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lookout v look out, wildlife v wild life

We drove to a small town in the Blue Mountains famous for its autumn leaves. On the way, I saw a sign which might have said: 48 more words

goodest and baddest grammar

Most English have adjectives have comparative (-er or more/less) and superlative (-est or most/least) forms. The three major irregular adjectives are… 334 more words

Finally! The Elevation Hoodie for MEN

The long awaited Elevation Hoodie for Men has finally arrived! Oh, I’ve been waiting soooo impatiently for it :D

The Elevation Hoodie for kids was THE pattern that introduced me to… 578 more words

keeping mum

Officer avoids sack after keeping mum on drug-fuelled ‘boys weekend’

This headline appeared on the website of Sydney’s leading newspaper this morning. He took his mother on a boys’ weekend?

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alarm bell and nanosilver sterilisation

English allows premodification of nouns by adjectives and other nouns. There is theoretically no limit to the number, though there is a practical limit of approximately… 243 more words

'A taste that's bigger than ...' where?

A fast food restaurant we drive past occasionally (I can’t remember the name, and given my ‘no free advertising’ policy wouldn’t tell you even if I could) has the slogan ‘A taste that’s bigger than Texas’. 263 more words