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I LOVE getting (a little bit) sick

Hello, everyone. I have had a cold since roughly Friday night last week. It has been glorious.

I love getting sick. Obviously I don’t mean “vomiting-all-night” sick or “can’t-sit-up-without-getting-dizzy” sick or “someone please take me to the hospital RIGHT NOW” sick, but just the kind where you feel pleasantly weak and sleepy, and you need to stay home from work and drink lots of fluids. 470 more words

battling the bug below the duvet

After three days and most of today spent with a fever under my duvet I think it’s time to win my battle against this bug. And I have to admit I am quite fed up with having the flu (we are talking proper not being able to move flu, not just a bad cold)  – I couldn’t even read as I was shivering and had a headache, so I spent way too much time sleeping and  watching TV. 156 more words


Are you sick today, or what?

This is a tricky question to answer. Am I sick or not?

When I was younger, the answer was easy. If yes, then I would get to spend the day in bed, away from school, drinking 7-UP, reading Donald Duck comics and watching the Boob-Tube. 446 more words


A Bitter Bean

I was looking over my 2015 calendar this weekend, remembering that during this same time last year I was “stricken.”


I thought I had made it through this January’s germ gauntlet.  466 more words

Weather And Seasons

Breathing Again

It’s an amazing feeling to breath again!

It’s like a sigh of relief. When I wrote last week, things were getting back on track, and we’d just gotten the whole, “hey you have to take these meds now and change your life to get back off of them” thing to really put some motivation in my step. 231 more words


Back on my feet, finally!

I have been sick since at least Thanksgiving. Probably longer than that. I’ve been to the doctor twice, had two full rounds of antibiotics and a steroid pack. 232 more words

3 New Year's Resolutions I Wish People Would Make

These? Are not my New Year’s Resolutions. I made mine back on the Witch’s New Year, aka Samhain/Halloween. Besides, I’m the Priest/ess of the Body Temple. 428 more words