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unnecessary at christmas

This is where I don’t understand the Catholic Church. And I am Catholic. It is Christmas time and this is what is chosen to go on display instead of Christmas decorations or a nativity scene. 183 more words

Chester County

Year 1, Term 1 In Review

We are just about to begin the last week of our First Term of Year 1, and I thought I’d reflect a little on what has worked and what hasn’t worked so far in our homeschool… 2,755 more words

The Wonderful World Of Books

On Becoming Catholic

The winter of 2015-16 was one of the strangest seasons of my life. Jeremy was halfway through his fourth and final year at seminary, and the end of seven long years of studying was finally within sight. 7,381 more words

Being Catholic

And thou shalt be like a watered garden. . .Why Catholics Believe in Heroes

Sometimes it can seem as though the very idea of a hero or heroine is something that belongs purely to fairy tales, wishful thinkers, and idealists. 767 more words


thoughts on ash wednesday

This is a post that some may have a problem with.  But it is my opinion.

Today is Ash Wednesday.  I am Catholic.  It is a very holy day, the first full day of Lent. 1,573 more words

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Lent: It's Not About Us

It seems like every Lent, people talk about what they plan on giving up. While I understand that for people who plan on fasting from social media, I think many Catholics try to make Lent all about them, whether consciously or unconsciously. 266 more words


finding boundaries when life happens

The tears flowed silently as the rain fell on the windshield; the air in the vehicle subdued.  In my mind I wondered, where did I go wrong? 2,088 more words