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For Robin

Hey Robbie, this one is for you! Here’s my take on “Being Alive” from that beautiful gem of a musical, Company. Thank you Vanessa, for letting me record in your studio…

Song A Day

The Suitcase

What do I do

With the fire in my chest?

“Bring it with us, baby,” you say,

and the twang in your voice

reverberates across the pond. 31 more words


What Nobody Really Tells You About Being Alive

To someone who needs it:

What nobody really tells you about being alive is that sometimes life is going to completely suck and there’s nothing you can do about it.   588 more words

Grief Part 2

Yesterday made a year that my step-mom has been gone.  I went home over the weekend to visit my dad and sisters.  February isn’t always the best month for us with birthdays (Dad turned 65 on the 23rd and one of my brother’s turned 35 on the 19th) and deaths (Mom on the 8th and our other Mom on the 27th). 742 more words

1001 Days

MTT 103

It can be said that to think you have to be alive but to be alive you don’t have to think which makes thinking a hard job than being alive

Birthday girl

hey it’s my birthday!
I know that
but do you?

I popped out of my mother
upside down and early
and I jerked and jumped… 165 more words



About an hour after I wrote my last entry, I saw on Facebook that my friend had passed and seeing all the people writing on his wall hurt. 329 more words