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Today I practise

Today I practise silence
Silence of the age-old sage
Silence that rings far and wide
Silence that holds a thousand dreams.

Today I practise patience… 55 more words


Summers on Century

It was a house with bean-bag for chairs
a couch half-destroyed by use
cushions pushed down into its framework.
Kids half the size of their adult counterparts… 100 more words


All is said... and done

When all is said and done
I am only flying home.

Like the young curlew flying
Not knowing, north
Assured only by collective memories
Of a past not lived, 53 more words


For the Future

in keeping alive

your yesterday,

you are killing

your tomorrow

An Unexpected Rainbow

June has been quite dry,

little rain.

While eating dinner

last night,

the sky opened with a loud roar

and heavy rain fell down

refreshing the greenery, 144 more words

Being Alive

Friends that boost

You know how there are people who lift you and make you feel happy to be alive, and then there are people who do the total opposite? 272 more words

Being Alive

It's never easy

I wish I could just go home.

Well, it has been just six days since I’ve been away from home. Among different sort of people, at a new place, with new hopes. 299 more words

Being Alive