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Our covenant with God states that He will bless us and make us a blessing. That means we become both a “receiver” of blessing and a “channel of blessing.” To be blessed and be a blessing we must make what’s important to God important to us. 521 more words

Narcissist Fleas' Suppositories

I have seen his poor Flying Monkeys

slowly swelling from their heads

to their buckling knees;

I want to offer them some Suppositories

to calm the inflammation… 59 more words

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How Your Friends Affect Your Success

What you want in life, can easily be affected by what other people want in life too. 1,207 more words

Self Improvement

Health Update

Glimmer slept most of yesterday. She took a little water just before 10am, and then she slept the rest of the day. When my husband got home from work, though, she woke up and she was able to greet him with close to the same excitement she usually gives him when he comes in the door. 349 more words


Forecast Friday: Digital Clones

Identity theft is a pretty big issue nowadays – a cautious person will know not to put too much of themselves “out there” where impersonators can latch onto bits of private information and steal parts of their lives. 736 more words