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Nothing changes until it can change. No changes happen, and no new things are created, until there is the technology and the know-how that can bring those changes about. 125 more words


Productivity and War

Should we be more, or less productive? The laws of the global market insist on the former: excess is a virtue, or at least while… 611 more words


Nationalism & Patriotism: TOTEM IDENTITIES & POWER (part 2)

In the firstpart of this article (https://pauladkin.wordpress.com/2018/11/18/nationalism-patriotism-totem-identities-power/) we argued that both nationalism and patriotism are part of the sameanti-human historical process that began with the segregating cults of thetotem: “ 1,029 more words


Nationalism & Patriotism: TOTEM IDENTITIES & POWER (part 1)

At a centenary memorial service for the victims of the First World War, Emmanuel Macron warned of the dangers of nationalisms whilst praising the virtues of… 570 more words


New Mexico

I took a trip to Albuquerque, New Mexico last month, to do some work with my co-author, Joseph Rael (Beautiful Painted Arrow). My sister met us there and we did some photos and video in preparation for our upcoming book, … 320 more words

Being Fully Human


Just a few months ago it would have been hard to imagine such a pattern or striking array of color replacing the multitude of green leaves that seemed to be all around. 202 more words


CIVILISATION, NATIONALISM & WAR: The decline and fall of the homo sapiens


1) 2.5 million years ago – evolution of the first hominids: able to walk upright and make tools.

2) 200,000 years ago – evolution of the homo sapiens: bigger brains and better ability for making tools; social organization and the cultural adaptation to different kinds of environments. 843 more words