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Color Pictures

It’s still hot today. Miaomiao goes into her grandparents’ bedroom to play after breakfast this morning because it’s much cooler there than the living room. Her grandma follows her enters into her room. 266 more words


The Tale of Sammy Jo

In this latest installment in the Tales series, we’ll explore the peculiarities of human nature with the help of four aluminium sheep, a hacksaw and a girl named Sammy Jo. 291 more words

Aluminium Sheep

Learning to slow down - stop and smell the roses

Sometimes we are so busy that we rush through our days and lives, and we fail to notice the simple beauty of living.

We are conditioned to value speed and getting things done quickly. 453 more words

Better Life

On judging a parent by their child

There is a cultural belief that children’s personalities and behaviour are the results of their parents’ parenting.

Everyone is at it. The woman in the supermarket tutting when the child lies on the floor. 677 more words


I haven't had enough to drink today

“Miss, tell him to shut up. He keeps telling everyone I did two of his mates.”

“Ignore him, Miss Year 7, he has ASD (and more) and he will soon move onto something else.” 43 more words


Charles Duhigg, “The Power of Habit: Why We Do What We Do in Life and Business”

Reviewed by Femflection

Charles Duhigg is a Pulitzer Prize winning reporter for The New York Times. Duhigg takes a unique look into the human mind to explore the science behind habit making. 867 more words


Best People

The people who love you for who you are
Not for what you can do for them
The best kind of people

Daily Life