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Four Tips to Disciplining your Introverted Child

I want you all to meet Kass Fogle, a writer friend of mine who advocates 
for the shy, socially anxious, and/or introverted in our churches and 
communities. 881 more words
Carole Sparks

Are You Feeling Thankful?

Two days from now we celebrate Thanksgiving. This time of year I focus all my energy on feeling thankful. In a world full of reasons to feel full and satisfied, many people feel empty. 204 more words


How well do you know The Dog Whisperer?

I usually don’t make my posts about a specific book, but this time I need to make an exception. Just a little while ago, I bought this amazing book at a local thrift store. 349 more words


Muslims are often ridiculed, by the non-believers, of believing in an imaginary God. This clip is enough to prove that it is not only the rational beings but also the ones considered otherwise do instinctively believe in that Imaginary Sustain-er…God Almighty. 22 more words

A grateful heart

Every so often, I tell people I am a special educator and get the response “it takes a special person to do that.” Other times, I tell people I am a teacher and get the response “oh you’re stronger than me.” Sometimes these responses bring good feelings and other times, I wonder, what else is posed on teachers when others find out their profession. 356 more words

Why do cats chew on houseplants?

Let’s face it, cats love nibbling on grass. It’s fresh, it’s living, it’s green, and it’s also a good digestive aid that helps them cough up hairballs or settle an upset tummy which can explain why many will “throw up” or regurgitate undigested matter after eating grass.  397 more words


December 13, Tracy Burkhard

As quiet as a mouse? (Not singing mice!)

“As quiet as a mouse” refers to people who don’t make a peep–but contrary to the popular saying, many mice want to be heard, and some are actually quite loud! 163 more words