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Day 3051 - Fallback Friday To A Fun Behind The Scenes!

This came up in my On This Day today, and I wanted to reshare! Such a fun wedding, and a fun behind the scenes post. … 259 more words


Growing Up Writer

I’ve talked before about how I “officially” became a writer around 13-14, but I think I was probably always destined to be a writer. Even as a child, it crept into my life. 575 more words


Re-Discovering Skeeter Bite History

On September 28, 2009, I wrote a blog entitled “8MM Blues,” bemoaning the fact that there was footage on a number of 2005-2007-era tapes that I never got to transfer – and never got to edit! 739 more words

Adventures In Hot Springs (2006-2012)

So You Want To Be A Beta Reader

The following article was posted last year on the Indie Chicks Rock website, but there is a lot of valuable information that it’s worth repeating here. 1,294 more words

Gift Wrapped PavioseParafina Style

Who doesn’t love…

                       …the experience of receiving an envelope or a box with one latest acquisition and when opening it finds inside a beautiful package with the newest item inside?!? 189 more words

Prophet Update!

If you have been following the comic for a while you know that I started it with the help of several of my friends.  They put together the avatar, we set up photo shoots and I did the rest. 456 more words

General Chatter