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Needing Some 'Me' Time

I have been working my little socks off for weeks now and never let it be said that if you work for yourself you sit around and watch daytime TV and work less. 221 more words


How to Be a Writer (After You've Been an Editor)

You climbed the masthead ladder to earn the right to don “editor” in your title. But then, because *insert your job shift cause here*, you’re back to the primary writing gig. 669 more words

Samantha Smith

When in Doubt, Delete. Unless . . .: Guest Blog from Author Karen Pullen

What does an editor want? How can I make my work stand out when submitting to anthologies? What counts as too much backstory to include in a short work of fiction? 726 more words


The truth(s) about being an editor

Everyone’s been edited, even if only to have a paper marked up in high school. So everyone thinks they know – excuse me; he or she knows – what editing is. 678 more words

Thank you to fellow Gatepost editors

This academic year has been a roller-coaster ride for me.  At this time last year, I thought I had it all figured out – I was loving my English classes, I had been a full-section news editor for  541 more words

The Gatepost

Seeing it from the eyes of a New York City first timer

After going up and up, in elevator after elevator, reaching the top, stepping out into the cool damp night, finally, the glittering city unfolded below them – black, pink and red. 863 more words

The Gatepost

Publishing features on Confessions of a Student Newspaper Editor

I’m going to publish three features I wrote for my feature writing class this semester on Confessions of a Student Newspaper Editor.  I didn’t ask to have them published in… 96 more words

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