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I have felt evil, and it's name is MUDRAIN!

Do you ever get really bad headaches? Not like regular polite “take a pill and a nap and it will go away” head aches, nooooo, noooo. 280 more words

* Tatiana


Our world in its wis-




ness clearly states it’s smart to be

smart: well-dressed of course, but clever-

er than wise too: and who’d… 82 more words


Fab Friday: Dance Party

I hope this Fabulous Friday you find yourself having some fun…

Even if that fun is you having to clean the house.. who says that has to be dull? 103 more words


Feeling Lil. . . Nope, Feeling Tiny!

Feeling so little tonight. It started on Saturday, and I’ve been steadily shrinking since! It’s not a bad thing but boy my first day back after vacation was not easy. 324 more words

* Tatiana

The Five Dollar Fun Hunt

So yeah, I was a little bummed out  on Thursday. Usually I can shake off these blue feelings with no problem but sometimes it’s a little harder to do. 511 more words

* Tatiana

I was trying to come up with something fun to write about. Something that would make me look cute and like I have it all together, but then I cried and decided I need to take my blog down because it sucks and I hate it and I hate everything.

325 more words

Time to Cheer! It's Thursday

I write this sitting down after a LONG day. But it was a productive day! By the end of my work day I felt like this: 81 more words