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Learning From Your Mistakes

How failure can make you more successful…

We all make mistakes, but do we learn from them?

As children we are often taught not to make mistakes, and that it is important to be right. 670 more words


The Natural Born Killer

The gentle horse roams silently in the paddock while softly swishing her tail, two mouthfuls of grass are grazed and a hoof moves forward creating a steady rhythm that is soothing to watch. 856 more words


The Behavioral Economist Interview

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How did you end up in such an offbeat, unconventional and unique career?

In 1984, when Sendhil Mullainathan was a child in Los Angeles, his father lost his job as an aerospace engineer at the Rockwell International Corporation. 1,075 more words


Fashion Sense for Dogs - why Bandanas rock!

We all know that people love to dress up their dogs. Now, we’re not saying that our precious pooches should be sporting the latest Dolce & Gabbana, but wearing a bandana on their collar makes sense – and not just fashion sense! 510 more words


The behavior connection - some lessons

Just a few thoughts in this post about the need to investigate behavior changes in our dogs.

Since our dogs can’t communicate with us in our language, behavior changes can be an indicator of an underlying physical condition. 501 more words


Gender Swapping And User Behaviour In Online Social Games

Gender swapping and user behaviour in online social games

Gender swapping and user behaviors in online social games. Full Text: Gender Swapping in an Online Game i.e. 404 more words

Focus Groups - What is the point?

This year, my school introduced staff focus groups. These occur once a half term (hourly meetings) and are led by either SLT or middle leaders. The different focus groups are 6th form, teaching and learning, behaviour, rewards and more able. 706 more words