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Infinity Scarf and Other Problems.

Finished up my infinity scarf! As I am bored to tears of taking selfies, I had Angie model for me. She doesn’t mind at all. 323 more words

Being Silly

Words Hurt

Today, Oldest got her feelings hurt. Not from a friend or even a stranger. She got them hurt from her own Grandmother.

Oldest came up with a game, where she wanted to pretend that she was a baby. 642 more words

Back to Hooking.

Sorry, I had to use that title. It was one of those kind of things. You can’t crochet without using at least one “hooker” joke per month. 526 more words

Being Silly

Dear Wordpress:

Dear WordPress, To Whom It May Concern:

I am a simple woman. I like short walks to the buffet and I have silverware in my back pocket in case of an emergency potluck. 173 more words

Being Silly

Post for Brendan - White out

Hello Brendan – a bit of silliness and playing with toys for this week’s post ;)

Obviously this is not canon – but imagine for a minute, a white out on Endor :D… 25 more words


A silly word or two.

Rays slant

a sunlit room

dust motes dance

a ringing tune

spring will come

summer follows

with dreamy skies

and meadow-y pillows.

Come, hold my hand… 25 more words


I'm A Figment Of Your Imagination

Shhhhhh don’t tell anyone I’m here.  It’ Sunday and I am trying to find a way to escape the day.  Normally my Sunday is filled with glorious football and now………….:::whimper::: football season is over. 83 more words

Being Silly