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Day 2283 - A New Date Location - No Talking Required

Today I took Bret to one of my new favorite libraries. Can I say how much I LOVE living in Howard County and their library system? 129 more words


Christians Are Called To Be Spiritual

are called
to be spiritual.

We have
God the Father,
God the Son,
God the Holy Spirit
living in us.

To ignore the entire ‘body’ of God, 107 more words


The Glory of the Universe

When I first moved to Eynsham I went out into my back garden soon after I arrived – it’s behind the Church – and was astonished at the number of stars I could see. 1,883 more words


Frances writes on this Sunday’s readings :- For the ancient writers, there was in reality no difference between the Wisdom of God and what would later become thought of as the word of God, in St John’s terminology given a capital Word, by which he identified Jesus Christ, God’s speech made visible. 773 more words


On Marriage and Divorce

The albatross is a fascinating bird. These birds travel thousands of miles across the seas of the world, but when they return to their breeding grounds they seek out their original mate and after elaborate greetings and wagglings of beaks, the pair mate and bring up their baby before setting out on their next long journey. 770 more words


Whole Heart

I will give thanks to the Lord with my whole heart

I can give my heart to many things.

To give thanks to the Lord with my whole heart is a choice I must make every day. 201 more words

Bible Reading

Day 2267 - Your Days Are Numbered

This is going to be a “real” post. I’m going to talk about some things that are not exactly popular to talk about. It’s not normally seen as a “cheery” topic. 521 more words