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Fab Friday: Brain Cells

Actually people who knew me before kids might not agree I ever had functioning brain cells! But, after having kids I definitely suffer from mommy brain. 64 more words

Mommy Musings

How to stay young by Bill Storie

By Bill Storie

Thought that would get your attention.

If I truthfully knew the answer I’d bottle it and sell it and make millions – I wouldn’t actually get any younger by doing that of course, but I would enjoy the older years with all that money. 612 more words

Retirement Life

Why I like shoes

So today I remembered why I hate buying pants. Remember the other day when I said I sometimes eat my feelings? Yea, its no secret I have gained a few pounds in the last year and today was somewhat painful as I had to try on pants.  163 more words

Being Silly

Momentary confusion

Just one letter when writing or one phoneme when speaking can make make the difference between a sentence which is easily understandable and one which is likely to cause at least momentary confusion (and possibly serious confusion, terminal ambiguity or a complete breakdown of communication). 282 more words

Being silly...

Throughout the day yesterday, MrsL and I were both very playful. One of the things she has found she really enjoys about keeping me chaste is how hyper sensitive my entire body becomes while locked. 474 more words


Lost in translation

On our first day back in Korea, my wife and I went to her previous local bank. I noticed a sign near the stairs to the second floor reading ‘2층 TWO CHAÏRS’, with the diaeresis styled as large diagonal diamonds. 390 more words

sheWRITES: On being depressed

When you’re aware of how good and kind God has been to you…

When you’ve recalled some of the amazing and kind things He’s done over the years… 427 more words