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The 1st Sunday of Advent

Today me and the husband went to church.  We are both Roman Catholics, born and raised.  I love my religion and I am eternally grateful for being christened a Catholic.   615 more words

Remembering to Pray

I’ve been gone for six months from here.  Life just got so busy, and full, and complicated, and this was one of the easy things to lay down for a bit.   428 more words

Being Catholic

Writing 101 - Day 16 Mine your own material

Moving on…Well that’s a loaded statement.  Who hasn’t moved on.  So many times in my life, so many different scenes when life just says, “Let it go, move on !!” But what if you don’t want to or you just can’t ??   486 more words


choosing right

I am Catholic.  I am accustomed to guilt.

As an adult whenever the topic of religion came up, particularly amongst non-Catholic Christians, I felt inadequate.  Other Christian denominations read and touched their Bibles, often, whereas Catholics read from missalettes and heard verses only at Sunday mass; if and when they went.  1,489 more words


My Happy Place

My happy place is my room.  It is so pretty and warm.  It has everything I need to make me feel good.  It has my pens and papers and my journals.   909 more words


A Nation of Hate

Another Monday morning, another round of hate from the “tolerant” left.  This poor county clerk in Kentucky, just trying to do her job and what is morally correct, not to mention Constitutionally correct, went back to work this morning after 6 days in jail for not issuing marriage licenses to queers (I’m done perverting the word gay). 260 more words


The Seven Sacraments

Catholic Online (2015) says that the Catholic Church’s liturgical life revolves around the Eucharistic sacrifice and the Sacraments. The Sacraments’ purpose is to make people holy. 382 more words