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Friday Trouble

Good afternoon friends. We have sadly been in quite a lot of trouble today. Firstly, Bella and I made up a new a new game which we called ‘pulling the freshly washed towels onto the floor’ 207 more words


Friday Trouble

Just a short blog today as we are in disgrace and not allowed much computer time :(

The morning initially started well and we were only in small trouble for the stealing and breakage of girl-woman’s foot pumice device thingy. 187 more words


Sam Harris, Free Will, the Brain and Me (or You)

Two items of information have popped up close together on my personal timeline which seem to shine a bright light on the long-debated question of determinism, so staunchly advocated by Sam Harris in his book ‘Free Will’, which I haven’t read and don’t need to read since he has already paraded the gaping flaws in his argument on YouTube. 1,249 more words

Simply Parenting - Sleep Patterns

‘Is he sleeping through the night yet?’; ‘I need coffee, I was up half the night’; ’sleep deprivation is the worst!‘

When it comes to parenting, one of the biggest features of rearing our children is sleep. 685 more words


Don't kid yourself

Ministry of Defence | 15193

This week the Army unveiled its anti-rape campaign, one poster of which features the subject of male rape.

Well done Army. 19 more words


A Day of Outstanding Behaviour

Good evening friends! It’s been hard for us to get on the laptop today as girl-woman has decided to write a book (sigh) so is hogging the computer to herself. 389 more words


Simply Parenting - A series

I am trying out something new for the blog. I am going to write a series called Simply Parenting , stripping away the buzz words and labels around modern parenting such as ‘helicopter’ and ‘free range’ parenting and  try and highlight the basics of what I think we should be doing for our children  to give them the very best chances in life. 488 more words