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Helping children who can't ask for help

A few tips to help children who are overly independent.


Having Trouble Handling an Angry Child

I created Loving Through the Anger as a reference for parents and teachers.  It is a short version of things that have ‘stuck with me’ and really ‘struck a chord with me’ through the years of coming alongside children that struggle with strong emotions.   102 more words


"How many times have I told you"......why shouting doesn't help

A few weeks ago I heard a teacher shouting at a nine year old as I walked past the class. “How many times have I told you” he was shouting at the child who had a book in her hand and couldn’t remember what page they were up to. 183 more words

Managing SATs stress in schools

Decided to try something different. Here is my first video blog. What do you think?


The book of positive things.....try this at school or at home

I frequently come across children in school who lack confidence and have low self-esteem, and it can often be difficult for school staff and parents to find or create enough time to help children with this on a daily basis. 178 more words


A Week of Trouble

Good morning friends and happy weekend!

It’s been a slightly troublesome week this week although none of it was our fault.

Firstly girl-woman’s phone kept getting knocked to the floor. 300 more words


Visual Incentives

I used this kind of system to encourage my young son (quite a few years ago :)  ) to come downstairs each morning dressed and ready for school.   23 more words