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X-Files and Erik Erikson

During college, a bunch of us gathered around the ancient donated television every week to watch Mulder and Scully try to catch each other—I mean, try to catch aliens. 912 more words


Gaslighting Seminar 2/25

Want to learn more about Gaslighting? Check out tomorrow’s live seminar by Narcissism expert Ross Rosenberg:

‘Gaslighting is Everywhere’
Saturday February 25th, 9am PST / 12 noon EST… 11 more words


Silkies being odd.

I had a persistent little guest in  the layer coop the other day.  I was cleaning it out – bagging up the thick accumulated layer of hay and crap for relocation to the garden (my… 194 more words


Uber says it's 'absolutely not' behind a smear campaign against ex-employee Susan Fowler Rigetti

Uber is under attack once again today as the Twittersphere quickly concluded it was behind a smear campaign against a former engineer for the company, Susan Fowler Rigetti, who dropped a scathing… 495 more words


My Best Friend's Condition, Part 1

I was at the stoplight, and I didn’t press on the gas when the light turned green.

I stared at the middle of the intersection. 215 more words

Remember to Play

Friday is like a much needed exhale after holding my breath most of the week. It is a reminder that we need to find a way to let the weight of the world go and reunite with our sense of peace. 103 more words