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November 02 2014

Katrina was standing in front of the door to our centre, all but stamping her feet in frustration, “I get docked pay when I come in late,” she fumed. 482 more words


Meditation Instead of Detention

by Meghan O.

In our normal school system, when a student misbehaves, they are usually sent directly to detention. Typically, this means sitting in a classroom and watching the clock tick by as frustration continues to build. 539 more words

Positive Youth Development

309: How Much Video Game Time Should Kids Get?

Health Sachet No 309:

Many of you are grappling with your kids playing video games incessantly. So how much video game time should kids get? 99 more words


Saturday August 30

Not such a good day today. I had my four hour Minions class. They’re a great group of kids, and are usually well behaved for me. 131 more words


Thursday August 28 2014

I had another pizza making session today with some of my kids. This time it was Harry Potter class. Everything went well until the parent presentation. 282 more words


Fostering; by Jonquil Graham

Jonquil Graham is an orphan advocate and founding member of Inter-Country Adoption New Zealand, an author, wife, mother to numerous adopted and foster children and mentor to young adult adoptees. 1,396 more words

Child Welfare

Aldi sugars 

For anyone who buys sugar at Aldi which doesn’t tell you on the packet whether the sugar is cane or beet – here is their answer… 9 more words