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I have two desires: to hide away and not be noticed, and to let my Effulgence shine forth that I may be admired. My former friend noticed this years ago, remarking that I wanted to blend into the background in the most eye-catching way possible, and his remarking on it helped me see it. 687 more words

Being Human

On Las Vegas Strip

I shed a couple of unexpected tears
While watching Bellagio fountains dance to “Time to Say Goodbye”

Then suddenly lost in loving free hugs
From smiling, happy hippies… 19 more words

Being Human

Arranging All the Pieces

Here it is–JUNE–already! Ok, not quite, but verrry close. The temperatures are rising. Yes, the humidity, too. It is North Carolina, after all. We had a nice spring this year; we don’t always. 762 more words


Is It Wrong to Read John McWhorter?

I understand that German-Welsh-Americans may be selective in the African-American authors they read and quote, but since some of those who ridicule white evangelicals also recommend black conservative intellectuals like Shelby Steele and Thomas Sowell, maybe an opening exists for appealing to John McWhorter for a brief moment. 1,039 more words

Being Human


My, what an interesting perspective you have…

Thinking about existence, about being on this planet. The act of being on this planet.

The daily conversations that use words that are built like pavement stones into our vocabulary are objects that deserve reflection. 197 more words

Consciousness and awareness

Consciousness is overrated. Not because it’s no better than stupor, but because most of my decisions and perceptions are unconscious: not just controlling breathing, digestion and heart rate, but much of how I relate to other people. 961 more words

Being Human