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So as I’m writing this, it’s Wednesday and technically this blog is supposed to be posted already… *face palm* I’ve started taking my braids down, and I have no clue what I’m doing to my hair for work tomorrow.  1,065 more words

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Four Things Changed By Prayer

A story is told of a seven-year-old boy playing in the sandbox. He dug a hole, parked his yellow Tonka dumptruck in the hole, and pushed the dirt back in. 807 more words


Invasive engineers alter ecosystems

Ecosystem engineers  change the environment in a way that influences the availability of essential resources to organisms living within that environment.  Beavers are classic ecosystem engineers; they chop down trees and build dams that change water flow and provide habitat for many species, and alter nutrient and food availability within an ecosystem. 1,280 more words


Sea of Dissociation

Sea of Dissociation –

Slowly drifting

amid an abstract sea

toward an unknown


we row our boats


uncharted terrain

between surrealism

and dissociation. 14 more words


What were, you thinking?

Every Monday, my family and I have my mother over for dinner. We’ve grown accustom to her off the cuff remarks about different ethnics groups, family members and criticisms about us. 315 more words

Days in Passing

I have a book titled, “Blessed to be a Blessing,” by Kenneth Copeland. This is truly a fine writing and one that I am intending to put into practice and then some. 584 more words