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Mission vs maintenance

Did Jesus mean it to come to this?

How much does modern western christianity come from Jesus, and how much comes from somewhere else?

A few weeks back I introduced the theme of… 1,320 more words

Change The Church

Mutual Benefits

Horses are varied in their personalities, but the one thing I can pretty much say with certainty is that the social interaction of horses is for mutual benefit.  461 more words


Why you should not open phishing emails

Spam the world!

Recently a data security researcher known as Benkow found millions of emails and credentials on a spambot server. Your email address, your password, your name, your other online details are probably on that server. 617 more words


Day 73 - March 14th - Shear Bewilderment

I decided to buy a cheap pair of shears.  I don’t have a lot of plants that need them so I have started off by getting a set from a supermarket just to see how they go.  86 more words


Did Jesus mean it to come to this?

More than two billion people in the world today identify as followers of Jesus. This includes a fair percentage of inhabitants of the USA, currently the world’s most powerful nation, its most influential via film, TV, social media and popular music, and home of some of the world’s richest people. 609 more words


Get started on stress free living

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Yesterday we spoke about stress and how it influences your physical body and your mentality. I’ve provided a few tips on how one can deal with stress on a day to day basis. 144 more words


FB advertising and other tired social media habits

It’s old news now but for those just catching up, Facebook announced a new algorithm update a few weeks ago.

So what? FB does this often, right? 801 more words