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Cultural hacks

How Fiction Becomes Fact on Social Media

Hours after the Las Vegas massacre, Travis McKinney’s Facebook feed was hit with a scattershot of conspiracy theories. The police were lying. 65 more words

Behavioral Economics

Guessing your choice

Anxiety Makes It Harder to Listen to Your Intuition

As an anxious person, I find the mantra “go with your gut” endlessly frustrating. What’s so trustworthy about my gut instinct, which has, at various times, convinced me I’m dying of brain cancer, or about to get on an airplane doomed to crash, or destined to be alone forever? 61 more words

Behavioral Economics

A world of nudges

Do people like government ‘nudges’? Study says: Yes

On Oct. 9, Richard Thaler of the University of Chicago won the Nobel Prize for his extraordinary, world-transforming work in behavioral economics. 70 more words

Behavioral Economics

The human psyche on a mass

A Stock Market Panic Like 1987 Could Happen Again

Oct. 19, 1987, was one of the worst days in stock market history. Thirty years later, it would be comforting to believe it couldn’t happen again. 82 more words

Behavioral Economics

A 1-minute clip from a Dustin Hoffman interview sums up the life's work of a Nobel-winning economist

Richard Thaler, the University of Chicago professor and recent Nobel laureate in economics, is perhaps best known for his work on mental accounting. This is the human tendency to mentally divide what is essentially one pot of money into different mental accounts with different purposes, values, and rules. 252 more words

Nudging in UK

Britons just need nudge to drive better or opt for healthier drinks, says report

Britons are making healthier drink choices, driving on safer roads and achieving higher exam scores with the help of a nudge, according to a report. 85 more words

Behavioral Economics

Brain building

The Loneliest Neuron

There it lives, the loneliest neuron. The neuron that lies furthest from the outside world. Furthest from the inputs from your senses; furthest from the outputs to your muscles. 97 more words

Behavioral Economics