources of information after being diagnosed with a health condition, second only to the 81% who turn to a healthcare professional. 185 more words

Audience Targeting

Your Data With Destiny

Adweek: Media buyers still hesitant about highly targeted ad campaigns

Addressability — the ability to deliver TV ads to target individual households rather than more general groups — is the new buzzword in advertising.

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Behavior Targeting

NEWS: AI Heuristic for The Alive Web

Ed: MIT alumni. Artificial intelligence heuristics for tracking, inference, application. Cool. Go MIT. 

A lot of clicks to track down this conversation thread. Too many distractions from the main thread. 420 more words


Google paid click growth slowing - Advertising Shelf Space

Ed: In retail, footage of shelf space matters. Has online advertising become the same?

  • Nov 2007, Google stopped using the text box as the click area.
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NEWS: TV Learning Importance of Targeting

TV Learning Importance of Targeting

April 4, 2008; Page B7

The advertising industry has long had a hunch that consumers are more apt to watch a television commercial if they actually are in the market for the product or service being pitched.

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Behavior Targeting