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Defeat Creative Constipation: Just Show Up!

Writer’s block has been following me around over the past couple of days with more persistence than the hemorrhoids did during my second pregnancy. Sometimes, creative constipation hits when life takes aim with both barrels and peppers me with calamity. 474 more words


Easter Candy Review: Peep Porn and Turd-Flavored Jelly Beans

Every now and again, the Muse will call in hung over sick, leaving me unattended. After I received her call early this morning, I found I couldn’t write a damnable thing.   1,003 more words


Finding Time to Write When the Keyboard is Covered in Milk

Finding time to write as I chase small children around the house has proven almost as futile as my cellulite cream applications. My ass still looks like it’s been gently peppered with bird shot, and my son is currently chewing on the kitchen dustpan. 532 more words


Worrell Family Adventures: The Making of the Male

Spring just sproinged on the Mid Atlantic this week with 85 degree temperatures collapsing into the 50s ushering in wind gusts that knocked Lil’ P. on his precious, diapered butt this morning. 937 more words


Finding a Story Doesn't Have to Grate On Your Nerves

Today, I’m going to try my hand as a mystery writer. My life is filled with intrigue and suspense which occasionally mingle with petty crime. With four kids and two adults in the house, every day is a new mystery. 1,430 more words



As an artist of any sort, it’s imperative that we create our masterpieces from what we know. If you are a parent or caregiver to anyone under, I don’t know, … 919 more words

Creative Challenges

Finding Inspiration in the Generation Gap, Part 1

When you are an artist of any kind, it helps if you have a supportive family. It’s a bonus if they have nutball tendencies, too, because then you have amazing story fodder, particularly if you are a writer, like me. 905 more words