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What is FISH! Philosophy and how you can use it.

Recently, I was asked to run a workshop to improve the culture of a less than healthy workplace. After I met with the owner and had a general discussion around employee behavioural profiling and the main challenges in the workplace, I knew that this workshop was going to be modelled around the principles of FISH. 727 more words


DISC behavioural styles in a movie : 12 Angry Men

Last night, I was preparing a training session on team building and the impact of DISC behavioural styles on team processes and dynamics, and I was reminded of this movie that I used years ago when teaching adults in a vocational education setting. 379 more words


There's The Catch!

Exhaustion. Exhaustion and illness. They are the words of the week and what I did not experience last half term, I have been hit with full on in the face this half term. 962 more words


Anti-Islam group publishes addresses of Muslims and 'Muslim sympathisers'

Guardian: An anti-Islam group which staged an armed protest outside a Dallas Islamic centre has posted names and addresses of Muslims and “Muslim sympathisers” on its Facebook page, adding to growing tensions in north Texas following the Paris terror attacks. 144 more words

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Scaffolding Behaviour

I believe that people inherently want to do the right thing.  This absolutely includes our students (although it sometimes might not seem like it). Most people like to know where they stand. 542 more words


If I Built The World

If I built the world
I’d think for a bit
Of the things that are needed
What would make it a hit
I’d ask myself questions… 287 more words


Little Lessons From Life - Part 2

Work & Other Things:

When work happened somewhere in February 2013, I didn’t really wanted to take it up. I was busy with my Chartered Accountancy classes and I had so many exams lined up. 440 more words

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