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The Confessions of a Traveling Foodie: Between Hong Kong & Montreal

I’m in love.

Yes, the kind of love that you always hear people falling head-over-heels to, but instead of falling for a person, I’m in love with two cities. 2,275 more words


towards the end of summer, crème glacée and simple happiness

Having been in a game of patience/silence for the past seven days, I am now officially back onto my food therapy regime. So on day #N (because I just can’t remember which day it was), I woke up after 13 hours of sleep and had a sudden craving for ice cream. 615 more words


Late night munchies

Life is when you go to Chinatown at 10:30 at night with your friends to have some late night munchies. New Dynasty is now officially my new best friend! 183 more words

Montreal Restaurant Reviews

The adventure of licking food off my fingers at Nil Bleu

As I’ve promised from an earlier post, here’s the complete review for Nil Bleu!

There are few restaurants that specialize in Ethiopian cuisine in Montreal and the MRC team just did a review at the award-winning Nil Bleu. 454 more words

Montreal Restaurant Reviews

What? Ethiopian food?! I'm telling you, you're going to keep coming back for more.

Here’s a preview of a shot I took in Nil Bleu, the Ethiopian restaurant that I reviewed for Montreal Restaurant Club last weekend.
Listen, if you’ve never had Ethiopian food then you really REALLY have to try it in Nil Bleu. 245 more words


Pastryism at the Mile End

Since when do we ever get such a warm and sunny day during WINTER? Yes, Montreal’s winter isn’t over until the end of March or April… We Montrealers never let go of any chance to go out in the sun so we can leave their Canada Goose/Moose Knuckles behind. 240 more words


Some classic chocolate chip cookies

Last Friday, I made 3 batches of cookies for my friend Julie’s 21st birthday since she told me she was craving for sweet stuff.
It was my second time baking cookies and it finally turned out the way that I wanted! 339 more words