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Sidequest: Behind the Mask_Lara Croft through the ages

Behind the Mask is a comprehensive list filled with quick profile information for each character no matter how big or small. I like to keep it simple, however. 83 more words

Video Games


tiny particles hold hands,
becoming one
just before racing towards the earth
as fast as gravity demands

falling alongside
all the others, dreaming
of who or what they might touch… 118 more words

Behind the Mask

A single moment in time,
Maybe longer,
Is spent alone.
In the dark
Over the mysteries that surround you.
This moment
Encloses you in your own private world… 318 more words

Behind the Mask

I’m sorry. I had to do it.

Masquerades. It seemed like every single cliché thing in the book happened at them. Popular boy meets unpopular girl, they dance, not knowing who the other is, and then the popular boy takes off his mask, and the unpopular girl has to leave for whatever reason before telling him who she is. 2,280 more words

7/24/15 Update - Downtime, Movie & Game Info

…and we’re back! Yay!

Sorry for the downtime, folks. I wanted to wait until I finished a complete site-revamp, but I couldn’t wait to get back writing. 233 more words

The Amazing Office Adventures

Ryan Remembers...Behind The Mask: The Rise Of Leslie Vernon

When it comes to horror movies, they are typically divided into two classes Рthe A-list classics, and the low-budget B-movies and remakes. In 2006, one movie created a class of its own.  495 more words