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When Did Going Out At Night Become So Tiring?

The crappy thing about pushing 40 is that you’re liable to FEEL tired just thinking about an activity. This same activity would have you hardly breaking a sweat if you were 10 years younger. 572 more words

Being Malaysian

Can I pretend it's not my birthday?

I turned 38 a couple of days ago and to be completely honest, I was pretty depressed. I couldn’t come to terms with the fact that I was nearing 40. 192 more words


Sisters Forever

Anyone who knows me, will immediately know how much I adore my sister. Friends, relatives, ex-boyfriends, my husband, my cleaner, my boss, that random guy who sits diagonally across me at work on Wednesdays – I think his name might be Steve or Steven, I’m not exactly sure. 521 more words


It's been awhile...

…since we moved into our (unfinished) house.

It’s been hard yards. Especially in the first couple of weeks when all four of us were living in the loft. 542 more words


5 Random Things My Malaysian Parents Did That I Now Do

Did you ever watch your parents when you were growing up, sometimes wondering why in the world they did the things they did? And resolving that no, when you grow up, there was no way you would do the same? 669 more words

Being Malaysian

The Incident of the Inappropriate Gifts

I was working on some ideas for a blog article about Malaysian parents. One of the funniest and possibly most humiliating memories I’ve ever had came flooding back to me. 798 more words

Being Malaysian