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Sea-going Peregrines

A couple of Peregrine falcons rode with us down the Carolina coast for about 100 miles, using the ship’s air wake (if there is such a thing) to effortlessly coast back and forth along the lee side of the ship.   326 more words


(10/16/2018) Scripture Teachings On Repentance

Today, Scripture verses and passages are shared that can be used to provide developing Christian believers with an understanding of “repentance”. The fighter in the “Yahoo! 944 more words

The Holy Spirit

Putting the "high" in runner's high

October 16, 2018

Written by: Sarah Reitz

By now we’ve all heard of the seemingly endless benefits of exercise: things like cardiovascular improvements, boosts in energy and mood, and disease prevention, to name a few. 1,331 more words


His Ugly Treatment Toward Me

His Ugly Treatment Toward Me –

I no longer feel the same adoration or respect for him. He is a sleazy individual, in my opinion. He has no integrity to speak of, and frankly, I find him to be a weasel in that he enjoys backstabbing anyone whom he chooses. 188 more words


Tuesday Round - Up

Welcome to a new week and happy autumn people!  What a gorgeous time of year to wrap yourself in sweaters, pace it down a bit and curl up with a good book.  108 more words

The Tantramatic Kindergartner- Tantrums After the Toddler Years

If you recall awhile back I wrote a piece The Tantramatic Toddler I talked about how to deal with temper tantrums with your toddler. We all think that once our children pass the toddler phase their temper tantrums will end. 974 more words


Suicidal thoughts and Autism

Previously, I have discussed ‘Depression and Autism‘.It doesn’t always stop there though. Getting depression can lead to suicidal thoughts. Let’s start at the beginning though. 502 more words

Autism, Asperger's