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Review of Walking the Medicine Wheel by Michael H. Cohen

Thank you to Michael H. Cohen for his kind and thoughtful review of Walking the Medicine Wheel: Healing Trauma & PTSD. You can read the entire review… 156 more words

Being Fully Human

Review of Gerald Arbuckle's Fundamentalism at Home and Abroad

Gerald Arbuckle is an anthropologist and Catholic priest from New Zealand who lives in Australia. He has written on a variety of topics including bullying, humanizing health care reform, humor, Pope Francis, and his latest book is on varieties of fundamentalism in the modern world. 1,060 more words

Being Fully Human


How much does our quality of life depend on the climate? How much of civilisation is the taming of climate, or the acclimatisation of our ‘civilised’ living areas? 370 more words


Is there a balance point in a society of extremes?

“That decadence is a cumulative thing. Certainly, it is nurtured both by dogma and nihilism. Only a sceptical meaningfulness can push forward in a creative way.” 869 more words


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Bejamin David Steele's lucid call for a paradigm shift and a revolution of the mind. Compulsory reading ...

Sprinklers and Fountains...

I recall summer days during childhood when my father would attach sprinklers to a few hoses spread around the yard to water the grass. Then, every so often, he would move each sprinkler to a new location to ensure each section of grass was watered. 479 more words



That we all think: this is what unites us and separates us. We all think – we are the same. But, how we think and what we think about – that is what separates us. 319 more words


Decadence & Stagnation

Decadence: when things are just too good and easy that no one bothers to push forward anymore, bringing about stagnation

But there is also another kind of stagnation: one which comes about because there just isn’t enough time to go forward; when all time is taken up with something that is essentially futile when considered from the point of view of the bigger picture. 567 more words