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X-Files Coming Back... and I already hate the fanbase

So, if you weren’t aware, The X-Files is due to make (another) comeback next year; if you’re interested, here’s some info on the upcoming series. That’s all fine and well, though I don’t know that I’ll watch it; obsessed as I was with the show when it was on, the mania had passed by the time the second movie came out, and recent attempts to marathon the original series on Netflix haven’t really served to reignite that old passion. 639 more words

Ageing is different. We don't know when it will end.

During all the different stages of our lives we can set a pretty accurate time frame until we get to the stage called ‘ageing’. Death is such an exceptional occurrence when we are younger that we can pretty well ignore it. 526 more words

It’s Halloween. I spent the whole day looking forward to putting in my costume, going out, and having some fun. I did get dressed up, and then realized that I needed to go to the store. 60 more words

Senior Stress

So senior year… well this is… STRESSFUL!!!

Finally I am officially a high school senior. I don’t know when I became old enough for this. 284 more words

My Life

Groundhog Day

When you wake up in the morning

and someone you recognize

but don’t like

is rearranging plates

in your dishwasher to be helpful

because the… 55 more words


One day we will all be dead.  And that will be a good thing for everyone.  Those alive will then all have the same brain pathways and all technical words will be understood.   241 more words


Week 2 and other milestones

So I have a preschooler now, you guys.

There was a period of time today when Kenzie was at school and Codie was napping and instead of doing anything constructive with my time I just sat and did jack shit for like an hour. 695 more words