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The Rapture is Only the Beginning

Not all humans are going to be spending eternity with the Lord Jesus Christ in heaven. When He comes with the blowing of the trumpet there will be many that are left behind as the true followers of Jesus Christ meet Him in the clouds. 112 more words

Losing momentum

Losing momentum 
 while you all gather
 like moths to a flame 
 is the loneliest existence 
 for no one knows your name 

© 2016 April

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I wish for sweet indifference
to your departure
As you embark upon
I could only dream to reach

(c) 2016 March

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Living: The STRUGGLE is Real

Sometimes I wonder how people look like they have figured everything out. Like how were they able to find something that makes them so happy while I sit here trying to figure out life. 734 more words


Memorial Day Reflections

What does it cost to use a U. S. citizen in the U. S armed forces?

That’s the question I want to ask. I know it cannot be answered in the form I have first asked it, but I have never heard it asked at all and that doesn’t seem good. 1,871 more words