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Loving yourself and embracing your body changes.

KNOW YOURSELF,AND LOVE YOURSELF as girls we develop differently some girls are fast and some are slow, but it is all about making each situation work for you and not looking at yourself as an outcast but being happy with the way you are.and always be clean good hygiene is a way to a happy embarrassment free life. 1,470 more words


The most honest I could get

I wrote a lengthy entry for this title but after multiple times of re-reading my words, I have decided not to make it a public’s read. 421 more words

Daily Notes

When you're hairier than bae

Being hairy is worse when you’re of Asian descent. Because you become this unexpected phenomena. TMI, yea okay. The bare leg season is rolling around the corner. 66 more words


Gloomy Wednesday

Salam and hye there.

Let me just get my disappointments and sadness out by updating them here today. I would usually write them in physical book instead of publishing them online, but I am too lazy to do that today. 411 more words

Daily Notes

Pause around the open lips...

“It is important to warm and caress every portion of the curved surface, into the groove and up over the base of the spine. Pause around the open lips of the vagina to see if she is wet and, if so, she is ready for the first strike. 24 more words


AqwaAida's Wedding

Assalamualaikum :’)

Happy gloomy Wednesday, guys. It has been raining since last night here in Penang. I had such a good sleep, it was so cold and breezy. 549 more words


Please don't be 'that guy'

On today’s episode, we talk about being ‘that guy’ on the dating website. ‘That guy’ being the one that induces groans when you see his message in your inbox. 1,010 more words

Being A Girl