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When Meds Fail

It’s hard not to get depressed. To crawl in bed and mutter, “I’m sick,” and just lay there. Why? Because I am sick. I do feel awful. 447 more words

Behcets Syndrome

What a Child Wishes For When They Have a Sick Parent

When I was a little girl, I looked up at the sky every night to search for the brightest star. When I found it, I closed my eyes tight and made the same wish in my head, “Find a cure for my mom.” 406 more words

Child Life

Rare Disease Day

Today is Rare Disease Day <- please take a look at their site.

Its main objective is to raise awareness with policy makers and the public of rare diseases and of their impact on the lives of patients and to reinforce their importance as a public health priority. 49 more words

Behcet's Disease

Down With the Sickness

So the last time I checked in I was talking about the difficulty of dating when you have a chronic illness, and of course the decision to inject Humira when you potentially have an active infection. 1,152 more words

Behcets Syndrome

The Non-Believers, I'm Not Your Doctor, and Disability Misconceptions

I have Behcet’s. Seriously. I have it. You can doubt it. You can tell me it’s rare. You can suggest we retest for lupus markers over and over, and maybe someday I’ll have lupus, too…but that won’t mean I don’t have Behcet’s. 715 more words

Behcets Syndrome

Wait, My Weight?

Okay, so for years I was tall and skinny, and I didn’t know I was skinny because like most teenagers I thought I was somehow chubby. 1,314 more words

Behcets Syndrome

Humira Pen vs. Syringe : Battle of the Burn

Okay, so I’ve been using Humira for almost two years now. (It took me a moment to realize that…how time flies!) In the office the nurse administered the first injection using the syringe, in my thigh, and I pretty much wanted to punch her in the face. 669 more words

Behcets Syndrome