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Homily on Spiritual fitness

One of the phrases used by athletes at the Olympics when they talk about how they prepared for it is “I put myself through a lot of punishment but it was worth it in the end!” 806 more words


A challenge to the smug

Frances writes on this coming Sunday’s readings :- These Readings are a reminder to those of us who are devout, and think that we have got our relationship with God all sorted, to think again. 842 more words


Enfolded in God

Frances writes on the Readings for the Feast of the Assumption:- In one way we expect the Feast of the Assumption to be all about Mary, as we celebrate the significance of her unique contribution to the salvation of the world in the incarnation. 927 more words


1 Peter 4:12-19

What has been the most difficult thing for you about being a Christian?

1 Peter 4:12-19

Sometimes there are things about being a Christian that are just strange. 365 more words


Covenant Day of Vegeance: Engaging the Ministry of the HolySpirit for Exploits- Israel Oyebamiji 

Nahum 1:2 God does not take chance with His elect. He protects His own from the wickedness of the wicked.

We are destined to manifest the glory of God, but the forces of the devil is fighting tirelessly to restrict the power of God upon our lives. 172 more words

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Prayer is not asking but serving

Did you hear about that family that won 62 million pounds last week? The question they need to ask is whether it will make them happy, for apparently research shows that some people who win sums like that are less happy than they were before. 789 more words


Not God's puppets but players in the game!

Frances writes :- In this weeks readings our relationship with God is presented in something akin to a contractual sense, one in which we gain somehow or other by the amount we ourselves contribute or ‘put-in’ to the relationship. 899 more words