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Destructive humans.

As humans progress wild life dies and, with it, the human habitat yet they proclaim their intelligence.


Manipulative parasite reprograms the host´s brain to take more risks

By Tanja Jensen

The parasite toxoplasmos gondii is a manipulative engineer, leaving its host´s brain with genetically altered machinery. A scratch by a cat and an unlikely path may follow leading up to changes in behaviour, with reprogramming of the brain itself as a consequence. 370 more words


Grammar schools do not have a monopoly on good order and discipline

The piece by Sir Michael Wilshaw in today’s Daily telegraph goes a long way to explain why I started life as a Liberal and became a founder member of the Liberal Democrats. 641 more words


Good summer reading

This article by George Johnson in the New York Times has nothing directly to do with sustainable energy or climate change, but it discuss how subjective feelings are still trusted over scientific expertise. 971 more words


Top 10 Behaviour Management Tips

Without doubt, one of the greatest challenges facing teachers in the classroom is behaviour management. With the haunting nightmare of the unruly class you cannot control looming over us all as we reach the end of the summer holidays I’ve decided to publish my own Top 10 Behaviour Management Tips. 1,713 more words


what's your worst bad habit?

From childhood we are alerted to the dark path of the bad habit.

Don’t suck your thumb
Don’t bite your nails
Don’t twirl your hair… 531 more words

Rescuing interesting research from obscurity

Some of the most interesting work on the effects of busy roads on local communities is found in very old studies that now lay forgotten in the archives of national libraries and are not available online. 449 more words