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When the Claws Come Out!

There was a whole number of titles I could have given this post, I toyed with it being something that included the name Damien or 666 but having been forced to trim Miss G’s fingers nails to nothing but stubs I thought using claws was apt.  711 more words


Why is it so hard to be honest?

In many of things I’ve read about raising children and particularly children who have issues like ADHD or ASD etc, I’ve encountered the same theories about why these children lie a lot. 829 more words


Rough 2 Weeks as Parents - The Spectacle Lens Episode

Its been a really rough 2 weeks…our Monday started with us finding out that our car had been badly scratched. Yes what a way to welcome the new week! 520 more words


New School Year, New Start

Well, the new school year has begun here in Australia. We of course, will still be homeschooling, but this year, I’m going to try and change things up a little bit. 417 more words


Changes in Attitude with Vision Therapy

Over the past week, I’ve had a couple parents report that they have noticed changes in the attitudes and behaviours of their children. One stated that the child seems happier and more cooperative and another said her pre-teen has been less defensive. 742 more words

Behavioural Optometry

It's happened again, and it made me cry

Well, waking up this morning, I checked my messages as I often do. There was a very polite and to-the-point message from one of the Homeschooling activities we’ve attended a couple of times, informing me that she didn’t think her activity was a safe place for our son to be. 541 more words


The difficult arena of anger

Most days I’m pretty good at handling whatever my son dishes out. Some days I just feel like shouting at him or whacking him one! Fortunately I have enough self control now that I don’t actually go there. 981 more words