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What is the price of my miracle treatment? Too high

Here’s the 1st part of the story

So that was the law. No normal saline. Until now. Because now I have made the acquaintance of something called systemic thrush. 506 more words

Being Sick

Need to Get Back On Track

Hey all…

I don’t think I’m going to apologize anymore for late posts. If you are subscribed to any other bloggers, you’ll know (and hopefully understand) that life happens. 198 more words

Sarah Silverman Praises Bernie Sanders At DNC, Celebrities Storm Twitter To Praise Silverman

Sarah Silverman made it clear that Bernie Sanders and Hillary Clinton are fighting for the same cause – and celebrities took to Twitter to celebrate her speech. 147 more words


What is the price of my miracle treat many? Too high

The life of someone with multiple chronic disorders.


Just making that made me feel better. It gave me a good laugh.

Seriously speaking, I’m a little shocked at my own negativity. 1,134 more words

Being Sick

The challenge to help you feel better every day 

I am making a planner out of my notebook, and while looking through pinterest for ideas of what new goals i can make for myself. when i came across 30 day challenges, i fell i love with them. 266 more words

Being Sick

Your life is the greatest gift

I want to dance without a care in the world,

I want to run,

Feel the wind slap against Mr,

But my muscles are sore,tight and weak. 553 more words

Being Sick

Why you need to let it go~and how to do it

Here’s what been going on:

Remember when I told you that things should calm down and ill be able to post (and live normally)soon? Well, my mast cells apparently did not g at the memo and I really want to share, so I’m doing posts one paragraph at a time. 869 more words

Being Sick