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Kali absolutely loves her Kong toy.  Or does she?

Dogs do seem to love the Kong toy but mostly I think they love the food stuff we put in the Kong.  

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Narrative Bias And Fitness Failure

In Ypsilanti, Michigan there are three men that live together, eat together, and hang out together. They’re entirely normal, except for the fact that they live in a mental institution. 1,343 more words

I am nothing but behavior

I am nothing but a speck of dust in a universe that is infinite

I control nothing but my behavior

I can fool myself to believe I am in control of my destiny… 283 more words

Catholic Viewpoint

Still in the nest...

but not for long.  The Great Horned Owl chicks are growing rapidly, and I think they might fledge this next week.  Unfortunately I won’t be here to witness that, as we are flying back to California today. 74 more words


Primitive Disease

At my work I have been listening to M.D.s and psychiatrists talk about their patients in a manner that I’m not used to hearing. I have been a medical transcriptionist now for many years and am always hearing and learning new things but this is probably the first time that I’ve had to seriously question the language I was hearing clinicians use to evaluate the mental and physical health of their patients. 1,050 more words

Behavioral Disorders

Why I Used to Hate Giving Feedback

How often have you heard your friends or colleagues moaning about someone or about something that has happened, but they never actually say anything to that person? 472 more words


Deep Thought

This what it gone take
This is where I want to be
This is what I’m gone do to get there
A fight worth fighting from within… 178 more words