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Hard to share our faith with family & friends

Evangelisation is an awfully big word, but for us Christians it is an awfully important word, because it is all about how we Christians spread the Christian message, the Gospel, to others. 1,021 more words


Surprising people with the Gospel

Frances writes on next Sunday’s readings :- All too often we have a tendency to button-hole people. It can easily become racist: “All Blacks are stupid and dirty”, or ‘All Islamic people are fanatics”. 1,078 more words


What Has My Attention?

How easy it can be to focus on the wrong things. Stuff catches our attention and then before we know, it has a hold on us. 338 more words


Take Me to Church

Being a Christian is not popular these days.  That is, being a Bible believing Christian is not.  There are many people who call themselves Christian but have no idea what the Bible teaches and some who do but believe what they want to believe instead of what it says.   1,387 more words

Reflections Of Ourselves

Homily on the challenge of being a Christian

Some of you may know that I was born and brought up in Wimbledon, and going to watch the tennis was a big part of my teenage life at this time of the year. 924 more words


Life-changing moments

Frances writes on the readings for the Vigil of SS.Peter & Paul:- These readings are all about life-changing experiences. How this happens to some of us, and the effect we can then have on others, changing their lives forever. 865 more words


Finding God in the storms of life

I expect that all of you, like me, love the seaside. For me it is just the sight of that immense amount of water wooshing or crashing again and again onto the beach.  904 more words