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On Being Remembered

My desire to be remembered is equally rooted in narcissism and insecurity. Both of which are most definitely based in fear. This would all be more concerning if wanting to be remembered weren’t the most human of all human things. 958 more words




My friend, Karen, said to me,

Why do you frown sadly…

I didn’t know

My consternation showed,


I was puzzled by the cards in  her teeth… 50 more words

A Caswell Limerick Poem

Another Year Another Wrinkle

When you’re my age, you do try to play your birthday down, but sometimes there’s an unexpected sniper shooting, with candles.

I’m in Panera at 6 a.m. 259 more words


When You Want To Do Something That Will Be Remembered

A few years ago, I sat in my classroom with my co-teacher, eating an avocado and talking about our goals. The lesson had either gone really well, or really not well — I don’t remember. 819 more words

Read This When You Feel Like You've Been Forgotten

Everyone wants to be remembered. We want to be at least recognized by the people around us, by the people we love. We want them to remember how we looked last night, because we dressed up so well. 591 more words

On Being Remembered

“If you would not be forgotten as soon as you are dead, either write things worth reading or do things worth writing.”

Benjamin Franklin