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Disney: The Aftermath

Now that I am a Mum I have to watch a lot of Disney films… Emphasis on the “have to” in that sentence. I am forced to a lot. 1,147 more words

My Thoughts

"Experienced criminal secretary"

I saw a job advertisement for an “experienced criminal secretary”. There are several possibilities of interpreting that. The ad itself specifies that they are a law firm specialising in criminal law and are looking for a legal secretary. 7 more words


A clothing shop in Sydney’s main street is advertising a BIG ASS SALE. If you’ve ever wanted a big ass, here’s your chance.

Another Blog Post

Pommy ipsum scrumpy bugger on’t goggle box good old fashioned knees up, pulled a right corker ask your mother if fancy a cuppa. Meat and two veg spiffing nutter have a butcher’s at this chap clotted cream, scrubber flog a dead horse I bid you good day ey up chuck cotton on, a fiver cheerio have a butcher’s at this one off. 73 more words

Just because 🙂

when it’s a Monday evening a storm is coming in your waiting for that School cancellation call and your feeling like a light supper .. your daughters boyfriend shows up and is sitting at the table with you and your daughter realizes as we are all chatting away what where eating… grilled cheese, smiley fries and chocolate milk and bursts into laughter as we follow suit knowing why 😂 we are eating a kids meal when you just want chocolate milk and smiley fries … why not hahahah and your daughters boyfriend is laughing with us . 119 more words

Trumputin, Trumpkim

Trumputin seems to be a thing, but I can’t find any occurrence of Trumpkim. There’s Trump-Kim and Trump, Kim etc but not Trumpkim. If it does become a thing, you saw it here first. 50 more words

moon bop

I have just discovered that the Korean word for grammar is 문법, which sounds like the English words moon bop. For some reason that makes me very happy. 12 more words