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Homily on what Corpus Christi means

Corpus Christi means ‘the Body of Christ’. It is the day when the Church celebrates the promise of Jesus, at his Last Supper with his disciples, that he would be with them in a special way whenever they took the bread and blessed it and ate it together as he did on that holy night. 802 more words



Be wise and don’t fall into the trap of the wicked. For their path is crooked. Run away from them and don’t get in entangled for their ways are sinful. 85 more words

Being A Christian

God in his bodiliness

Frances writes on the Readings for Corpus Christi :- Isn’t it intriguing that our earliest written account of the institution of the Eucharist (1 Corinthians 11:23-26) does not stand by itself, as a carefully crafted piece of theology, but comes as part of an admonition written in the early 50’s AD to the Christians of Corinth. 948 more words



The Book of life,can’t be cut with a knife.

Before the creation your name was written,

to ensure your salvation won’t be smitten.

So don’t worship the beast, 46 more words


Homily on the God as Trinity

I was fascinated to discover recently that tests have shown that sick people recover more quickly if they can see growing things – trees and plants. 674 more words


God delighting in the creation

Frances writes on next Sunday’s readings:- It appears that the compliers of our lectionary deliberately selected readings for Trinity Sunday which turn our thinking about God in a very Jewish direction. 1,047 more words


Keep Quiet- Kenneth Copeland

A fool uttereth all his mind: but a wise man keepeth it in till afterwards.- Proverbs 29:11

One of the things that you and I as believers must learn if we want to be faithful servants in the kingdom of God is how to keep our mouths shut. 230 more words

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