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Simply Parenting - Sleep Patterns

‘Is he sleeping through the night yet?’; ‘I need coffee, I was up half the night’; ’sleep deprivation is the worst!‘

When it comes to parenting, one of the biggest features of rearing our children is sleep. 685 more words


Don't kid yourself

Ministry of Defence | 15193

This week the Army unveiled its anti-rape campaign, one poster of which features the subject of male rape.

Well done Army. 19 more words


A Day of Outstanding Behaviour

Good evening friends! It’s been hard for us to get on the laptop today as girl-woman has decided to write a book (sigh) so is hogging the computer to herself. 389 more words


Simply Parenting - A series

I am trying out something new for the blog. I am going to write a series called Simply Parenting , stripping away the buzz words and labels around modern parenting such as ‘helicopter’ and ‘free range’ parenting and  try and highlight the basics of what I think we should be doing for our children  to give them the very best chances in life. 488 more words


Scarier Monsters

Monsters and sprites… There couldn’t really be a better description of my Aspergers child. It seems, as time goes on, he becomes more manipulative and devious, insulting and deliberately hurtful – and this isn’t the unaware nastiness of an autistic child. 1,240 more words


What I Know Now.

I recently toilet trained my three-year-old with minimum fuss and maximum success. I am not boasting here although I admit it does sound that way. I am writing about it because what struck me when she finally decided she was ready to be trained was the difference between what I ‘knew’ working as a childcare professional and what I know being a mother of three. 603 more words


Oh You Little Monkey!

I always say I won’t adopt a dog that I can’t handle. I have to be able to lift her into, and out of, the car by myself. 666 more words