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A lone tale...

2. A villager in a fair. #BBBI

The Village Head always made it a point to have a fair, no matter the droughts. Just to bring life to those helpless farmers and their families. 392 more words



“All are a nuisance,You! in particular”

The teacher exclaimed, pointing towards me. I gulped a hard breath and stood up. She ran towards me (very fast for a 60 something woman, if you ask me). 117 more words



While I was researching the spelling ough for the previous batch of Grammarbites, I saw in the Wikipedia article on that spelling a list of four poems highlighting the inconsistencies. 698 more words

argh, arrgh, aargh, aarrgh ...

For reasons I might explain sometime, I needed to know the spelling of argh. Or arrgh. Or arrrgh. Or aargh. Or aarrgh, Or aarrrgh. Or aaargh. 115 more words

My Dad

I was going through pictures of the befores on my house and came across this picture. I couldn’t pass it up. My dad had his heart attack about 6 months before this picture but it only slowed him down for maybe 2 months. 6 more words


Tomorrow, I’m going to school dressed as a student. No one else is dressing up for Halloween during the day… they’re all wearing Astros t-shirts with uniform bottoms.

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Halloween sillyness 

It’s the night before Halloween , in my childhood days we called it cabbage night . Some kids would actually trick or treat not I , my mom would have nothing good to say to the parents who let their kids do this ,she thought it was just being greedy for extra candy and not all houses where lit up for you to go up to I think they thought the same way that Halloween night was enough . 460 more words