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What is the measure of man? This question has absorbed humanity for millennia and is responsible for the competitive, dog eat dog quality of our internecine societies and cultures. 269 more words


This Is What The Future Should Look Like: Jacque Fresco’s The Venus Project

Jacque Fresco (age 97); American self-taught structural designer, architectural designer, concept artist, educator, and futurist. His blue prints for the future may revolutionize the way we look at the structure of cities. 1,100 more words


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Better ways in which our place in the world could be designed...


Amongst the things that humanity has lost, or lost touch with, is its potential. Potential, where it exists, has become a national impetus – a nationalistic charging of competitiveness in some international race toward nowhere. 172 more words


The Dangers of Framing and Anthropocentrism

Idealism tells us that our reality is a result of anthropocentric framing. There are inherent dangers in both of these reality forming processes.

Framing creates a false sense of completion and threatens to create the lethargy of… 143 more words


Human Destiny – do we care?

To what extent can human beings concern ourselves with the abstract question of human destiny? – assuming firstly that the beings we are concerned with know, or think they know, what human destiny is. 622 more words


From Shaking Dust to Slaying Giants...

Whether one uses the verbiage of today, “Shake it off!”, or that of ancient times, “Shake the dust from your feet”, there are many ways to accomplish the task of not allowing people or situations to drag me down or to take me away from being or striving to be the best I can be (that is, my authentic self). 755 more words


Connecting the pieces...

A year or so ago, and over the course of a number of weeks, I was in the waiting area of a medical center for a portion of each weekday morning. 600 more words