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Herd Behavior

During the trips I have made, visits to dojos, met young people who cannot kneel or even squat, one of them, an excellent Shihan, also could not jump even. 211 more words


Butterflies And White Daisies, Poetry

Butterflies And White Daisies, Poetry


Cheery, fluttering 


intend to engage

and sweetly fawn,

Amongst dainty,

white-skirted miracles,

which awaken

at early morning’s… 76 more words


How to disable the rudeness virus

What was the first thing you did when you got to work today? Greet someone warmly, or snub someone in the elevator? Hold the door for someone, or send the nasty email you were stewing over all night? 655 more words


Previous encounters

How previous relationships influence us ,our patterns of behavior or even our interpretation of future events… If you are not careful you’ll end up carrying the baggage of previous relationships with you for a significant amount of time until you decide it is time to face the problem. 341 more words


Why I Leave My Political Hat At Home

Opinion piece time. I leave my political hat at home. Or, at least I try to. I leave my belief systems about policy and voting to conversations with friends, Twitter (if I can’t help myself), and the local networking events where local politicians from town hang out- that way it’s just contextual. 974 more words


Destructive Behavior is Destructive - It's Time for a Change

Image consulting is a professional field that aims to improve the image of the client personally or professionally through appearance, behavior, and communication. It is the process of evaluating the effect of a person’s appearance on their professional image.

338 more words

Escape The Tyranny Of Algorithms By Leading A Life Of Poiesis

“Accused not of crimes they have committed, but of crimes they will commit. It is asserted that these men, if allowed to remain free, will at some future time commit felonies.” 1,676 more words