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Yesterday I posted about the suffix -(a)holic. This is an example of what the US linguist Arnold Zwicky has termed a libfix – that is, a portion of an existing word which is “liberated” and used as an affix (usually a suffix) to create a new word, retaining some of the meaning of the existing word. 261 more words


Two days ago the textbook had a reading about a course for “speedaholics”. I started simply by writing speedaholic on the board and asking them what they thought it meant. 319 more words

Men with wings?

At Nehru Science Planetarium, Mumbai

I was all ready for the show.

Entering an enormous dome

Taking a place in circle

Close friends mustered together… 88 more words

Travelling in boots

A few days ago I was scrolling through the complete New South Wales road rules (for work-related purposes). My eye was caught by rule  headed ‘persons must not travel in or on boots’. 274 more words

Be alert

Many years ago one of my sisters gave me a calendar with a pun-based cartoon on every month’s page. One had a cartoon of two strange animals with the caption “Be alert. 170 more words

Smile please!

Gone are the days when you pose with a smile, being candid is in trend now. You ought to be candid anytime. All ‘perfect’ people are candid. 91 more words

What rhymes with axolotl?

Not a lotl, I would have thought.

A few days ago someone posted on Facebook The Axolotl Song (earworm warning), by a music/video/comedy group called… 463 more words