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Reconnect to your power

“You are not required to set yourself on fire to keep other people warm.”

– unknown

The above reminds me of this very empowering quote by Abraham Hicks – “it is not your job to keep others happy and it is not their job to keep you happy”. 746 more words

On support and being in the flow

Lately, I’ve been thinking about support A LOT. I’ve been thinking about having a support system and how to build one. How to go about it? 639 more words


The Good Time Journal (PT 1)

Booking under: Keith

Do you keep a journal? Whether you like to compose essays from your thoughts or just leave brief notes to remind yourself how your day went, a journal is a very important asset that helps us learn more about ourselves. 537 more words


Mini Boudior Session

Mini boudoir session. Because every woman should have photos that show how beautiful she is.

A Yo-Yo Situation

There’s a whole school of thought that speaks of living in the moment, which is another way of saying, going with the energetic flow. But what is often not talked about in these discussions is that achieving these states requires making an energetic connection to what is unfolding. 841 more words

Inner / Outer