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The icon of modern China

If there is one image which I take away from me to symbolize the new China it will be the selfie stick. You see the twenty-somethings with cameras. 80 more words


The two towers

This is not a story of middle earth. It is a story from the middle kingdom.

Every town in China seems to have a bell tower and a drum tower. 154 more words


On Beijing, Food, Pictures, Trains, and White People

大家早。When I wrote this blog post, I was on a 6 hour bullet train from Beijing to Shanghai and figured it would probably be a good time to update this blog, seeing as I was there for a while and I was sitting next to a very noisy (but also adorable) 18 month old Chinese baby and sleep seemed impossible (more on this later): 1,435 more words


An ancient liquor museum

We walked through several hutongs north of the bell tower of Beijing. Traversing several, we came across this quirky sight: a museum of ancient liquor! Not something that you will find in any guide book. 62 more words


Keep your Hutong tidy

Some of the hutongs of Beijing are places for ordinary people to live, in a style similar to that which they have lived for a few generations. 90 more words


Noah Feldman: Why China tolerates North Korea

Asia has gone nuts for nukes this week. On the heels of a Pentagon report that China is loading multiple warheads onto its intercontinental missiles, North Korea announced Wednesday that it has developed warheads of its own, making the transition from a nuclear-capable power to a nuclear- loaded one. 848 more words

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