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My Daily Observation: 1/22/18

There is a truth about life that many people have a hard time accepting: life owes you nothing.  Your friends don’t owe you friendship.  Your family does not owe you support.  100 more words


A Second Way to Teach the Pup to Come When Called

Puppy Ping-Pong

For this game, seat two or three people in a circle, on the floor with feet pointed toward the center of the circle. Each person should have treats in their hand or within reach. 215 more words


Adaptation vs Imitation ...part 1

Influencers, celebrities and socialites. The fashion moguls, entrepreneurs and “slayqeens”. Fitness coaches, makeup artists and politicians. Someone somewhere is always starting a trend, intentionally or not. 367 more words


There’s a group of extremists who practice guerrilla warfare against those they feel treat animals unethically.

They throw blood on those who wear fur.  They terrorize researchers who run experiments on mice.  292 more words


10 Strange Behaviors Of An Authentic Empath

You have discovered you might be an empath and want to know the exact signs – it is not all bad you know! Once you learn the tricks of psychic protection, you will find it much easier to navigate this world without being energetically punched down all the time. 1,205 more words


Motivational Leading...

The challenge of changing one’s behavior involves areas that motivate each individual. As learned in a recent conversation with a close friend, in order to change what people do, we have to change what people want. 57 more words

Gym etiquette

The gym is a great place to de-stress and throw some weight around. It’s an environment to improve your mind, body and soul. You can leave your problems at the gym doorstep and just focus on training. 392 more words