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Life will surprise you but it doesn't have to upset you

Life doesn’t always go the way you expect it will. You can plan all the details carefully and still not be ready for the curve balls it throws you. 1,046 more words


Being Left Behind: A Personal Story

Today I am going to get a little personal. (Okay maybe a lot personal so bear with me) 562 more words


A Solemn Vow (2013)

It is a dry, sunny morning in late August of 1979 and my mother is looking through the curtains of the family-room window, waving goodbye to my brother, who is driving back to college today. 329 more words

Childhood Stories


Anyone who doesn’t want or need me in their life is free to leave. I used to worry that I might get left behind by everyone I care about, but recently, life has taught me that the people who really love me will never leave me. 72 more words

Love - Hate

(it’s me and him last april in vigan. I’m the one with crazy unruly short hair. :)) )

in light of recent events, I’ve been feeling a lot of things and thinking a lot of nasty thoughts. 581 more words

She Moves On

Today one of Jama’s bright young shining stars soars out of Ecuadorian airspace and lands in a most unpredictable spot for the next nine or so months of her life! 297 more words


The Future

Lately I’ve been thinking a lot about the future. This week especially, because it brings about a pretty important birthday….25. While I might understand if some people might think I’m completely crazy for thinking that being 25 really isn’t that big of a deal. 458 more words