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Food, Food and More Food

Apartment shopping time! We had another sneaky McDonalds as it was breakfast time and Peter had already told us that he has noodles for breakfast – I’m not quite ready for that just yet. 881 more words


Blood Tests, Banking and Beer!

After a restless night due to jet lag, we met Pei Wing at the hotel lobby so that she could take us for our medical check. 640 more words


Traffic jam?

I never heard about people complaining about traffic jams in St. Louis. But this is the hottest topic in Beijing. It’s almost like English people talking about weather. 234 more words

Putin Drops the Bombs & Deals the Cards in Syria & Ukraine

By, Ambassador Muhamed Sacirbey via Huffington Post
The challenge of Putin as well as ISIS requires an answer beyond avoidance & containment. — MORE — & Highlights from Ambassador Sacirbey’s recent presentation at Florida International University. 8 more words

# 57 Summer Palace

Summer Palace was built during the Qing dynasty round 1749 by the Qianlong Emperor. It was a gift to his mother for her 60th birthday. It’s perched on the top of “Longevity Hill” which was created by excavating all the earth for Kunming Lake.


The Future of Hong Kong: Bumpy Road Ahead 

Michael Mazza writes: On September 28, protesters marked the anniversary of the start of last year’s Umbrella Revolution, in which 200,000 Hong Kongers took to the streets to demand genuine democracy for their city. 251 more words

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Artemisia annua, a common roadside weed, is one of the humblest of the several hundred Artemisia species found all around the world. It’s dull and ragged, but it is instrumental in bringing a Chinese scientist to Stockholm to receive a… 173 more words