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I really must really look really tired

This morning the manager of my usual coffee shop gave me a large instead of my usual small. I later typed on Facebook:

I really must look tired.

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Strong language warning

Strong language warning: contains discussion of ‘the F-word’, in a jocular way. 188 more words

Like a dog with a bone...

Oh man…







Happy doggy sigh…

“What?! Bark!!

A bit of silliness for a Friday – the weekend is coming… 36 more words



This afternoon, my only native English-speaking colleague for some reason mentioned the word antidisestablishmentarianism. I commented that I had never encountered it actually being used, as opposed to being cited as a very long word (which it is) or the longest word in English (which it isn’t). 175 more words

present perfect, irregular verbs

Yesterday, the textbook introduced present perfect tense, and today I had to thoroughly revise irregular verbs. Present perfect is often difficult for learners of English as a second language firstly because it does not exist in many other languages, and secondly because it requires past participles, the most common ones of which are irregular. 145 more words

Halloween in Korea

Holidays are a funny thing. We think of them as being universal, but they really aren’t. Most of our holidays are unique to our country and our culture. 281 more words

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