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Squeezing, blagging and being silly

Squeezing his spots before I had to go to work.
Free paneer. FINALLY!
Being silly together in the evening. I’ve missed hanging out with him this week.

Post for Brendan - Imagine..

Hello Brendan.. and everyone!  I have something a little random to share this fortnight ;)

~ Raindrops are Fairy whispers… Author Unknown

I was out with the camera, after the rain the other morning..

51 more words

Getting to know your 'Stupid'

My estranged father once told me that I was similar to an inanimate object like a chair or a doorknob, apparently ‘I had nothing going on upstairs’. 431 more words


Staying in Focus: Fun and Fitness at Gram's

I never know what my granddaughter has in mind to do when she comes to visit. Recently, she decided to transform my kitchen into “ a  Fun and Fitness Center’’.  120 more words


Smoky Mountains Tennessee

I’M BACK. With Moonshine

Put this on:

yes, i caught a southern accent while there. omg, i’m such a damnyankee. it’s gone now, thankfully. 327 more words

Being Silly

Morning People Problems.

Drinking coffee while you wait for everyone to wake up…

It’s a beautiful day. Birds singing, sun’s out. Ugh…wake up, slackers!!!!

You won’t believe the pictures, it’s so beautiful out here. Back to my coffee.


Being Silly

Busy, As Usual.

Okay guys, I know I’ve been boring! I’m making potholders and dodging turdnados and working at the factory (omg, we’re making a very pretty train car! 197 more words

Being Silly