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Yawning Illusion

(from 2015)

We know we’re old now–

Mumbling about how fast this

Year is passing by.


Staying up later

To make the days last longer–

Yawning illusion.

© M Chaillot, 2015


The Pill Box

It holds three weeks of daily doses of Losartan, for mild hypertension, and tiny vitamin B-12 pills. There’s no connection between the two—it’s just that both are small enough to fit together in the twenty-one spaces, measuring around three cubic centimeters each. 299 more words

Being Old

Brahms’s Requiem: “All Flesh is as Grass”

As I age I think more about death, especially as I see relatives and friends dropping away. I am blessed with good health and with genes that indicate continuing longevity, so I am not morbid about myself in these ruminations. 762 more words

Being Old

From Vasil Georgiev


I congratulate Ron for his initiative to create the blog “Being old,” where every old human being can share his memories, his current life, and opinion. 1,518 more words

Being Old

An Old Woman With A Dilemma.

      The Old Woman

She was going to take a journey

In the waning years of her life.

Her strength was slowly fading

And she had no patience for strife. 98 more words


Reasons I Know I'm Old

The other day I got a letter in the mail giving me the news that it was that time of year again, that’s right MISS TEEN. 478 more words

1986 in Movies

The XKCD New Years cartoon was one of those “make you feel old” entries that pointed out a few things that were turning 10 or 20 years old in 2016.  1,407 more words