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Thank You--Gratitude-5--Great Inventors and Scientists

Do you ever wonder where we’d be if it weren’t for the great inventors and scientists that were present in our society at different times in history? 253 more words

Being Grateful

My Writer's Retreat

I’ve been wondering if I should do some sort of writer’s retreat to get me back into writing fiction, and as it turns out, all unknowingly, I created my own retreat. 553 more words


ABOUT My Grandparents

Schizoaffective Disorder and Bipolar Disorder Searching for Brazilian roots

As I was looking through the pages of my mom’s wooden photo album decorated with palm trees, I came across a photo of her parents, Maria das Dores Bezerra and Joao B. 76 more words

Bipolar Disorder- Schizo-affective Disorder

Goddess Gratitude

(I don’t know where I got this, but I found it in my archives, so to whoever wrote it, I am grateful). And so it is . 242 more words


What Lies Before Us

Some of us are so busy looking for what comes next that we neglect to see the provision that have been made for us and the goodness that is right in front of us. 414 more words


Simple Pleasures & the Art of Gratefulness

Today I am on vacation. I’ve actually been on vacation for the past week and still have another whole week of vacation in front of me. 133 more words


Kuni-A Story of Amazing Happiness

In my life I have been continually blessed with meeting the most incredible and interesting people. One such person is Kuni.

Kuni lives in the Cays of Utila. 663 more words