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Will The Real Christian Please Stand Up!

Recently, I tried watching a movie called “Dial-a-Prayer” about a troubled young woman who is sentenced to community service by working in a prayer call centre. 677 more words


Changing our hearts

This is a story some of you might find quite familiar. It’s a true story of a good Catholic mother whose very intelligent son went off to University and began to live a wild selfish life. 1,068 more words


10 Things You Will Never Regret As A Christian

The original plan for mankind was a life lived to the fullest (John 10:10), where we would partner with the author of the universe in cultivating the world filling it with life. 673 more words

God And Life

Actively doing good

Frances writes on next Sunday’s readings :- The compilers of our lectionary for today seem to have made their choices through a series of scissors and paste jobs, so their real intention for the Church and its homily writers is difficult to see. 713 more words


The Mass : a circle of eternal love

We may look around on a sunny day – when we have one – and think how wonderful creation is, and as believers praise God ; but it is worth remembering sometimes that life, as we know it in all its forms, need not have happened at all. 1,044 more words


Finding My Heart

Finding My Heart
I think today’s post will be longer than 5 minutes.  It’s important to me so I don’t want to shortchange it.

Have you ever lost your way?   1,053 more words


Offered love so that we may love

Frances writes on Sunday’s readings :- There are times in all of our lives when we take on something little realising the full implications of what we are doing. 903 more words