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I’ve stopped.

When I woke up yesterday,
I woke up from my dream.

You see,
I grow tired of being the one,
To always say hi first, 75 more words

Words And Feelings

Being A Girl: A Brief Personal History of Violence

I believe that one crucial point the author was trying to make is that sexual assault doesn’t have an age. We know this because at the beginning of the first post “Being a girl” a six year old girl is sexually assaulted by a five year old boy. 99 more words

Being A Girl

Back & Better Than Ever.

My name is Lucy. I didn’t like my name at first but now I do.

I love watching the same chick flicks over and over again because if I watch an emotional film then I cry like a baby. 935 more words

The wrath of Mother Nature upon women

I feel likes of has unfairly metaphorically made being a female a sickness by what nature does to us every month. I have not felt so much in pain in real sickness or drunkenness than when nature harnesses my innards the first two days. 100 more words

A day in the life of: 10 Struggles of a tights wearer

When you live in the UK (or pretty much anywhere cold) a good pair of tights becomes your best friend. Whether it’s the summer, winter, spring or autumn, it’s cold here and if you don’t keep your legs covered, you are going to freeze. 872 more words


With every difficulty

I grow tired of trying. I wanted to give up. I wanted to stop striving to become better. I wanted to just do whatever. I wanted to quit.

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Life Is

Hati Anak

Banyak yang dikongsi baca, cerita tentang hati emak.

Aku nak tulis tentang hati anak.

Aku nak buat penangguhan semester untuk semester depan. Aku taknak bayar tiga ribu tiga ratus. 417 more words

Life Is