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April at Adoption: The Bear Facts

Following on from @craftikitty’s theme of Moments to Treasure on the #waso in March, I decided that I enjoyed reflecting back on the past month so much that I would do it at the end of every month. 1,178 more words


Neuroplasticity. - Parts 1,2 & 3.

I started Part 1 of this post some time ago but have decided to post it, as our progression with the word ‘neuroplasticity’ seems to reflect the changes of journey – from high levels of sensitivity & distress, to curiosity & investigation and now finding meaningful & sustainable home-rehab. 1,358 more words

HSV Encephalitis

Haters Gonna Hate?

After a conversation with a fellow parent of a child with autism, and after a slightly uncomfortable half hour this afternoon, I got to thinking: how do other people deal with stares and comments aimed at their child or their child’s behaviour? 867 more words

What does true diversity look like?

The following tweet turned up in my feed from Susie Sirman, from Alberta, Canada, a self-confessed “high school science and art teacher, learning coach, edtech enthusiast, busy mom and a terrible choice to follow on Twitter.” So I followed her. 213 more words


Questions about Conformity

Attributes and Core Values. What defines us? For myself, I would say that the actions we demonstrate and the values we translate in to what we do define us more than the attributes and values that we say we find to be valuable and that we say we demonstrate. 1,166 more words


The Bubble

“Don’t run about because it makes Alfie excited.”

“Don’t wave your arms because it makes it makes Alfie jump up.”

“Don’t chase Alfie when he’s got one of your toys.” 763 more words


There are no bad kids, just bad parenting

Magda Gerber, a noted early childhood educater, once said, “lack of discipline is not kindness, it is neglect.” As my baby girl is entering her toddler phase, a stage of great cognitive, social and emotional development, I find myself navigating difficult waters on learning how to discipline my child and show her unconditional love at the same time. 633 more words