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Through the Thickets of Your Own Shins

Yesterday my teenage Russian coworker asked me “can you have sex with an ingrown hair?”

Now when I recounted this to my boyfriend over our taco dinner he looked at me in disgust because he thought that she was trying to make love to an actual inverted follicle, until I explained that she was concerned that her boyfriend wouldn’t want to have sex with her because she had a small ingrown hair on her leg. 702 more words

And I mean it from the bottom of my fart

I recently did ‘The First Fart’ in front of my boyfriend. It had happened previously in my sleep, but that wasn’t so bad because I wasn’t conscious. 261 more words


The Girl is Not Dead

Five more minutes and Sponge Bob would be on. I will always have a soft spot for Sponge Bob. It’s the show that became ours… 362 more words

A Room With Many Views

Point of Note/Seriously Guys

Hey guys-

Just wear a condom.

Seriously. Do NOT make us ask you to put one on. Just do it.

None of this “latex sensitivity” bullshit. 97 more words


Dear GOD

Dear GOD

Don’t give me what I want
Give me what I need
to Yours Truly.

Dear GOD

Never listen to my Wanton Prayers… 40 more words


Saying Sorry.

Do you remember the below commercial from Pantene about saying sorry? I found myself thinking of it last week as I caught myself sounding like a broken record of “sorry!” for no specific reason. 200 more words


Marthe Cohn, A Woman of Derring - Do


Since it’s the last week of March and Women’s History Month, I wanted to add another to our record of spy stories. 366 more words