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I am a Grateful Golfer!

Lately, I have had my fair share of abundance on the golf course. I am riding a string of low scores, winning team events at a tournament, winning golf balls and generally experiencing great bounces on the links. 118 more words

Grateful Golfer

The Gratitude Journal

There’s a time in my life I don’t revisit much. It happened. It’s over. Move along. Lately though, I’ve noticed how many gems I carry with me in my pockets because of that time. 463 more words


It's 4:14 am

It’s 4:14 in the morning and I am wide awake, thoughts stirring in my head as I lay restless. I’m so deep into thought that the most I can do before I spontaneously implode is try to express the exact way I am feeling, although that rarely goes as planned. 861 more words

Self Help


For a long time I never really got the connection between gratitude and happiness. How does being thankful make you happy? How do you turn a negative situation into a positive one? 737 more words

Law Of Attraction

21-Day Meditation Experience: (Day 7) Meeting Obstacles with Grace

Each one of us face obstacles in our lives that bring us down.  When this happens, we begin to believe there isn’t much to be grateful for; or that perhaps we’re entitled to something different in our lives, as what is currently happening to us is unfair.   401 more words

Healthy & Beautiful

"Every thankful moment makes me healthier" - Deepak Chopra - Day 5

Working on gratitude.   I am grateful, I just need to remind myself more often about the things I am grateful for in my life.   I guess that applies to everyone.     227 more words

Daily Updates

Memories for my angels

Celebrated my grandson’s 14th birthday yesterday at the Original Taco House in Portland, Oregon. The photos I took are of my grandson, Jacob, who is now 14. 334 more words

Bipolar Disorder- Schizo-affective Disorder