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Who needs fingers to open doors? Pfffft...

No opposable thumbs…no problem.

There is no way to keep me in at night to snuggle….or to keep me out at 6am in the morning when I’m whining for food.


Kiss Kiss Mummy

the things I do to humour my Mummy….

she’s so needy! but I love her anyways… <3


am I the only cat that loves coffee??

I don’t know what is it about coffee that makes…me…want…it!

But Mummy and Daddy won’t let me have any!! They say kitties cannot drink coffee… 29 more words


Loving my new "toy"

With all the toys Mummy has bought me that I now mostly don’t play with anymore…this is what I am having fun with.

A gold foil wire tie from the loaf of bread packaging… 91 more words

Apparently my goodies bring...

all the condo kitties to my yard


There a couple of free roaming kitties in our condo. About 4 to 5 of them don’t really belong to anyone (no collars) but I think there is a family that takes care of them and Mummy is still trying to find the courage and way to ask them to sterilise the kitties. 1,007 more words


I am Cat. Watch me hunt.

A lizard got into our house the other day! I went into Hunter mode…i found a good spot to watch it, stayed SUPER still and didn’t blink. 164 more words


Keeping toys interesting

The wonderful and sometimes also frustrating things with us kitties, is that you never know what new quirk and preference we’re going to throw at you. 468 more words