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A relationship with God open to all

Frances writes on next Sunday’s Readings :- St Luke, as we have previously seen, was writing his gospel and Acts for his patron aristocrat Theophilus and attempting to present the faith in a manner sympathetic to pagan converts. 828 more words


Sharing God's glory

As I am sure you know, Lent begins this Wednesday – Ash Wednesday as we call it – and once again I will be trying to help us all to think, not of what we might give up for Lent, but what extra we might do for God and for others. 859 more words


Carroll and I Take a "Bike Tour"

Senility or forgetfulness is a terrible thing and so an addendum to my tribute to my friend Carroll Boyd.

It was probably the year we were in the 8th grade together that one summer morning with our parents at work that Carroll and I decided to do a “bike tour.” Now, this tour was not without planning, no indeed, in fact we had been planning it for quite some time even though we had no idea where we were going. 956 more words

Being A Southerner

What Kind of Faith?

What good is it, dear brothers and sisters, if you say you have faith but don’t show it by your actions? Can that kind of faith save anyone? 509 more words


Look at God a different way

Frances writes on next Sunday’s readings :- I suppose when we actually stop to think about it, not only do we in the modern age find the idea of Christ’s resurrection from the dead extraordinary, many would dismiss it out of hand. 858 more words


How hard it is to love!

Ah how we love that passage about love that was our 2nd Reading today, (1 Cor 12:31-13:13) but how easily we forget that love, caring for others, may not always feel nice for us or for them! 736 more words


Being a Christian

Some think being a Christian is easy. Some say being a Christian isn’t that hard. Being challenged daily out of your comfort zone isn’t always a pleasant thing to experience, but knowing the cause of it makes it worth it. 95 more words

God Is Good