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The Seven Sacraments

Catholic Online (2015) says that the Catholic Church’s liturgical life revolves around the Eucharistic sacrifice and the Sacraments. The Sacraments’ purpose is to make people holy. 382 more words


Growing Up Catholic

Growing up Catholic was easy in my home town, north east of Philadelphia out away from the city, in a suburban village.  This is where there where several small Protestant church of various denominations, but two big Catholic churches (in just my little borough!   436 more words


This is Religion! to Dear Catholic World: Why do YOU Remain a Catholic?

One reason, because, ‘This is Religion’.

the catholic Church … I recognized at once a reality which was quite a new thing with me. Then I was sensible that I was not making myself a Church by an effort of thought; I needed not to make an act of faith in her; I had not painfully to force myself into a position, but my mind fell back upon itself in relaxation and in peace, and I gazed at her almost passively as a great objective fact.

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Faith: Tolstoy and You, Part I

My break in faith occurred in me as it … still does among people … in most cases it happens like this: people live as everyone lives, 

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The Middle East and You

The loss of a meaningful Christian presence in the Middle East could further polarize relations between Christians and Muslims around the world – and bring us a step closer to the kind of “clash of cultures” that no sensible person wishes to see.

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Blessed Proverbs 31 Mother

Happy Mother’s Day!  I am so thankful for you, and your example of a virtuous woman who said “yes” to God, even when the task was huge, and you must have felt overwhelmed at times by the details. 890 more words

Being Catholic

Being the "Shephard" of my Little Flock

Last Sunday was Good Shephard Sunday. (And I was totally going to write this up either then or yesterday, but completely forgot until last night… moving on…) 726 more words