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Equip us to be the peacemakers

for thousands hectors

and let us be disciple makers

To act in peace is what we must do. The moment we act out of anger or hatred we sin against God. 58 more words


The danger of crowds

What on earth is Jesus getting at in today’s Gospel when he tells us to “hate” our family? (Luke 14:25-33) Strange words because we know that he taught us that we must not hate anyone, that we must even love our enemies, so why does he appear to say the opposite here? 822 more words


God's radical plan for us

Frances writes on next Sunday’s readings :- Few of us really give much consideration to the enormity of the gift of God to us in Christ, or precisely what that means, and just how life changing that truly is. 1,030 more words



It is crunch timeStop trying to mime

You are called to walk in the anointing of God

Why so hard?

Well, the refining process is needed… 32 more words

Being A Christian

Homily on being placed with the saints

We must never forget, that the heart of our faith as Christians is that we meet God in and through Jesus. As he said “To have seen me, is to have seen the Father”. 860 more words


Grappling with the Old Testament & the Reality of Story Telling

The thing about story telling is, stories must always be told in the past tense (well, unless you are writing sci-fi, but those aren’t the kind of narratives we are referencing here). 1,399 more words

Life Ponderings

God's kingdom is free of status or privilege

Frances writes on this Sunday’s Readings :- The ancient world was a society of ‘honour’ and ‘precedent’, one in which everyone knew their place in the pecking order, and woe betide the upstart who stepped out of line and pushed his way into prominence over and above his ‘betters’. 1,020 more words