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Dont want to sound like an incel, but seriously also have no girls show interest in me, getting rejected 100 of times, and being pretty unattractive, no compliments, its hard not watch porn it really is

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Internet Porn

Excerpt - Love Happens Eventually

I don’t like babies. I never know what to do with them, and that’s just it.  So you can’t blame me when Aunty Norma hands me her fifth child and I hold him (or her, or it? 381 more words


A Year To Myself

Palm Springs getaway. Am I a lonely cactus? No. I am a thriving cactus. 🌵

Disconnected From Dating

Last October I ended things with an ex. 2,290 more words


Peter Pan

I want fanny flutters. For that name to pop up and for my cheeks to flush. I want butterflies. Someone to fancy. Someone to court. Nothing serious, just something you can look back on with warmth. 321 more words


How to be Alone

Being alone doesn’t mean you have to be lonely. The most confident people not only shine in a group setting, they bask in their own company. 484 more words

A Romantic God

A few years back, God and I were talking about me being, gulp, alone. God and I have our own little understanding that He is to be my husband and a father to my children until such a time as He sees fit to give me another here on earth. 555 more words


Day 183 - Do everything by choice and not compulsion

Do everything by choice and not obligation or duress – if this is how you live your life I say good for you. You are one of the very few individuals in this world who is not driven or limited by belief systems and other constricting things like social expectations, or any other imaginary restrictions or bindings which would expect you to perform a certain way, do things a certain way, believe a certain way, move only inside a certain box delineated for you by your circumstances, your origin. 1,751 more words