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when you see the Narcissist's Mask slip *gasp!*

The first time I saw it happen, I second guessed myself that it was probably an optical illusion. I ended up cheating myself out of that AHA! 1,144 more words

All Kinds Of Advice

Behind The Mask #3 | Gary Russell: Braehead Clan

Braehead goaltender Gary Russell was last seen against Coventry in the Skydome, this time The Blaze travel up to Braehead to take on Ryan Finnerty’s boys in purple. 870 more words

Ice Hockey

Behind The Mask #2 | Ben Bowns: Cardiff Devils

Ben Bowns is the starting goaltender for the EIHL’s Cardiff Devils and one of the consistent choices for the Great Britain Ice Hockey team. Having played hockey from a young age, Ben has always been passionate about the game. 2,612 more words

Ice Hockey

Leslie Vernon


God damn I love Behind The Mask. Leslie Vernon is such a great character. I’m genuinely bummed we never got a sequel.

Top 10 Films for the Halloween Season

10) Insidious (2010)

Insidious takes the idea of astral projection and plugs it into it’s own universe complete with a creepy Darth Maul-Tiny Tim demon. It’s a satisfying watch, feeding you just enough pieces of the puzzle to keep you satisfied but still hungry for more. 511 more words


Behind the Mask.

#Entry 47

*warning sensitive content*

But I want to let others know, you are not alone


2ND May 2009

 Today, I feel terrible.

I hate myself. 609 more words


I ain't a lady


...What do you      see  when         you   look 
     my way?   No;   you don't      have to tell 
       me; you  see   a     lady  who     looks  
         decent  for   her   age;   who  walks  
           with  confidence    and   sway;  a 
           lady with a passably  pretty  face 
         whose   sexy   shape    has    been  
       retained  well  beyond  its  sell-by 
      date;   a   lady   who    may     be 
        desperate   to   play   the  love 
          game:    hungry   enough   for 
            you to take. 195 more words