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I have been searching for sometime now on and off to discover why I might not be absorbing magnesium into my body. This was diagnosed three or four years ago, that I have a magnesium problem, and I have been getting signs that there is more to it but ignored this as I thought it was my memory issues. 923 more words


You should be aware of something ..

.. when it comes to the treatment of disabled people and who is .. complicit.

I was told by a Dr Bolat that with my health conditions that there is no GP in the country that would agree to me being removed from it. 869 more words


Oh the feeling of .. betrayal.

Still working and cross-referencing data to do with Behcet’s Disease, still cannot get over that .. recent discovery, and what I now know to be called Hypomagnesemia. 3,130 more words


I have recently discovered that half my symptoms, one of two very long lists, are down to something called Behcet’s Disease.

My daughter was diagnosed with this and she realised upon hearing it that I had it too, as I had been pressing her to get a diagnosis and had to keep on at this because her GP s, just like more than six I spoke to, fobbed her off. 2,171 more words


I still don’t trust the courts.

But as it turns out The Canary had published an article that seems to state that that a court had effectively given the middle finger against the DWP over their treatment of disabled people. 451 more words


I thought you might like to know that things have calmed down a lot here.

G and I had a night of talking and drinking whiskey. 558 more words

Tired and emotional

Guess who finally managed to get to sleep at half past four? And woke up at eight forty?

God, I wish I could do lie-ins. 271 more words