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Are you a 'Chaser'?

As a Martial Artist I often have the conversation about belts with students and friends.

I often get asked what colour belt I am.

As a culture we have become a bit obsessed with equating our sense of self worth or ability to do things with some kind of external representation. 452 more words


Simply Parenting - Sleep Patterns

‘Is he sleeping through the night yet?’; ‘I need coffee, I was up half the night’; ’sleep deprivation is the worst!‘

When it comes to parenting, one of the biggest features of rearing our children is sleep. 685 more words


The 10 types of people you'll find at your neighbourhood coffee shop

1. The gang of girls
Loud, chirpy, giggly! Whether you want it or not, you’ll get the latest college gossip, clothes that are so in and what movie is playing this evening. 268 more words


Give "booing" the boot.

I support the rights of sports spectators everywhere to not like everyone on the field. Liking everyone is not compulsory.

I do not accept that they have a right to call names, boo, hiss, swear, curse or insult anyone who takes the field / court / cricket pitch, or anyone else for that matter. 233 more words


MIGHT: the potency of a cracking vision

My social media feeds have been full of reflections on #Abdul’s leadership. FULL. So I reached for a book in my teetering column of bedside reads to learn more. 239 more words


Chaotic or coherent behaviour?

Many years ago, we did some collaborative research on ant behaviour with a delightful group from the University of Bath. The way it challenged our thinking about human behaviour has stayed with us ever since. 70 more words


Even Fairy Tale Characters Would Be Jealous

‘Don’t treat people the way you’d like to be treated, treat them like they treat you.’

I have heard so many mean things about myself that I really began to think that maybe I am a bitch. 105 more words