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If the Petty got their wish

There has been a post going around social media that on January 18th or 19th President Barack H Obama the 44th President of the United States should resign and allow Joseph Biden to become the 45th President. 711 more words

Thinking Out Loud

I scream for eyes cream

Yesterday the topic in the textbook was money and shopping, and one of the questions was about what men and women (stereotypically) buy. One (male) student said that women buy cosmetics, such as make-up and (what sounded like) ‘ice cream’. 118 more words

I really must really look really tired

This morning the manager of my usual coffee shop gave me a large instead of my usual small. I later typed on Facebook:

I really must look tired.

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Strong language warning

Strong language warning: contains discussion of ‘the F-word’, in a jocular way. 188 more words