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we all get sad sometimes

most of the feedback i receive is so uplifting, supportive and means more to me than you can know.  there are times that i hesitate to voice when i am feeling sad.   1,226 more words

Forgotten More than I Remember

It is very easy to say “I have forgotten more things than I remember”

But it is funny how something someone says can trigger a memory, how something you see or a song you hear can unlock something that may be years old in your head. 330 more words

Reality Check

Cosmic Weirdness

So, JF returned my call. She remembered me, though not specifics around what I asked. She acknowledged that, though it was a long time ago, she would have remembered if that was something I had brought to her and we spent time on it. 90 more words

Three Years for Tracksinthedust

Hard to believe that 3 years ago I started writing on Tracksinthedust.com and that its coming up on 10,000 views.

My intention is still the same I guess. 188 more words

Postive Thinking

Everyone's Personal Movie

I am constantly amazed how many cameras there are in our lives today. Everyone has one in their pocket if they own a smartphone, they are there in public places (look, you can see them up there like one big eye-ball staring down at you). 329 more words

Doing Things That Will Change Your Life

The goal

By Camila Abisambra

I think about fashion and style a lot because I love it so much. One of the main things I wonder about it why some women have this elegance about them that you’re just left stricken by their poise. 171 more words


I don't know why

It was, well it still is, a quiet night. My entire house is asleep and I try to fall asleep to the lulling sound and breeze of the AC. 543 more words