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Does your dog listen or watch?

Humans love to talk! We use words to explain things, ask questions, and to communicate with those around us. It makes sense to try to use our words to communicate with our dogs too, but it may surprise you to learn just what cues your pet is picking up on. 602 more words


The Death Penalty on Trial

Guest post by Shane Claiborne (taken from his Facebook page – see note below)

Last month, I was arrested, along with 17 other people, as we held a banner on the steps of the Supreme Court that said: “STOP EXECUTIONS.” 848 more words


Teachers, eh?

Just now I was in my local Woolworths store on my way to work.

The cashier was chatty.

“Much on for the day?”

“On my way to work.” 190 more words

True Story


Rolling in the deep: conversations with the right people and the role of synchronicity for the social introvert. Jack Daniels and Pearls in a sea devoid of treasure! 309 more words


Your Dog Is Barking For A Reason

Barking is a common behavioural problem for modern dog owners. More than ever before, we live close to our neighbours and we are gone from the home for many hours each day. 1,033 more words


How playing can reduce anxiety in children

Research suggests that children can become anxious if they have too little time for free play. Barnett (1984) assessed children on their anxiety levels on their first day at nursery school. 383 more words


Red letter christians?

We are visiting family in the US right now, and the recent Presidential election is on everyone’s minds here.

Reports are coming in that apparent white supremacists have been attacking, verbally or physically, people who belong to minorities such as blacks, Muslims and Latinos. 745 more words