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8 Going on 18


Daughters at 8 years old with a good intellect on them,a lovely grasp of vocabulary, a mothering quality if someone is hurt, compassion if someone is sad, an intelligence which is overflowing and an attitude of a teenager already! 156 more words


Video: Extrinsic mortality risk and health behaviour

I failed to include the video of my own talk in my recent post about the inaugural meeting of the International Society for Evolutionary Medicine and Public Health. 128 more words


Stockholm city to provide priority for social services for returning ISIS murderers

Even if one didn’t want to accept the case for capital punishment the least that could be contemplated for ISIS murderers would be a chemical castration and incarceration for ever, with an exit only via an assisted suicide. 471 more words


Job ad

Within the context of this job, you will:

  • come last in my line of priorities (I shall seek for you whenever I need you);
  • be ignored during leisure times (except if there is no one else around that would stir my attention);
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Friday Philosophy - Why I Volunteer for User Groups

I’ve just noticed a new page about me popping up on the UKOUG web site – It’s in the section about volunteer case studies, alongside people like Joel Goodman, Simon Haslam, Carl Dudley, Jason Arneil, Brendan Tierney and others who have been… 932 more words

Friday Philosophy

Aggressive Behaviour

Growing up, I had my fair share of tantrums and tearful moments when I didn’t get my own way or wasn’t pleased with what’s ever happening, some of which was down to my Autism, and others just due to pure stubbornness and being a child, luckily for my sake and the publics sake, I snapped out of that, when I hit around 13 years however, though what I didn’t account for was how much of my emotions such as upset or frustration I was relieving when I was having these tantrums. 769 more words


The fall of Ramadi: Is it "very serious" or just a "tactical setback"?

What is clear is that 2,500 soldiers of the Iraqi “army” entrenched in Ramadi ran away when faced by 200 ISIS fighters. They left their heavy weapons behind. 314 more words