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The World Lied To Us

The world lied to us. Of this, I am sure.

I grew up believing a number of things that I have since learned are not always true. 677 more words


Penguins Will Save the Day

I don’t mind living alone – except when I’m sick. In 2015, I was sick on five separate occasions. And then this March, I battled a really bad flu, ending up with a ruptured eardrum. 300 more words

Personal Life


When you´re down with flu, fennel-apple soup seems like a great idea! Light, warming and healthy! Drizzled over with some pumpkin seeds!

Why I hate being sick as an Adult

This week I got sick. I have a throat and ear infection and it makes me a little bit hate life. My whole routine got thrown off and I had to take time off work. 1,072 more words


Conserve Energy

Seven A.M., house still quiet. Jacks called “mama” a few times. “just a minute Jack” I say. I need a few more minutes. It’s been a hell of a couple of weeks, my body. 375 more words



The evolution of an illness is similar to the evolution a story.

My colds always start with sniffles and a tickle at the back of my throat. 275 more words


3 powerful reasons why you need to share your chronic illness

Ok,today is a big day for me in blogging:I have made my very first infographic! Anyway,now that I’m done bragging let’s talk about why I lured you here in the first place. 346 more words

Coping With Illness