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Want to know a Secret?

Are you ready for a Life and Game Changing Retail Secret?
👉Hold tight.
👉Sit back.
Here is the simple trick to learning what really motivates your Employees. 48 more words


A night out without a child...

Last weekend, for the first time in two years Pose and I had a night away from home without a tiny Pachyderm for company! Momentous news I know. 378 more words


Olde worlde house

When the old meets the young

Hmm, talk of archaic flows and meanders

Time is spent pondering on the old-fashioned

What out of date thing doesn’t get mentioned… 24 more words

Income Tax: File Late and Feel Great

It’s that special time of year again when I open Hanging File – TAX 2017 and wonder if all those little scraps are going to be enough in Canada Revenue Agency’s (CRA’s) all-knowing eyes. 912 more words

Clicker Training Part 2: Interview with Amanda Martin

Amanda Martin is, among many things, an Equine Clicker Training Specialist and in particular, trains problem horses with Fear Free Positive training (read more on this here: … 1,336 more words


Clicker Training Part 1: Positive Reinforcement

Clicker training is a concept I’m sure most people will have heard of. It’s a method where the participating animal is encouraged to exhibit a behaviour using positive reinforcement, and often used in dog training. 615 more words


You do have a Choice.

One if the simplest lessons I learned came about 20 years ago from a friend and coworker by the name of Johny Di Iorio.
We were talking about the usual frustrations of living the Retail life and he simply stated to me: 175 more words