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Homily on the Holy Spirit and the Church

One of the main reasons why the Church encourages us to honour the Blessed Virgin Mary is not just because she is the mother of Jesus, but more because she is the Mother of the Church. 1,058 more words


How do we pray in God?

Frances writes om this Sunday’s Readings :-  Our Gospel, (John 15:1-8) and our reading from 1 John (3:18-24) both state that when we are in the right state with God we can ask anything of him and we shall be granted it. 834 more words


Day 2116 - Be Careful What You Put Online

I am very aware of my “online footprint” today for a couple of reasons.

First, while we were chatting with people at the party yesterday, one person said to Bret “I know all about you from Jen’s blog” and someone else said “I know what’s going on with you from your blog.” This is by no means the first time I’ve heard this. 337 more words


On a life lived well - Mother Annette Zimmerman

As I have matured as a person and professional, I have come to appreciate, respect and even grow fond of those professionals and colleagues, who hold opinions contrary to my own. 567 more words

Being A Southerner

The evolving mystery of the risen Christ

Frances writes on this Sunday’s readings :- In this Easter season the compilers of our lectionary want us to explore the meaning of the Easter experience, the real meaning of Easter, of Christ’s rising from the dead and what it has achieved for us. 861 more words


Day 2111 - Habits Form Canyons

This morning, I FINALLY caught up on the current sermon series at my church. (Sunday’s message was exceptionally good too, check out the Luke 6:37-42 sermon about not judging others. 481 more words

Personal Growth

Homily on Godly Wisdom and Knowledge

Life for us humans is more than just living isn’t it? It is thinking &planning & imagining. It is measuring & calculating how our world works as in maths & science. 1,044 more words