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Can we live in PEACE

Every girl have the right to wear what she wants, have the right to say what she wants.

Indian society teaches girls to follow their dreams and they also say no, don’t do this, don’t do that, don’t go there. 171 more words

Being She

inside my make-up bag

Personally, I like drug store make-up because 1) I don’t spend a lot on my make-up and 2) I don’t have to go to a true make-up store to buy any of it. 394 more words

Being A Girl

beauty + the beast

okay so message time, (saw this and really liked it so here ya go):

Imagine this: you just painted the most beautiful picture you have ever painted.

326 more words

Thoughts on Turning 30

Hello World,

Tonight I will contribute my own personal take on turning 30 years old – adding to an already enormous body of work already. As I do so, I shall be… 388 more words

My Sooty Dilemma 

I stand amid a chaotic revolution
The likes of me are charging forward
There is blood boiling in their eyes
And anger spitting from their vocals… 118 more words


10 Reasons It's Okay To Suck At Being A Girl (Because It's Damn Difficult Sometimes)

I remember when I was 8 or 9, I sneakily crept into my mother’s bathroom while she was cooking dinner or cleaning the living room or doing something that I knew would distract her for awhile. 1,256 more words

Do I Own It?

Locked inside the four walls of my house
To ensure my ‘safety’ in the bad world
My monotonous routine suffocates me
I die every day in bits, succumbing to morals… 196 more words