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To any parent who’s experienced it, the word ‘colic’ will make them flinch more than if you’d used the other C word. I’ve learnt that the hard way. 671 more words

Being Mum


The health visitor advised us not to take our newborn out to cafes or restaurants for the first 6 weeks. It was the middle of winter and everyone had colds, so the risk of him catching something was quite high. 888 more words

Being Mum


The hours immediately after Ethan was born are a bit of an epidural-induced blur. In fact, I’ve just realised I have no idea how I got from the operating theatre to the ward or even who had Ethan at the time. 1,330 more words

Being Mum


Let’s rewind for a minute; Three and a half years ago I was single and very aware that I was in my late twenties and my life plan was not, well, going to plan. 1,146 more words

Being Mum

Why Pineapples?

Even I am not quiet sure how my obsession with pineapples has brought me here…

I can’t explain why I’ve always kind of liked them aesthetically, I think perhaps because I was a shy timid child I always admired strong characters they always seemed more popular whilst life was passing me by. 206 more words

Being Mum

Fathers Day

Happy Father’s Day!

As social media is filling up with heartfelt declarations of love and gratitude…(ahem)

I was thinking how men are a little unappreciated on the parenting front… my boys dad is as hard working out of the house as he is at home. 332 more words

Being Mum


Hey just thought I’d seize the opportunity to post my first blog, even though I’m still in the mists of setting up my account…

I am Jo, a mother to four boys! 44 more words

Being Mum