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A Response To All The Guys Who Tell Me I'm 'Cute'

Oh, you think I’m cute? Thank you! I really appreciate that.

No one has ever told me I’m cute before. I’m 24-years-old, and I go out pretty frequently, interacting with people of all different ages, and guys of all different backgrounds. 867 more words


The Town

everything comes back to you


to love

Before I felt like this caption is too cheesy and decided to delete the photo on instagram I better put it here. Another high school’s best friend got married yesterday. 139 more words


If You're The Girl That Other Girls Hate, It Means You're Hot As Fuck

When I was seven years old, Alyssa told our teacher I was bullying her and I should be punished. I was confused. All I remembered saying was, “No, I don’t want to play that game,” when she approached me during recess with some lame request to feign princesses locked away in a castle. 576 more words

My Father is a Feminist

My father is a feminist.

He’s never marched in a protest or studied the famous feminist poets, and he doesn’t take to social media to spread awareness of issues on feminism. 708 more words


Things We Are Not Told Early Enough

1. There is a lion in the throat of every girl
put there by her mother
the day she is born.
This is important.
They like to cage natural things… 254 more words