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urinals and water closets

One of the very few points of contact between Communist Romania and Western Europe in Cold War days was rugby union football. Tours by world-class countries and teams were eagerly anticipated and warmly welcomed.

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Ritual Abuse Survivors Are Allowed to Be Silly

I’m not feeling very verbal right now, so blog writing is hard. I’m tempted to post a cat video.

In Arizona, I found a cat collar made of very good leather with brass letters that said MEOW. 584 more words

Healing From Ritual Abuse

Laughing at myself ..

So on Friday this happened:

By the time I realized I was almost to my bus so had to take a taxi home and than a taxi to work ( I missed my bus!)  It was an embarrassing and expensive mistake. 121 more words

This I <3

The quick brown fox

Yesterday’s post was based on the sentence, ‘The quick brown fox jumps over a lazy dog’. This is an example, possibly the best known one, of a… 290 more words

A jaguar ate pasta

The summer mini-semester started last week in some disarray. My class was in three classrooms on the first three days (the first had been double-booked and the other person outranked me, and the second was too small), and the expected technology was either absent or not working, or required someone to come to log me on to it (who did some days but not others). 936 more words