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Behind the Name

When I decided to start a blog, I was thinking of making it anonymous for the time being. Therefore, I needed a page name that meant something. 146 more words


The Method To My Madness

Hey there,

So you may or may not be wondering how and why I chose this topic for my website. If you don’t care, well listen up anyway. 220 more words


Final Walk-Through and Showcase Photos

With just two days to go until Beltane 2017, we wanted to share some stunning shots taken of the Beltane Showcase (held last weekend in Edinburgh’s City Centre) and the final walk-through rehearsal. 1,320 more words

In Pictures

Right in the Heart of London: Our Gallery in St James's

We like to keep an active presence online to reach clients worldwide, but the heart of our operation is in our London gallery. ¬†Being in St James’s is ideal, as it is a central hub for art dealers and auction houses. ¬† 388 more words


Get to know Joe!

Hello everyone, I’m JoeTheManiac! I run this site and all the social media accounts attached to it. While proclaiming myself as a “maniac” may be off-putting, I assure you it’s my way of saying I like to have so much fun it’s crazy! 586 more words

Maniac4Games - Video Games!

Making Music via GarageBand

I like to play the ukulele. I play covers (Hene, Haele, You and Me etc.) and I write some songs (So Many Awesome Days, The World, La La La, It’s a Nice Day etc.). 86 more words