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Being Skinny Is Not That Bad

Everyone, from your family to your ancestors, they feel you’re a charity case that needs to be force-fed from now till the end of time which, by the way, never comes. 766 more words


The Children Hunt

On the word “Jamaica”, you grab your helpless neighbor in a flash and squeeze as much as your bony hand can squeeze.

You manage to convince the neighbor that you’re scared, but really, boiling rage is what is driving you. 656 more words


The Pimple Squad

“What do you mean no?”

“We couldn’t get to her pores this month sir. We tried, we really tried hard but she found this regimen that she has been using and we haven’t figured out the weakness sir. 880 more words


My Dad, My Dad.

My dad’s memory is great and I admire it a lot. Me? My memory stick suffers a leak. Always. And it’s quite annoying. 405 more words


My Love For Washing Machines

You can’t overemphasize the importance of the washing machine in a family. It ties, it binds, it washes away all your sorrows and pains. 272 more words


Watching Scary Films

So, I got home from work today to find that my sisters were watching The Conjuring 2, which I like as a film. It’s not cinematically amazing, but it’s an interesting film. 506 more words


I do not wear tshirts

but a post led me far away from where i was mentally….

and i decided to turn a corner and explore…

a world
unbeknownst to me… 42 more words