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Grateful for a New Season of Life

Last week we went to visit our granddaughter at college. She was happy to see us, but no longer runs to give us big hugs like when she was a little girl. 880 more words


My New Ritual

I began my day by writing in my new journal. It was my new, but very familiar, ritual. My┬ánotebook of choice is NOT fancy. I’d grabbed it a couple of weeks ago at the Dollar General store for $0.99. 337 more words

Shower thoughts #1

11 minutes to write something to keep my streak. Can it be done?

Well of course! I could write any old rubbish and upload it. 0 thought, 0 cares. 416 more words

Favorite place in my head

You know when the world is ahhhh (chaotic, confusing, and just makes you want to scream and cry.)

I try to go to my favorite place in my head. 115 more words


Waiting, but for what?

Why is it that we people tend to wait so much?
We wait for wealth
We wait for beauty
We wait for love
We wait for success… 317 more words


Bri's Three Ideas

#1. ┬áI think chocolate improves all dull tasks. Especially homework. Like let’s be honest. European history is so much easier with a decent milk chocolate bar. 81 more words

Sumptuous September

Words and images swirl about in my head

as I savor autumn delights and colors:

full garden growth of vegetables and flowers,

luscious apples almost harvest ready. 90 more words