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Hallowe'en and FASD

Kids with FASD enjoy Hallowe’en, too!

Hallowe’en and FASD

When you are handing out candies this Hallowe’en, please remember some trick or treaters might have FASD and be over-the-top exuberant. 384 more words


Not So Smug Anymore!

After a day filled with meltdowns over magazines, tantrums about the wrong colour grapes and cleaning up a pot plant that had been launched across the bathroom I sat back tonight and reflected on all those sideways, judgemental looks I have thrown to other parents over the years. 435 more words


10 things your pet wants you to know

    These are the sorts of messages I have received over the years by various pets.
  1. First and foremost – love yourself at least as much as you love us…
  2. 314 more words
What Our Pets Want Us To Know

Anxiety Avoidance or Processing Issues?

Sometimes it’s really tricky to work out where certain behaviours are coming from with my Mr 9. Sure, we can pretty much see the ADHD stuff and the low self esteem stuff. 490 more words


FASD Marathon

I once heard it said that raising children with Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder is like running an FASD marathon. At the time, I wasn’t quite sure what the individual meant but, as my grandchildren with Fetal Alcohol Syndrome progress through their teenage years, I now know exactly what it means: 173 more words


And... he's here!

Well, I haven’t written for what seems like a million years, and although I have so many things to tell you all about how my son (number 1) has handled all the changes in the last few months and various experiences both bad and good and how we’ve handled them, I find myself with only ten minutes before I round up the troops and head off to trampoline class! 330 more words


When the Claws Come Out!

There was a whole number of titles I could have given this post, I toyed with it being something that included the name Damien or 666 but having been forced to trim Miss G’s fingers nails to nothing but stubs I thought using claws was apt.  711 more words