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Mommy needs a Blue Bear Too!

In the corner of my left eye I see Blue Bear in the laundry hamper. Not the original old stinky Blue, but the new soft clean blue I bought as a backup. 574 more words


Gluten free at Target

Oh my gosh guys…look what was on the shelves at my Target today!!

I knew they were coming…but this is so exciting!!! I haven’t had Cheerios in 12 years. 10 more words

Being Sick


Health insurance. Can we all agreed that it is, at best, a nearly impossible to understand, labyrinth-like system? And at worst it is a pit of greedy, faceless corporations that treat patients like profit sources? 574 more words


Monday Musings: And Counting Down

This is the final week for this class and I am so happy this class is almost over. I guess happy is an understatement really. 218 more words

A Summer's Cold

My raspy breathing and his flipping Song of Solomon paperback pages punctuate our silence. The central air he always sets at 76 degrees whirs. Unbrushed teeth ache in my mouth. 99 more words

Creative Writing


My birthday succulents are blooming. I loved this little surprise, especially since we spent most of the day at home while Juliana continued to rest and recover. 165 more words

Sick of This

WARNING: If you have a weak stomach, proceed with caution.

I have had more bodily fluids on me more this week, since the kids got sick, then ever before. 847 more words