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Quotes to Live By

“No one’s coming to help you make your dreams come true, that’s up to you.”

– Kevin Smith

So in other words…get to work!

If you think your dog is behaving badly, you are badly mistaken

She’s in the trash. He’s jumping higher than your head. She snaps when you reach for the shoe she took. He pulls like a freight train on leash. 859 more words

Dog Training

Be careful what you scream

Just watched TV footage of a man yelling at a candidate he believes is a sinner. He interrupted the candidate more than once at more than one event by yelling, “Sodom and Gomorrah! 143 more words

Painful, The Empathy

Painful, The Empathy –


tinged with hollow

shadows of minutiae,

dismal hope,





utter numbness

(that certain luxurious


which surrenders… 315 more words


Hate, the book: 012

Hello Curious Friend.  Welcome to my book about Hate.  The number tells you where you are in the sequence.  I look forward to your comments.

463 more words

Schizophrenia - Diagnosis

Schizophrenia is diagnosed based on criteria in either the American Psychiatric association’s or the APA fifth edition of the diagnostic and statistical Manual of mental disorders also known as the DSM-5, or the World Health organization’s International statistic classification of disease and related health problems also known as ICD-10. 1,834 more words


One is Silver the Other Gold

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Forgotten Toy

A small boy walks down a busy sidewalk hand in hand with his mother. Peering up he spoted a toy truck through the looking glass of the corner toy store. 783 more words