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Visual Incentives

I used this kind of system to encourage my young son (quite a few years ago :)  ) to come downstairs each morning dressed and ready for school.   23 more words


Extract from my new book published today :What does a child need to be emotionally healthy?

In order for children to achieve success at school they need a degree of healthy emotional and social development so that they are emotionally ready and able to learn. 303 more words

Relational templates within the family

The relationships that are demonstrated between the adults within the child’s family provide powerful experiences of how to manage these outside of it. Whilst children may not be able differentiate between helpful and harmful responses to situations, they are reliant on adults to provide examples of this for them. 189 more words


What is this child trying to tell me?

What do you do if you feel upset, worried or have just had a bad day? As adults we have the ability to use language to express our thoughts and feelings about ourselves and our experiences. 1,164 more words


The Golden Ass

We have stopped sharing the days of our lives and Facebook is worried.

Once upon a social media time we thought we lived in a fairy tale of relevance. 402 more words


Have you trained that?

We have all experienced the frustration of being at the end of the leash while our dog bounces around and seems to be ignoring us completely. 424 more words


Developing positive early relational experiences

In order for children to be able to build relationships with other people it is necessary for them to have a template of how to do this. 486 more words