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ASBO Toddler does Christmas

Welcome to The Lila Show. Starring Lila: Diva extraordinaire, ASBO deserved.

I’ll be honest here, when people have allured to the wrath of a threenager in the past I may have raised my need-to-be-did eyebrows and wallowed in self pity for the gruesome twos I was being forced to endure. 848 more words


Disillusioned, Deflated and Disheartened


It was never my intention to use this blog as a way to gripe about my own neuroses and personal dramas. I thought it would be a place where I could document ideas and philosophies, discoveries and adventures, but lately it seems I’m unable to fathom any of those beautiful things. 442 more words


I have made a Huge Mistake

Hey YOU, I know I have broken a new record for MIA, I AM SORRY. I have no excuse.

2016 has been an Amazing year for me, 2015 was not so good, so I braced myself for 2016 and faced it head on. 375 more words


Unwind for the public good 

Usually, I have to run several projects at the same time. This habit peeked when I studied a full-time master, worked part-time and was mother of a young baby. 181 more words


CBT: A Primer

Before 2003 I’d never heard of cognitive behaviour therapy, CBT, but it had fancy sciency words in the name and I like fancy sciency words, they comfort me. 812 more words


Fake News at the NYT

It is conveniently forgotten – now – by the main-stream media that they are themselves experts in the art of publishing “Fake News”.

Lest we forget, this was one of the articles at the time claiming the presence of WMD in Iraq before the invasion. 30 more words


Just for Today

Inspired by Reiki Principles.  When one gets treated differently – when one gets tired of being anything but as who they are within.. 

Just for today… 203 more words