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Friends With Benefits

Friends with benefits are a thrilling thing to have when those benefits consist of  encouragement and sweet kindness. Thank you for these beneficial treasures, you, WordPress friends, you! 300 more words


Stop trying to be happy, and...just be

Our natural human tendency to focus on what’s wrong often means that “what’s right” can be just under our noses and we don’t see it. Santosha, or contentment, is sometimes hiding in plain sight until the conditions become right for us to discover it. 588 more words


Hate, the book: 037

Hello Curious Friend.  Welcome to my book about Hate.  The number tells you where you are in the sequence.  I look forward to your comments.

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Creatures Of Habit

Why are so many of us inclined to follow the same ole routine?

Whether it is sitting at the same table, at the same restaurant, or sticking to the tried and true Egg McMuffin at McDonald’s, or purchasing the same coffee brand when there is at minimum 20 to choose from, we tend to become automated in certain areas of our lives. 412 more words


Give Thanks, Abusers

Give Thanks –

Dear Abusers,

You must not put down my Christianity. Instead, be ever joyous, and give thanks that I am Christian. Be it not for my inner-strength and self-control due to my love for Jesus Christ, most of you would be dead. 217 more words


Strange Sights!

Strange sights have been known to happen among the more secluded parts of the Southern Plains. Some of these strange sightings have created mass massive hysteria, panic, and even early Dementia (especially common among 17 year olds). 142 more words