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How school staff can model expressing and managing their feelings

The school setting provides an ideal situation to demonstrate how to express and manage feelings on a daily basis. Staff can model ways of expressing their own feelings, often without being aware of it. 425 more words

Somebody must stop group update meetings. I didn’t say “Please”.

It’s a necessity more than a personal request. They’re just not actionable. It doesn’t matter how companies call them, update meetings are time-wasting and fruitless corporate waste. 410 more words

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"How many times have i told you"......why shouting doesn't help

This week i heard a teacher shouting at a nine year old as i walked past the class. “How many times have i told you” he was shouting at the child who had a book in her hand and couldn’t remember what page they were up to. 183 more words

Creating an emotionally aware staff team..an extract form my book

A useful tool for all school staff is the ability to reflect on themselves and their practice in an open and honest manner. Whilst this is not easy, the benefits to both staff and children in schools are enormous. 1,004 more words

The Happy-But-Not-Satisfied Customer - (not) Finding an Answer

The world needs more simplicity and making things easier to share positive thinking.

Two weeks ago I noticed my internet banking had been completely revamped. I was honestly impressed by RBC. 235 more words

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Weekend Troubles

Good morning friends! We have decided that sometimes it’s just hard to avoid trouble. Take last night for example. Boy-man’s bottle of wine somehow got knocked over and even though I helped to clean it up we were still in trouble for playing chase around it. 102 more words


The line of shame

I was in a school this week and was walking past the hall while a year 4 class were doing PE. I noticed a line of children, about  eight of them sat on a bench watching the lesson. 260 more words