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Appreciate WHO you have

If you are reading this, you are awesome! You’ve taken the time to write something that I have written and you are going to take it all in and hopefully apply it (aren’t you?) 804 more words


The Following.

‘I follow you?’ is the constant refrain from the toddler these days. As much as I love the little lady, this particular phrase drives me to distraction. 606 more words


The happiness menu

The happiness list

Can you name 10 things that would make you happy instantly?

This idea I took from the Chimp Paradox. It is a way of giving yourself options in order to raise your happiness instantly. 329 more words


Sugar 'n' Spice V Slugs 'n' Snails

I don’t think that boys and girls should be stereotyped or colour coded. I have never really subscribed to ‘girls toys’ and ‘boys toys’. Children should be given toys and left to decide for themselves if the toys are fun, or otherwise. 749 more words