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Grace in the pressure...

There is nothing quite like the piercing sound of a smoke detector, never mind a whole apartment or household full of them going off. Waking to such noise, as I experienced one recent morning, is unexpected and both shocking and frightening. 222 more words




I stepped out of the front door of the church and into bitter cold and thin rainfall. On that night, as on other nights, I felt defeated and unhelpful. 636 more words


Time well spent...

I had the opportunity this week to visit an exhibit on Leonardo da Vinci. There was a wide array of his work (paintings, drawings, writings and inventions across many subject areas) to see. 445 more words




Progress is change with continuity. Revolution breaks continuity.

However, when the change gravitates into a cyclical motion, revolution is needed to reinstate progress.

In a positive, progressive sense, revolution is a poor term for the idea of this interruption of cyclical motion because it implies a new kind of cyclical motion rather than a positive redirection with a continual-change momentum. 476 more words


Prayers for Dark Days

Here we are facing the darkest days of the year. The city of Madrid festooned its streets with twinkle lights in early November, but no one turned them on until the 25th. 820 more words

Being In The World

The Poet is Dead (for Leonard) — P.D. Adkin Singer Songwriter

“And the poet is dead And what is left For those of us outside the mine His verses live on Whilst we remain strong But die, if we fall in the slime.” P.D.Adkin, The Poet is Dead, November 2016 The artist, as any creator of great works, never dies until his or her work […]

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Being In The World

Walking the Medicine Wheel selected as one of Courage & Renewal's Favorite Courageous Books of 2016!

It has been a busy couple of months with the book launch, with the biggest news being that Walking the Medicine Wheel was selected as one of… 203 more words

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