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Film Producer Kseniya Yorsh’s Creative, Kinetic Approach to Movie Making

Film producer Kseniya Yorsh’s approach to cinematic excellence is a high-powered mixture of meticulous attention to detail and an impressive grasp of comprehensive overall scope of any project. 666 more words

Pic of the Day: Behind the scenes of Touch of Evil (1958)

Orson Welles and cinematographer Russell Metty on the set of Touch of Evil (1958) – the first film Welles had directed in the United States in nearly a decade following 1948’s… 38 more words

Behind The Scenes


As time passes, the natural evolution of things can bring previously separated entities into close proximity and result in direct interaction. For example, in the past television was often looked upon as the less able and qualified sibling of feature films. 1,150 more words

The Writing Never Stops

The second book in the Sizzle & Burn series, The Games We Play, is on the burner and almost done. I’ve finished writing and editing it and now I’m just waiting for my editor to do her thing. 27 more words

Bwwm Romance

7 Things You Didn't Know About Yes, Chef

So yeah, you know I recently published a little something, right? It’s done pretty well on the market and I cannot express how grateful I am to everyone who took the time to check it out and/or buy it. 742 more words

Bwwm Romance


When a good cop faces an imploding marriage, wrongful arrest, and cartel extortion, his only choice to protect his family is outside the law. (Thriller) 27 more words


Pic of the Day: Werner Herzog on the set of Stroszek (1977)

Above – Werner Herzog’s cameraman on Stroszek (1977) serves as a human car mount. Looks like a string of sash is serving as his safety line, but it’s wrapped around the headlight so I’m sure he’s good. 6 more words

Behind The Scenes