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How to Feel Happier Instantly?

What is happiness? When I think about the differences between a state of happiness versus sadness, the thing that sets happiness aside from those negative emotions is a positive state of mind. 431 more words

Being Grateful

Baby Step 61: Stay Positive by Being Grateful

The World can be an overload of negativity. Listening to, reading and watching news reports, or viewing social media threads can be a big downer. On a smaller scale –  daily events such as an unexpected bill, a vehicle breakdown, a missing tool can escalate stress and develop a negative attitude. 232 more words

Homesteading Downsized

Part of the Community

Have you ever strained a muscle in your lower back?  Not only is it painful, it also underscores how much those muscles are used throughout the day for routine tasks like walking, standing, balancing, sneezing, and a host of other activities.  184 more words

Human Relations

Busy little bee..but what about thee?

I have been a very busy study bee in the last 2 weeks and I am quite happy to say that my course is going well. 155 more words

Mental Health

We are back on track!!!

The farm has found us….

After the very disappointing experience we had 6 month ago with the closing date coming and going for our farm land…we just settled into a routine of working and searching. 385 more words



We have officially entered the holiday season and the time of year when some people tend to focus more on what they don’t have or what they NEED rather than what they already presently have in their lives today. 329 more words

Being Real With People

First Thanksgiving

Hey girlies,

How was your Thanksgiving holiday? I hope the answer to that was stupendous, mines went well to say the least. I had the opportunity to make my entire Thanksgiving dinner from scratch with my family while being serenaded with beautiful Christmas music. 115 more words