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Why teachers leave the broken system: A fellow teacher's story.

Hoping to post soon about what I wish I knew going into marriage. For now, please read this wonderful blog from loveteachblog.com written by a teacher who is leaving their school. 390 more words


Performance Matching

Performance matching is a common phenomena within the workplace.  It consists of group work and/or area work resulting in a consistent outcome pulled lower by the poorest performer.   83 more words


The Bandwagon

  It seems like people jump on the band wagon whenever situations get them complaining. It’s a situation where condemnation sparks arrogance and brings  true feelings to the  surface revealing a prideful tattoo.   486 more words


Best Behavior (FREE PDF chart printables)

My kids are READY for summer.

My house, on any given day, generally has at least 4 children. All under the age of 5. So it can get a little sketchy by the time the warm weather rolls around as they get sick of sharing with each other. 373 more words


Gender Differences in Ultimatum Bargaining Games

What is an ultimatum bargaining game, and what does gender have to do with it? Sophomore Kayleigh McCrary explores this question.

An ultimatum bargaining game, as Kayleigh explains, is a situation in which one party proposes how to split a set amount of money, and the other party can either accept or reject the proposal or offer. 257 more words


Reinforcing Positive Behavior in Dogs from Adolescence and Beyond

Puppies typically enjoy playing with other puppies and may not demonstrate any problem behaviors toward any other dog.  Lange Animal Clinic veterinarians in Pekin, IL advise that in order to understand our dogs’ behavior toward other dogs, one must understand contributing factors toward the dog’s development from a puppy.  742 more words

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