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I might be the most miserable person alive

Yesterday was a day I like to forget.  I prefer to imagine my life without it happening at all.  It was a day of recovery from a very bad night, and before you jump to conclusions, it wasn’t “that” kind of night.   839 more words


Mirror Lake print

This morning, my print books arrived! First good thing to happen this weekend, since remaining sober at our favorite cocktail bar resulted in an attack from the stomach bug from hell. 205 more words

Trip to urgent care...

Wednesday (March 25, 2015) started out as a normal crazy morning. D was getting ready to take T to the bus stop and all of a sudden T said his stomach was hurting and he was crying. 443 more words

Random Discussions

Day 4

Well I was looking for a video that would make me feel better to share with you and this is as good as I got. Oh dear God let me be better soon, I’m really losing it :( 429 more words

The Virus.

I hate being sick.
Afoot a week a ago I developed a cough. Slowly it grew into a wet cough with throbbing head, runny nose and aching muscles. 246 more words

Hospital Food - Good or Bad For You?

Have you ever had an extended stay in the hospital and had to eat their food? What did you think of it? Did you eat anything you felt was healthy? 1,683 more words

Health Food


A drawing I made trying to visualize what my head felt like while I had the flu.

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