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Equality is what we need

Sacrificing your freedom

Just because you were born as a girl

Not being able to raise your voice

In front of men, because they would rape you… 295 more words


To Every Girl with Insecurities...

No matter how you found this blog, whether through google, social media, etc. we are so glad you did.


Because there are times when being a girl is the most amazing blessing from God. 729 more words


Stressy and depressy

I applaud girls. Being a girl isĀ difficult.

Between stressing over life and confused over love; not knowing what to think, or how your supposed to feel. 277 more words

Being a Girl Part II

Cross your legs.

Curl your hair.

Carry yourself well.

Pretend you care.

Don’t answer back.

Don’t voice your thoughts.

Don’t be sexual.

In fact, you ought… 222 more words


Being a Girl Part I

I always sneered at Tiny Tears.

Lego, I scavenged from a skip.

Pink made me want to puke.

The pogo stick was just a fluke. 185 more words


Why is it so hard for women to accept themselves?

Last week, my Public Speaking and Debate students gave their first formal speeches. As always, I was intrigued by what each new set of students will talk about and how they will deliver their speeches. 1,411 more words

Writing Memoir

Me Too

Over the weekend my Facebook and Twitter feeds filled with women’s posts using the hashtag #MeToo or simply posting the two words “Me Too”. Some of my friends went on to write about assaults and rapes they’ve survived, others chose to let the words stand without explanation. 1,706 more words

State Of Mind