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3/4s of a century — That’s a fair old time!

One of my weird paintings! There are another three at the end of the post.

Here I sit, pleased to have made it to seventy-five but really wishing I was somewhat younger. 1,019 more words

Leaving the Cocoon of Childhood

I am currently in California to participate in celebrations for the birth of a new family member. Some of my family are in their ‘teen years, reminding me of my own youth with its uncertainties and terrors. 637 more words

Being Old

Words to Describe My Path  

When age fifty-eight I found myself, once again, at a crossroad in life. A constellation of major events had coincided to release me, temporarily, into the world, living alone and without a job. 233 more words

Being Old

Nothing New Under the Sun

When one is old, as I am, one learns to remain silent on certain things, except when in the company of close friends of a similar age. 552 more words

Being Old

Perched On The Precipice

Am I now Old or merely Older?
Should I dissolve into tears or try to be bolder
as I venture forth into unknown terrain,
faced with mystifying aches and the occasional pain. 829 more words

Being Old

A Happy Bookish Birthday To Me

Let´s take a moment a celebrate the fact that I´m an old fart who just turned a year older and am now an even older fart. 197 more words


Being old

“Being old is a blessing only if you carry the wisdom of youth and discard the pang of regret.”

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