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Many years ago, air hostesses archetypally asked passengers

“Tea or coffee?”

The possible answers were

“No, (thank you)”
“(Yes), tea(, please)”
“(Yes), coffee(, please)”

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Do you remember Wegman’s Weimaraners, the beautiful pictures and skits of the Weimaraner dogs with human arms? (William Wegman started all of that. Here’s an example…

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Nigga will cheat
for the pussy
Get his ass beat
for the pussy
Work under the table 
for the pussy
act unstable
for the pussy… 136 more words


group sex fights

No, not me.

Grandmother who killed
husband wanting group
sex fights deportation

The line break emphasises ‘sex fights’ and de-emphasises ‘group sex’ and ‘fights’ as the verb.


Last night a friend showed me a photo of his nipple. It turns out that in plumping and piping, nipple is a standard term for a small fitting with a ‘male’ thread at each end. 181 more words

Grammar in pop songs - Lucy Lucy Lucy

Picture yourself
Somebody calls you
You answer
A girl

She’s gone


Follow her
Everyone smiles

Taxis appear
Climb in
You’re gone…

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My house (1) has a bath and shower and I (2) have a bath or shower every day. I (3) have to have a bath or shower every day.

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