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'To the egress'

At a railway station in central Sydney, I saw a door marked EMERGENCY EGRESS ONLY. I guess that at least 99% of such doors in the English-speaking world are marked EMERGENCY EXIT ONLY. 403 more words

Consumer Demand

Why isn’t Nabisco making this? Seriously. Just why? I need this in my life. I can’t be the only one.

Everyday Musings

Have I or have I not?

I find myself in a predicament these days. A topic comes to mind, I make a rough sketch of what to write and then a niggling doubt presents itself: … 258 more words


Points to counter

I have not been updating my blog because

  1. I have nothing to say
  2. I have plenty to say but am confused which to choose in what order…
  3. 431 more words


1. Also called pipe organ. a musical instrument …
4. Biology. a grouping of tissues  …
5. penis.

Church musicians with a certain sense of humour, or people with a certain sense of humour who know church musicians, are prone to making jokes about organs.

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Not My Good Side

I don’t know who has been following me around, but next time maybe you can take more flattering footage. Thank you. That is all.

Everyday Musings

No National Bird :-(

I’ve been lazy with my thoughts lately.   Busy at work, down from the rain, gaming, yard work when the sun actually shines and playing with the new mini. 440 more words