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Rhythmic Fluidity

It is easy to think that what we want is the most important thing at any given moment. But it’s worth realizing that every other living thing is also seeking its optimum fulfillment every day. 891 more words

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An Inner Sense

What we see happening in the outer world can affect our dreams, and the message to us is the same: trust in the flow of life, rather than trying to control it. 1,650 more words

Inner / Outer

A Fluid State

We all know that “in the zone” feeling where everything seems to fall into place, or we feel so connected to a movement or skill that it becomes effortless. 753 more words

Inner / Outer

Episode 12: How Do I Get Control Over This Thing Called Life?


Today Gia and Karen talk about control: why we want it, why we don’t have it, and how to live in a world we can’t control. 197 more words


New Year's Intentions and Being Kind :-)

I am definitely DONE with “New Year’s Resolutions”, and grappling with halfhearted attempts at changing myself for the better. Is anyone else tired of resolutions (however sincerely made) that fizzle out? 423 more words

Spiritual Flow

Where you look, you will go

Where you look, you will go: This is the massively important Life Lesson I learned while horseback riding,  and that I’ve used every day since! Click here to read more…

Strong Steps

Being in the Flow

Dakota Ridge. Its in our back yard. I discovered it six or seven years ago with my friend Jessica Huntington, before the road was consistently plowed. 350 more words