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The "game-night" stage of adult development

It starts when you and your friends are happily remarking that the bar you’re at seems “chill” rather than “insane” or “crazy.”  Next, you’ll start feeling tired around 11.   463 more words

Being An Adult

10 Things I've Given Up On

I have nothing left to offer to the following:

1. Becoming an Adult

They say you become an adult when you start taking care of someone else. 707 more words

b-button syndrome

Okay – full disclosure. I am super into Pokemon.

Wait! Don’t not read this because your only exposure to Pokemon was your weird neighbor kid who tried to trade you his Pikachu card that one time in 1998. 775 more words


gecko ownership: not a thing i am qualified for

The summer after my sophomore year of college, I made one of my usual reckless decisions and decided I was the kind of person who should adopt a gecko. 538 more words


here i go again on my own

I decided to take myself on a date to see Hugo for two reasons. One, the book was just lovely and I’d been itching to see the film for weeks, and two, I didn’t want to spend an entire free evening  sitting in front of the computer in my kitchen while eating chocolate chips by the handful. 489 more words


unanswerable questions from a ten year old

The boy I babysit for – we’ll call him J – turned ten a couple of months ago, which has finally brought him to the age where he’s starting to be curious and invested in other people besides himself. 806 more words


Thinking about age

I’ll be turning 25 in a couple of days, so spending today with my maternal grandparents really just underlined the fact that I’m getting older. I love them so much! 741 more words

Being An Adult