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Being Remembered (Is Not Important)

Being Remembered (Is Not Important)

If one believes that being remembered is important, then one has fallen prey to an all-too-common delusion — the delusion of immortality. 573 more words

The Cutting Room Floor...

My oldest client is 93. She spent much of her retirement traveling the United States, Canada, Europe, and New Zealand in an Airstream trailer. It’s easy to maintain conversations with her while she exercises, because I can always default to her experiences living on the road for so many years. 311 more words


My Creativity Is My Tombstone (A Tribute to Cannibalism and Miles Davis)

It’s a good night to be a writer. The moon is waxing and the stars are shining and Miles Davis is playing from beyond the grave just for me. 779 more words


I’m 46 today, which even to me, writing it now, sounds a bit, y’know, not young anymore.

The thing is, I mostly don’t realise that I’m a bit, y’know, … 401 more words


when she thinks about it

When she thinks about it, she wonders if it’s at all worth it, or if she’ll die as alone as she always has been, barely remembered, barely there. 306 more words


Leaving Our Mark

I believe most of us want to be remembered after we are gone. At least we hope our family will remember us for the short term. 189 more words


Death Defines You

There are only two things in life that are certain, death and taxes. I’ve tried defining other certainties, aside from bodily functions, and this seems to be fairly accurate. 588 more words

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