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The Timing is Off

In dreams, as in life, timing can mean the difference between a connection or a missed opportunity, or between success and failure. Yet when we see an inability to make connections in dreams, whether with a person, or a mode of travel, or the feeling of running late, or of needing to go faster, these all point out the relationship we are having with the timings of things, or the flow of things. 783 more words

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Your Liberating Art

To surrender; the ultimate act of ceasing to fight, to yield and allow yourself to participate in the flow of life. Let it

Source: Your Liberating Art

A True Communion

This dream snippet triggers the concept of what a human being is truly capable of and, if taken to heart, will show us how we sell ourselves short in terms of our possibility. 895 more words

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Out of Sequence

We tend to think of ourselves as one thing, one life – and we are, in a sense. Yet we also have different lives in us, i.e., the life that has discipline, and the life that rewards our efforts with an easing of the rules; the life that makes decisions by feeling things, and the life that makes decisions with the brain. 710 more words

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He Who Hesitates

A human being is much more than a brain and a body. We have intuitions and sensitivities that get processed much faster that our brain can compute. 1,290 more words

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Finding the Zone

Being in manifestation, or creation, or the physical realms is not random or a mistake. It is not something to be denied or discarded. It is the place where we are meant to, and designed to, make our journey back to what created us. 1,415 more words

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Turning the Leaf

It is often said that personal development is not for sissies. That’s because there really is no end to it – if you embark on a path you take it on for the remainder of your life. 1,186 more words

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