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The cult of Beatles

I needed a wee. I was in Liverpool’s trendy Albert Dock. I noticed a Tourist Information Centre, so went inside. “Could you tell me where the nearest Gents is please?” I asked nonchalantly. 224 more words


This Is the Single Skill That Could Save Your Relationship

Source: Time

By Justin Bariso

Bariso is the author of the forthcoming book The Practical Guide to Emotional Intelligence.

Emotions are complex.

Every day, our experiences affect them. 589 more words

The Muslim Times

"Well done dude"

This is going to be short and sweet because it speaks for itself. To create an environment in which it’s pleasant to work I believe there’s one thing everyone can do, and it’s easy. 236 more words


Writing for wellbeing, an Orsolya Hernold guided journal review.

I have never kept a diary and yet, started blogging because I found writing freeing, a cathartic means of letting go, of expressing my thoughts and feelings, black text on white pages granting me a different, clearer perspective on things. 872 more words

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There are many snacks in our home. We bought some from the nearby supermarket, and we also took some from Miaomiao’s grandparents’ home, as Miaomiao’s grandma always likes to buy snacks in supermarkets very much especially when they were at bargain price. 263 more words


How to Behave

This doesn’t really have anything to do with what I want to talk about today but I just wanted to tell everybody that if you ever have the chance to pick up someone who has been put under general anaesthesia you should do it. 676 more words


The Whirlwind in the Freeze-frame...

Have you ever been on one of those sticky situations where all of a sudden time almost comes to a standstill and everything seems to be happening in slow motion? 480 more words