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Just have to write this down.

Being a girl means being terrified. It means being terrified of walking home alone. It means being terrified that someone is going to assault me. It means being afraid of the dark and what it can hide. 401 more words

why are you smiling?!

Is there any surgical procedure that can forever stop menstrual pain?

I’d be the first in line. I’d knock everyone out of the way to be the first if I had to. 477 more words

Being A Girl

In the beginning: When your baby box isn't working properly

I have been dealing with my “faulty baby box” for over 3 years now.

It began when I started feeling fatigued, uncomfortable, bloated, and my period was arriving later and later. 469 more words

Being A Girl

23 #BoobProbz That Every Girl Can Completely Relate To

1. One boob being bigger, rounder, and ultimately better-shaped than the other. #thestruggleisREAL. How am I supposed to find a swimsuit or bra that actually fits when my chest is asymmetrical AF?!?? 743 more words

Being A Female

My First Period Story

Periods are not often the topic of conversation. It seems to be one thing we all shy away from. Even after having my period for 7 years now I still try and hide the fact that I am on my period. 284 more words


a better path

Last few days, I once read a book that I just bought at a bookstore in town.¬†What has impressed me about the book? The cover of the book is chilliessss or… 194 more words

Have Faith

But still

They say worrying can never change the outcome. But oh c’mon, I’m only human T.T I get worried still.

Danger is real. Fear is a choice.

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