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Fighting Disability: A Starters Guide

Thinking of filing for disability benefits? Did you know that a mere 35% of cases are approved and the average wait time for a decision is 600 days? 474 more words

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What is the Spoon Theory, Anyways?

The Spoon Theory, originally written by Christine Miserandino, is an analogy for living with a chronic illness; particularly invisible chronic illnesses. Here’s how it goes: 2,259 more words

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When "no cure" hits home.

I didn’t get it at first when they said there is no cure. I thought I “got” it through to my head, but honestly, it’s taken more than a year to get to the point where it finally hits home. 739 more words


Hack My Life: 10 Hacks For Living with an Autoimmune Disease

Having Behcet’s or another chronic illness means that you are probably limited to the amount of energy you have each day. Sometimes this means making decisions between things like cooking dinner or washing your hair, and can just stink (pun intended).  798 more words

Behcet's Disease

Hey Girl. A Letter to Humira on Injection Day (Photos)

Hey Girl.

It’s that day again. Get out your alcohol wipes and thaw out your pen. It’s that biweekly torture we call Humira. Humira has been great. 473 more words

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3 Types of Daily Fatigue and How to Combat Them

Fatigue manifests in different ways for different people. Do you have a hard time getting out of bed in the morning? Or do you wake up easily but feel like you could face-plant on your desk around 2pm? 374 more words

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5 Remedies for Bad Hair Days: When Meds Ruin Your 'Do

You know the deal. You finally fall in love with a medication, but loathe the side effects. Many of the medications prescribed to those with chronic illnesses can wreak havoc on our bodies cosmetically. 503 more words

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