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Faith Alone (John 6:29)

When I sat down last Friday to write my message for Sunday’s services, I had a clear idea what I was going to say…

As we continue through our Reformation Month, my plan was to talk on the principle of… 1,315 more words


Karma is the pits baby...

Call it karma, call it justice, call it whatever you want, but life has a way of coming full circle. How you live your life and how you treat or… 89 more words


The Reward Of Patience And Honesty In Life

Little Drops Of Water Make A mighty Ocean(Patience and Honesty).To enjoy success in life never neglect these two.Find out why…

This very quote “little drops of water make a mighty ocean”, is very a popular quote to hear from people;it is always popular to hear people say “Patience”,”Honesty”.Well said,but do we really carry out what these two sayings offer us?.Actually there are a lot of quotes that talk about patience in life and a clear example is; “a journey of thousand miles begin with a step”.That sounds absolutely true. 1,129 more words


What is sin?

Sin is a word bandied around without a great deal of understanding about what it actually is. It is used in the modern day to refer to anything from a trifling peccadillo, eating the wrong food on a diet or a general sense that something is bad behaviour. 295 more words

The role of rapport in creating a super charged learning environment.

Have you ever walked into a primary school classroom and seen all the children sitting on the floor in front of a teacher, except for one? 1,555 more words


Leading and Succeeding in Challenging Times

Leaders are faced with the on-going dilemma of maintaining long-term and sustainable profitability, whilst having to meet the short-term gains demanded by investors. Here are a few insights into how you can lead more effectively in these challenging times. 680 more words


Felt Leadership: Mobilising organisational energy to improve safety performance

Margaret Wheatley, by applying the ideas of ‘field theory’ to organisations has developed the concept of the existence of “energy fields” in organisations. Organisations are not empty spaces but are filled with ‘hidden’ energy fields. 1,414 more words

Felt Leadership