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'The court of King Caractacus'

Several months ago I posted about ‘cumulative songs’, focusing on I have a song to sing-o, by Gilbert and Sullivan. One of the songs I mentioned was… 1,087 more words

Old and Dumb

I am an idiot sometimes. You’d think getting older you’d get wiser but that’s not always the case.

I’m big on positive body image but even I sometimes fail at being a confident woman. 583 more words

Reaching the Summit...

Reaching the summit of Mt Fowlers…

Who can resist a Minion ;) Not me!


Post for Brendan - Sunrise Panorama

Morning Brendan :) ..and everyone!

This morning I want to share with you the most beautiful sunrise taken at the end of May.  Well actually, it was before the sunrise. 79 more words


How To: Know You're Killing It At Life

When you make a great joke, the person next to you looks at you and says, “You’re looking around for someone to high-five, aren’t you?”

Yes. Yes I am.

Being Social

A CUMBERSOME PLAID OBJECT- And Three Vingettes on Joy- from Worzel

“I was sleeping at the time so I didn’t see nothing, cept Ed Bob laying in the road…..this is the headline Godfrey read to us over breakfast, that set him muttering in Welsh over the future of mankind. 589 more words

I'm not the worst mother in the world.

I am not the worst mother in the world. Whew! I was worried for a minute there. It is a prestigious title held for those very special people whose parenting skills are over the top. 127 more words