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What You Can Find on the Internet: Thistlewood's Diaries

The internet still astounds me. Its range, what it makes possible. And I know only a microscopic part of its uses and possibilities. This morning I had one of those moments which highlights/encapsulates for me this remarkable phenomenon and tool. 149 more words


Medieval Pattern Books - Day Twenty-One of Medieval Manuscripts

I found a medieval pattern book while browsing the inventory of Les Enluminures, an international art gallery specializing in medieval manuscripts and related works of art. 169 more words


¶ Josephus — De antiquitate Judaica (1480)

Josephus, Flavius. De antiquitate Judaica. De bello Judaico. Trans. Rufinus, of Aquileia and ed. Ludovico Cendrata . Verona: Petrus Maufer de Maliferis, for Innocens Ziletus, 25 December 1480. 29 more words

Digital Versions

¶ Virgil — Thirteene bookes of Aeneidos (1620)

Virgil. The thirteene bookes of Aeneidos. Trans. Thomas Phaer and Thomas Twyne. London: printed by Bernard Alsop, by the assignement of Clement Knight, 1620. 26 more words

Sotheby 1898

¶ Torquemada — Expositio super toto psalterio (1471?)

Torquemada, Juan de . Expositio super toto psalterio. : Johann Schüssler, .

With bibliographical note by Cockerell.

Provenance: Bibliotheca Aulica of Eichstätt, Germany. — William Bateman. 28 more words

Sotheby 1898

¶ Stúrlunga-saga (1817–20)

Sturlúnga-saga, edr, Islendínga-saga hin mikla. 4 vols. in 1. Copenhagen: Thorsteini Einarssyni Rangel, 1817–18.

Provenance: Joní Jonssyní. — Morris. — Richard Bennett. — Sotheby 1898, lot 1053 (part; sold to Henry Wellcome for £1). 7 more words

Sotheby 1898

A nice day out in New Haven

What do you do on a gloomy late-November Monday? A day trip to Connecticut is probably not top of everyone’s list, but we had some Amtrak vouchers to use up and I hadn’t been to that state before, so we settled on New Haven as our destination of choice. 594 more words