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The Mysteries and Truths of Illness: A Reading List

In her essay “This Imaginary Half-Nothing: Time” (#10 on this list), poet Anne Boyer quotes another poet, John Donne: “We study health, and we deliberate upon our meats, and drink, and air, and exercises, and we hew, and we polish every stone that goes to that building; and so our health is a long and a regular work.”  766 more words


Kicking the Sick, Kicking it Quick

I am unwell. I hate being sick, it’s horrendously inconvenient. Even if you set aside the coughing, and the body aches and the headache and the sniffling and all other manner of grossness, being sick is just a massive buzzkill. 487 more words


A Cloudy Brain: Embracing the Storm

Today I write with a cloudy brain. My beloved revolving sinus infection has returned once again.

If I so much as sniffle or have a scratchy throat for a day and don’t do anything about it, my body rises up against me and stuffs my sinuses full of gook. 398 more words

I'm Sick so This Isn't Counting as a Training Week...Right?

Last Friday night I got hit with the worst virus. I started coughing, and it got so much worse over the weekend. Saturday I still worked, but Sunday I pretty much slept all day. 240 more words


Christmas in July, sort of.

O I couldn’t resist.

I was pottering around the house (yes I’m still sick but I’m managing wandering around in a onesie with a blankey in tow. 99 more words


What It's Like to be Sick

Writing my last post brought up another really strong memory.

One of my memories of that 48-hour period after I had my esophageal manometry test… 390 more words

Getting To Know You

The flu. Great.

I’m sick.

So have this. It’s me, in bed, very sick, getting #alfie cuddles.

I usually only get sick once a year but it’s the one time a year I can’t cope and I rely on Kall and Alfie to look after me. 55 more words