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I have been ill for three consecutive weeks. I have missed two work days out of five for these three consecutive weeks and it is more than putting a glower on myself, I am feeling a basketful of guilt for leaving the manning of the fort to my two superiors. 207 more words


Old Dog #2

How to build up your immunity when you’re an older mom with multiple young children


#1. Take baths, or meditate, or drink a cup of tea or coffee alone. 322 more words


Old Dogs

Out the kitchen window I see a fawn. Light brown, head turned back in my direction. She had crossed the black asphalt to reach a patch of flowers. 244 more words


There's A Reason Larry David Killed His Impression Of Bernie Sanders – They're Related!

During last year’s U.S. election, the world tuned into “Saturday Night Live” for a little comedic relief and Larry David’s spot-on impression of candidate Bernie Sanders was a part of that comfort. 155 more words


The Big Queasy

I’m going to be straight with you up front, Modern Philosophers…

I don’t know how long this post is going to be because I am not sure how long I can be away from the toilet. 1,024 more words


2017-07-23 Not Quite the Night I Was Hoping For

Of all the things I thought I might be writing about when I woke up today, being sick overnight was not one of them. I expected, after having a couple drinks at dinner and taking a Xanax that I would sleep like a baby (finally) and wake up rested and ready for a wonderful Sunday. 441 more words


Senseless Sunday Sarcasm : Sick humor

I asked my cat if I was sick.  He walked away.  If it was anything major, he’d be in my lap.

Or it could be that I just fed him and he doesn’t need me anymore.  345 more words