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21 Days of Gratitude.. 9

9. Netflix… sad but true. In our mod-con challenged shed, we are relying on laptops and cellphones, and it’s true that Netflix is our guilty pleasure once the kiddies are in bed. 43 more words

Getting Beat Up

Today I went to visit my elderly uncle. I’ve written about him before and today he imparted some more wisdom that I would like to share. 368 more words

2018 Challenge

My High Maintenance Habit

FIRST: Thank you to everyone who liked or commented on my post yesterday. I received the most likes I’ve ever received, but more importantly, I want you to know that I felt re-energized to continue to use this blog as a place to practice writing. 643 more words


21 Days of Gratitude.. 8

8. Technology.. living as we are in glorified camping conditions.. I appreciate each appliance I have access to. The first things we hooked up when we arrived at the shed (after the fridge and freezer of course) were the washing machine and the… dishwasher. 157 more words

"Believe in your superwoman."

Hello again internet world, I’m here again to give you my updates of life. I hope that since you last read, that your life has been at least in a sense ok. 739 more words


February 16, 2018: All Kinds of Quotes For Today!

Good Morning My Friends!  Happy Friday to each and every one of you!  I thought I would mix things up a little today, and share some quotes that might brighten up your day, if not help you coast through the day with something to think about.  83 more words