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Being-in-the-world (The Reflection)

Martin Heidegger claimed that “Being-in-the-world is the formal expression of Dasein’s essential state.” Since a Dasein is basically a human which is “being there”, or a human that exists (in my understanding), I think that what he is saying is that for a Dasein (that’s us) to be “existing”, first, it must take on a physical form. 302 more words


Not ideology. Teleology.

October 3, 2016

This post was inspired by Nietzsche’s Revenge  by Umair Haque.

Here is a condensed summary of Haque’s points:

There are three things that characterize America..

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Being In The World

Welcome Home

It’s the first thing they say to you when you arrive. Yeah, it sounds kind of creepy and I knew in advance that this would be the greeting, but in context and after a rather arduous four days getting there, I received it as a warm and comforting greeting. 213 more words

Being In The World


Capitalism demands results. For this reason, it begins scientifically and ends anti-scientifically. The experiment in science is an attempt to prove the validity of a theorem, while in capitalism the experiment has to prove the validity of a dogma. 518 more words


Becoming Medicine in The Badger

The Badger is an on-line magazine on spirituality and the arts out of Italy published by Antonella Vicini. Antonella has worked with Joseph Rael in the past and I will be writing a quarterly column in the magazine under the title, “Becoming Medicine.” 34 more words

Being Fully Human

The Book is Here!!!

The book that I have been working on with Joseph Rael (Beautiful Painted Arrow) over the past 2 years just arrived in the mail! It looks like it is still not shipping from… 142 more words

Being Fully Human


Wealth has always been a reactive and cynically pessimistic force, for it essentially raises and protects itself by stimulating and encouraging whilst at the same time destroying or negating the great hopes of humanity. 304 more words