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Real Life vs In Game: Behavior

Do you ever find yourself in certain situations or scenarios where you behave totally differently than you normally would? The classic example in my mind would be the person who is normally very calm, confident, and smart but turns into a trembling puddle of sweat and anxiety the moment an exam is put in front of them. 715 more words

Good And Bad

Am I Boring You ??? And other loaded questions.

What on earth are we thinking sometimes ? We ask the question but do we really want an answer? Too often no matter what the response negativity oozes from us like a leaking tap. 272 more words

Fear of failure

Success and failure. What separates one from another. Which is more scary success or failure? How to overcome it?

Failure is the scariest thing there is. 487 more words


Your job...

… gives you authority. Your behaviour gives you respect.

– Irwin Federman


Inheriting the Earth.

“. . . and the meek shall inherit the Earth.”*

After writing today’s Tweet about humans exterminating themselves I was mulling over the incredible truth in it when this neoption (above) surfaced as it has done once before. 55 more words



The stories that I got hold of and wrote down are not happy with me. They have been grumbling for quite a while, but I didn’t understand what they wanted. 131 more words