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Being A Girl

What does it mean to be a girl… yes, a simple girl born in the 20th century in India (I know there are girls born in the 21st century but they are too young for this sort of writing)… a girl born into a life of privilege or even just middle class families… what does it truly mean to be a girl…the truth is there is no single definition that is possible to ascertain what it means to be a girl… but somehow the society in its various stages have actually defined what it means to be a girl… without you even striving for a definition… lets now examine the various stages and the messages that are doled out to a girl child from the day she is born… 57 more words

What It's Like to be a Woman in a Primarily Male Field

“Hi, I’m wondering if you could recommend a painter to do some work for me?  I have a house I’m trying to sell, and the outside trim is all peeling paint and weathered wood,” a woman says on the other end of the phone line.  1,401 more words

Lessons Learned

A Rant About Jeans

Mom, Bas, Seffy and I went shopping for clothes (to match church dance group’s dance fashion criteria).

Ergh. One thing about being a girl (thus having curves) and buying jeans that fit the shape of your legs and hips is that it’s not a pleasant thing. 150 more words



Once, my best friends and I were on our way to send Vj home, when this question was randomly asked.

‘Kau rasa tak kita ni ketinggalan?’ (Do you feel like we’re left behind?) 289 more words

Being Kiah

Women's Day

In spite of what fairy tales and movies try to tell us, girls needn’t wait around to be saved! Be your own hero 

Happy International Women’s Day!  29 more words


Treatment plans

I’m sitting in the waiting room of the Women’s Health Department. My appointment was for 10am, and as requested I was here 15 minutes early. It’s now 10.12am… 1,077 more words

Equality is what we need

Sacrificing your freedom

Just because you were born as a girl

Not being able to raise your voice

In front of men, because they would rape you… 295 more words