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The Non-Believers, I'm Not Your Doctor, and Disability Misconceptions

I have Behcet’s. Seriously. I have it. You can doubt it. You can tell me it’s rare. You can suggest we retest for lupus markers over and over, and maybe someday I’ll have lupus, too…but that won’t mean I don’t have Behcet’s. 715 more words

Wait, My Weight?

Okay, so for years I was tall and skinny, and I didn’t know I was skinny because like most teenagers I thought I was somehow chubby. 1,314 more words

Humira Pen vs. Syringe : Battle of the Burn

Okay, so I’ve been using Humira for almost two years now. (It took me a moment to realize that…how time flies!) In the office the nurse administered the first injection using the syringe, in my thigh, and I pretty much wanted to punch her in the face. 669 more words

Won't You Get Sick?

So the guy I’m seeing (casually dating?) I don’t know…it’s complicated…anyhow…he has the man flu, which is basically saying he’s got a cold. Now, for whatever reason, I don’t seem to get colds. 1,582 more words

Your Health vs. My Health. vs. The Right Thing to Do

On the 23rd it will be one year since my Pop-Pop died. To say we were close would be an understatement. I spent nearly every weekend with him growing up. 1,887 more words

Alternative Medicine - Marijuana and Me

So most of my friends smoked pot in high school, or at least tried it. If they didn’t try it in high school, they tried it by college. 971 more words

What a Child Wishes For When They Have a Sick Parent

When I was a little girl, I looked up at the sky every night to search for the brightest star. When I found it, I closed my eyes tight and made the same wish in my head, “Find a cure for my mom.” 406 more words