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facing ourselves is the hardest direction to look

It seems like we stand in the centre of the world.  In the centre of our world.

From this place we can observe all. See sights. 394 more words


After last weeks entry I was half expect the odd scolding remark to come forward, not that it wouldn’t of been deserved in many ways but actually it’s a shock that nothing really happened, no comments, no spikes in views, nothing. 206 more words


Nobody's Listening

Ever got to the point in life where you feel its no longer you whose done wrong, but in fact everybody else? Ever felt like you’ve been betrayed, even by those who make an attempt to tell you they love you, and all you want is to vent your frustration to make them pay in the same way you’ve been paying for there mistakes and happenings all your life? 1,136 more words


So much has happened.....what a ride!

The summer seems such a distant past, time has flown so quickly, and with Harry approaching his 13th birthday.

Yep that’s right I will officially have another teenager in the house later on this week. 378 more words


Examples of Capturing Visual Data

Data analysts are those magical people who can read numbers in a way other people can’t. Or at least that’s how I see them as someone who used to work in a place where we heavily depended on data. 382 more words

Something's wrong with my house

This moving or animated gif (If you are reading this on a platform like Facebork that doesn’t support moving gifs, you won’t see it, er, animated, so click through to a platform that does) is taken from my house CCTV.   56 more words



Where violence is nurtured violence erupts proportionately.