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A Happy Bookish Birthday To Me

Let´s take a moment a celebrate the fact that I´m an old fart who just turned a year older and am now an even older fart. 197 more words


Being old

“Being old is a blessing only if you carry the wisdom of youth and discard the pang of regret.”

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How "getting old" is perceived

Getting old. Gotta love it, right? (I’m being sarcastic)

But the only reason we see it as bad or unfavorable is because society shows it in that way. 230 more words


OK, so let me explain.

So I joined a blog site called Blogger.  It was horrible.  Maybe it was the user.  But I couldnt find anything I was blogging, and so now Im here.  360 more words


Fun fact:  When you’ve birthed 4 babies, things don’t work the same way they used to.  I thought I had escaped the bladder weakness since I stay dry when I laugh and sneeze.  162 more words

Being A Gymnast


Sorry its not Friday, Im late again but have had a lot of things going on. i know Ive said before, I am old but just because you are doesnt just mean you sit and watch day time TV and generally vegetate. 509 more words

Lean in (?)

I’m at this weird impasse in my life right now — do I focus on finding an “adult career” or do I focus on school? As much as I’d like to take a stab at working 40 hours a week for $50,000+/year with full benefits and a 401k and PTO all that grown up jazz AND be a part time college student (I know I can do it), I feel like the universe is not going to let me. 400 more words

Adult Student