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How to Navigate Awkward Conversations Between Now and the Election

The mud-slinging that’s become standard fare in political elections seems to have reached fever pitch with the presidential contest, and the tensions between the major political parties is… 1,017 more words

Gretchen Rubin - Better Than Before.

Better Than Before: Mastering the Habits of Our Everyday Lives – Gretchen Rubin (2015 Anchor Canada)

Having already tackled the nature of happiness and how to manifest it in daily living, bestselling author and blogger Gretchen Rubin turns her attention to habit making.  86 more words

Book Review

Mediating Heritage Conservation and Urban Development in Contemporary Malaysia

The more I thought about this question, and as I dug deeper into my research, it quickly became evident that there is a lot more to it than I had initially thought.

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Piper's Beginning

Happy TGIF Day! Today marks the official beginning of Piper’s journey to becoming a full-fledged, certified Service animal. It’s an honor and a privilege to be asked to make this journey with her, as training a dog for service work demands commitment, dedication, and long, hard hours of work from the trainer, the owner, and the dog. 193 more words


Rehab in Progress

Since the last posting, Glimmer has been in rehabilitation. We were out on a training walk, and when we neared a set of power lines, she lost her mind. 156 more words


Local service A/B test

One method I’ve relied upon to “take the pulse” of an area is finding out where advertisements for informal services such as this tend to post/gather, and what sorts of services tend to be on offer. 267 more words


The Three Factors of Charisma and How It Makes You More Lykeeble

Charisma is not inborn. On the contrary, personal charisma can be developed. You do not have to be a natural extrovert or physically attractive to be charismatic. 1,593 more words