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Marthe Cohn, A Woman of Derring - Do


Since it’s the last week of March and Women’s History Month, I wanted to add another to our record of spy stories. 366 more words

#Motivation from chicksticksgirl

I Love Waking Up and Feeling Blessed I get to do What my Heart tells me I am Supposed to be Doing! Adversity, Challenges, Being a Girl, Haters or just plain Fear of Rejection aren’t Good Enough Reasons to Not Pursue Your Dreams. 32 more words


Thinking of Drama

This past week has really made me think. Think about what I love about drama and why I love it so much. Not only does it give you opportunities to perform it gives you so many new friends and new opportunities. 82 more words

Being A Girl

Road Trip! My stab at a travel blog

I have been MIA from this site for about a week but that’s because I was on a mini road trip through the southwest. My boyfriend was working in Kansas and asked me to help him drive his car to his parents’ house in Los Angeles. 746 more words

Growing Up

Couldn't Make It Up (even if I wanted to)

I think it’s funny that you feel entitled to ask stupid things, like ‘why, why are you so angry?”. Well, maybe it has something to do with the way your face looks, it might be as petty as that. 467 more words

The Color Purple and our patriarchal society

I recently finished Alice Walker’s The Color Purple and to tell you the truth, I was a little bit disgusted at first that how could Celie’s father Alfonso (though  he was a step-father) rape his daughter. 392 more words


What You See

Nothing much makes sense to me right now, except for one thing. I shorted out my fucking earbuds the other day when I fell down in the snow. 516 more words