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¶ Josephus — De antiquitate Judaica (1480)

Josephus, Flavius. De antiquitate Judaica. De bello Judaico. Trans. Rufinus, of Aquileia and ed. Ludovico Cendrata . Verona: Petrus Maufer de Maliferis, for Innocens Ziletus, 25 December 1480. 29 more words

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¶ Virgil — Thirteene bookes of Aeneidos (1620)

Virgil. The thirteene bookes of Aeneidos. Trans. Thomas Phaer and Thomas Twyne. London: printed by Bernard Alsop, by the assignement of Clement Knight, 1620. 26 more words

Sotheby 1898

¶ Torquemada — Expositio super toto psalterio (1471?)

Torquemada, Juan de . Expositio super toto psalterio. : Johann Schüssler, .

With bibliographical note by Cockerell.

Provenance: Bibliotheca Aulica of Eichstätt, Germany. — William Bateman. 28 more words

Sotheby 1898

¶ Stúrlunga-saga (1817–20)

Sturlúnga-saga, edr, Islendínga-saga hin mikla. 4 vols. in 1. Copenhagen: Thorsteini Einarssyni Rangel, 1817–18.

Provenance: Joní Jonssyní. — Morris. — Richard Bennett. — Sotheby 1898, lot 1053 (part; sold to Henry Wellcome for £1). 7 more words

Sotheby 1898

A nice day out in New Haven

What do you do on a gloomy late-November Monday? A day trip to Connecticut is probably not top of everyone’s list, but we had some Amtrak vouchers to use up and I hadn’t been to that state before, so we settled on New Haven as our destination of choice. 594 more words


Great News!

Yale University Library has completed The Theatre Guild Archive!  It is housed–and the largest collection!–in the Beinecke Rare Book and Manuscript Library.

The archive contains extensive manuscript, printed, visual, and audiovisual materials that document theater, radio, and television productions, from the selection of the play, director and designers, to the casting of actors, rehearsals, and performances. 

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A Sterling Experience

For a writer, especially a non-fiction writer, a library is an almost-sacred place. Yes, the Internet has made researching at home or on the go much easier, but we can find some books and other important resources only in a library. 417 more words