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10 Things NOT to Say When Someone Comes Out as Autistic — Anonymously Autistic

I mentioned in a previous blog post that coming out as Autistic can be just as hard or harder than coming out as gay or bisexual.

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Autism is Full of Misunderstandings — Anonymously Autistic

Autism is marked by impaired communication abilities so it would make since that Autistic people often feel confused and misunderstood. I don’t pick up on subtle social cues and hints.

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Save a Life-- Either Your Own or a Friend's.

There has been controversy over gun violence killing people, but one of the comparative statistics is that 11,208 people died from firearm homicide,(http://www.cdc.gov/nchs/fastats/homicide.htm) 216 more words

Free Sept 17th Workshop in Fernley on Building Family Strengths

Fernley, Nevada – At a free workshop in Fernley, participants will discover five family strengths that really matter and learn out how to build on their own families’ assets. 127 more words

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Anger, Politics & Psychology

I love anger.

I do. I mean I LOVE IT!

Anger is authentic. Genuine. Honest. Real. And that is why I LOVE IT!

Anyone can manipulate you by “acting” as if they like, love and respect you. 795 more words

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