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Turning the Leaf

It is often said that personal development is not for sissies. That’s because there really is no end to it – if you embark on a path you take it on for the remainder of your life. 1,186 more words

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Running Its Own Course

It’s a curious feature of humans that, finding themselves born on a small, distant planet in the midst of a universal process that has been ongoing for some 15 billion years, they soon believe that they can control the outcome of things, or even think that what they consider important to them is also important to God and the universe. 1,152 more words

Awakening To A Spiritual Life

A Natural Release

How often do we find ourselves stressing out, only to realize that stress always happens when we try to control the world around us? The view that we can control things is a very personalized idea about life and, as we’ve discussed, being personally involved in the outcome of things separates us from the universal flow. 921 more words

Dream Symbolism

Not With the Program

Being late for something, missing a connection, forgetting to do something, or even being chased by a monster – or any scary image – these are all dream elements that show different aspects of our inner life trying to make connections. 534 more words

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A Conscious Transition

We have all experienced those times when we feel we are in the flow of life: everything falls into place, there’s an ease to how things unfold, and we feel good about it. 1,591 more words

Inner / Outer

A Shift in Attention

There was a recent news story about a Buddhist monk having an angry outburst in an airport. It points out the fact that having spiritual connections in controlled environments – the typical mountain-top guru – is not a true measure of a person’s development. 1,626 more words

Awakening To A Spiritual Life

Let your heart run wild

I love layering when I paint. I love combining words and images, colour and texture. This painting was created in my art journal. The words were added in photoshop and are from my journal. 406 more words

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