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I'm dreaming of a visiting linguist

One of my dreams last night was that an Eminent Linguist (a real person, but I’m not telling you his name) was visiting Australia, and was staying in a big house with a big garden. 103 more words

prepositional phrases: order and attachment

Prepositional phrases often provide information about where or when, or about conceptual relationships. Two problems often arise: the order when multiple prepositional phrases are used together, and deciding which other element(s) in the sentence this/these prepositional phrase(s) modify/ies. 971 more words

Happy birthday to yous

Three members of my extended family celebrate their birthday today. They are not genetically related to each other (there is one ‘in-law’ between each of them) and only one is genetically related to me. 469 more words

A bluebird once flew up onto a treehouse and sang. It was absolutely marvelous. No people were around to hear the bird’s song. Perhaps that made the song even sweeter.

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double comparative music

A Sydney radio station is advertising ‘Better music, and more of it’. Presumably that means they play

Physics is one of the most intriguing areas of the sciences to me. One aspect of it that I really love is what I call “inner physics”.

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Mike Klitschko, The Cock Prohibited and The Icy Python

For a few days now, various contributors to Language Log have been exploring the fact that repeatedly typing one letter, character or syllable, or even a string of random letters, characters or syllables, into Google Translate results in ‘translations’ which a) have nothing to do with those letters, characters or syllables and b) are sometimes funny, baffling or seemingly meaningful. 489 more words