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Celebrating Sehati Sejiwa

When I was at school, Merdeka meant no waking up early  to go to school. No eating toast for breakfast. No tuition classes and no Quran lesson for the day. 585 more words

Master Minda

Notes on The Ghost Bride by Yangsze Choo (Review)

I’m not sure how it is for other readers when they read books written by their fellow countrymen, but as a Malaysian Chinese, reading a book written by another Malaysian evokes a variety of complex feelings. 1,042 more words

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Too young to vote?

With elections only two days away, one of the more annoying discussions I’ve been hearing in the recent weeks is the idea that 21 is too young an age where individuals are able to make informed decisions about governance. 523 more words

Being Malaysian

Why I Hate Capital FM: An open letter

(This is going to be a long one)

An open letter to Capital FM:

Dear Capital FM,

I’ve been thinking for a long time now and mulling over writing this, first because I don’t think merely writing about an issue would lead to direct, conducive change, it takes more than that, and I’m looking for more. 1,566 more words

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I hate politics: and what you can learn from hating something

People often mistake my writing about politics as an indicator of my being politically inclined, that I like talking about it, or that I have some sort of vested interest in it. 512 more words

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Thoughts On Being a Protestor

What I learned from the Bersih protests, and to a larger extent- all instances of civil society movements across the globe that turned to violence, is that there are often two faces to The Law. 1,036 more words

Being Malaysian

Conversation # 12: On Stewardship

\ˈstü-ərd-ˌship, ˈstyü-; ˈst(y)u̇rd-\
1) The conducting, supervising, or managing of something;especially : the careful and responsible management of something entrusted to one’s care…
613 more words
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