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Common vs. best practise

I’ve heard the term “best practise” a lot over the years. It’s always fascinated me as quaintly ridiculous notion. If you’re not doing “best practice” then, I guess, you’re doing “common practice”. 207 more words

Being A Manager

Managing Difficult Conversations

You know that sinking feeling, your stomach is in a knot, you have to have a conversation and it’s going to be difficult.

Avoiding it makes it worse and leaves you feeling anxious even longer. 928 more words

Virtual Coach

Annual/Half-yearly/Quarterly Performance reviews: if you have to do them, do them well.

I have mixed feelings about performance reviews. On one hand, I think they’re not a useful way of going about appraising an employees performance, on the other hand, I think they’re a useful way of appraising an employees performance. 269 more words

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How to write a tech CV (that doesn't force me to judge a book by its cover).

I read a lot of CVs. A lot.

Most of them are terrible, eye-watering, piles of shite. This post is a guide on how to write a decent tech CV. 1,852 more words

Being A Manager

Time Stands Still When Your Waiting For The Drum Lesson To Finish

It is Thursday. That means I am off to a drum for my son, Alex. This year he decided that he wanted to learn how to play the drums before the rest of his classmates. 273 more words


Manager: Don't Mingle, Only Rule?

When it comes to being a Manager, a team leader, there are lot of dos and don’ts one is being told to follow.

A manager is a “person”, let us start from here. 470 more words

Picture Post

Am I pushing them to their limits?

This is the first time I went back to WordPress.com and I’ll be cross posting this to my self-hosted WordPress blog. (What’s wrong of having two blogs with the same content? 68 more words

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