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Self aware

There’s this elephant called Happy.

She’s passed the self-awareness test.

What you do is this: put an elephant-proof mirror in an elephant enclosure then paint a mark on the face of an elephant, once he or, in this case, she has got used to seeing the reflection. 615 more words



Everyone’s getting up and walking around. Or walking backwards and forwards, what with there not being a great deal of locational variety in an aircraft. The overhead compartments become an interesting distraction. 847 more words

Natural Management

Sweet sleep

I’m not sleeping. I’ve been waking at 3am or 4am for a fortnight. Last night, this morning rather, it was 2am. And then, just lying there. 738 more words


Gut feelings

Any long-term reader of this blog will know that gut issues have been a big deal at the Little Haven. Jasper’s ulcers, Jet’s laminitis, the pony’s Cushing’s… it’s all about digestion. 565 more words


Disappointment, disillusion, and indecision.

I’m really disappointed in a few particular people at the moment.

All my life, I’ve been taught to be honest, to be kind, to mind my manners, to not cause offence, to be the first to apologise, to be a gracious and forgiving friend, and to overcome hatred with love. 366 more words



Accidents, illnesses, humiliations, arguments, relationship break-ups – they all have an emotional half-life, don’t they? That radioactive toxicity that leaves you sick to the stomach and gasping. 897 more words


Guidelines on responding to bereavement for school staff

Class teachers and other adults who have a significant relationship with the children need to acknowledge the situation when the children arrive, but this needs to be done gradually during the day so they don’t feel overwhelmed. 243 more words

Emotional Well-being