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Am sorry..but you are UNATTRACTIVE..!!

Ok, so before you get your knickers in a twist by the baffling tagline, please stay with me because the word UNATTRACTIVE has nothing to do with looks or appearances. 468 more words

Flavoured coffee + Women = Hyper Activity

People always wonder how women are always so hyper – I will assume all women are cause that way it reduces the probability that I have a problem. 130 more words


Matter of Choice

Life is all by choices.
When you get away all the junk every situation is a choice.

You choose how you react to situations.
You choose how people will affect your mood. 107 more words

Daily Life

Replaceable Living

As I stood at the kitchen sink earlier today, cleaning my roommates’ dishes and wondering if the blob by the drain was a hulk beetle or merely a shard of green bell pepper, I wondered what it is that people my age care about. 580 more words


A Mindful Journey

Human weakness starts with the thought involving our incapacity in changing ourselves. The thought that ‘Nothing is in my hands. I cannot do it’ stops us from even trying. 446 more words

Children with a Religious Upbringing Show Less Altruism

Source: Scientific Amercan

Organized religion is a cornerstone of spiritual community and culture around the world. Religion, especially religious education, also attracts secular support because many believe that religion fosters morality. 656 more words

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