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Is This True?

I’ve been struggling with a few things for some time now. It’s become so much more prominent/apparent to me since the beginning of 2015. These things are my career choice, figuring out what makes me happy, what will motivate me, and basically how to improve upon myself in order to reach the successive destination I am aiming for (though I’m unsure of how I’ll get there). 414 more words


Friday Philosophy - Do Average to Be a Success

A few days ago a friend of mine, helifromfinland, tweeted something that exactly matched the topic that I was thinking of doing my next Friday Philosophy on. 1,591 more words

Friday Philosophy

Gods and religions as tools for control of social behaviour

Religions (belief in systems of supernatural punishment – BSP) and then those based on Moralising High GodsĀ (also to mete out punishment for social transgressions) were, no doubt, originally invented as a means of social control in societies of increasing size and/or complexity. 1,048 more words



We all possess a number of great qualities and personality traits; at times our personality traits can become inflamed and as a result they take on a new form. 276 more words


Can Do! Will Do!

Make your day about the do
And not about the don’t
Make your week about the will
And not about the won’t
Make your month about the yes… 17 more words


Attention test as an ad!

I think most marketers have seen either the bouncing ball with the gorilla example, or the colourĀ changing card trick, but clever Skoda has used this basic psychological demonstration to make this ad. 8 more words