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I taught a girl for a year before I realised she was from Birmingham

I once taught a girl who was, apparently, disruptive in every lesson bar mine. She didn’t do any work in mine, but she wasn’t disruptive. She wrote stuff down and at least began to answer exam questions, but nothing more. 449 more words


16 Things You Can Gently Insist Should be Happening In School

I am constantly reading in forums that mums are having to battle with primary schools over basic provisions for our special children.

As you may know I am a teacher as well as a mum with a son with ADHD. 1,074 more words


Sunday Musings #70

Sometimes I pretend to be normal, but it gets boring, so I go back to being me.

– Anon

There’s always a clown in every group of friends, so yes, that would be me. 223 more words


What will they think?

I made the decision a week ago to ‘come out’ and talk about my bipolar life. It was a quite a decision for me to make as I hold a senior position in the communication industry. 658 more words


For the Best Experience - Get Out!!!

Thinking back to my school days, I can’t remember many lessons. I can’t remember a single Lesson Objective or Learning Outcome. I think the only classroom experiences I remember were when something crazy happened – like when a lesson went totally wrong for a teacher, or one of the more challenging students lost control and caused a spectacle for most of the lesson. 1,138 more words