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Are you really my friend?

All girls can relate to this, maybe guys too but I am not male therfore I can’t speak from the male perspective. And I guess this is kind of a rant because I can’t think of a way other than first person to word it. 138 more words

Being A Girl

You Are Not A 'Squad Goals' Type Of Girl

You are not the girl with the tight dress and eyebrow game on point. You are not the girl surrounded by her perfect friends with perfect shades of eyeshadow and perfect smiles and perfect teeth. 480 more words


Why I stopped reading women’s magazines

There is a blogger I follow on Instagram (I don’t know why, really, I don’t read her blog, but I find her – a curiosity) and she’s posted recently that she LOVES women’s magazines and how she’s obsessed with them. 1,084 more words

Asian American


‘He wore a new shirt today’.
‘How did you know?’.
‘Oh I know all things his.’

I recognised him in a crowded place, sitting fifteen tables away, from the way he ran his fingers through his hair. 66 more words


Being A Girl

Being a girl doesn’t mean that if we’re annoyed or angry that it means we’re on our period.   If I’m temperamental or ‘moody’, it’s because I’m tired, I’m having a bad day. 356 more words



Happy birthday, Kiah.

You gotta work hard and pray harder, okay?



Going out to celebrate the way I love it best :’)

Daily Notes

With you

I did it, guys. I got my closure.

He has always been someone so close,
But so far.

Always in my sight,
But never within my reach. 310 more words

Life Is