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Academic writing ‘outside’ academia

Dr Jay Daniel Thompson is a freelance writer, researcher, and editor who teaches at the University of Melbourne. His website can be found here. … 1,099 more words

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3 ways to fix those meetings

Every academic I know loathes meetings. Loathes them.

They view meetings as obstacles to (rather than elements of) work, wasted time, forced upon them, and – even worse – as forums for awful colleagues to showcase their awfulness. 1,273 more words

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One weird trick to get a research grant

Psst. Wanna know a secret? This one weird trick will let you read other people’s grant applications, even before they are funded. Not only that, you get to decide who gets the money.

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Being Strategic

Everybody wants to save the world

Everyone loves declaring that their research will influence policy, and thereby be the catalyst for enduring, transformative, and positive change.

But is it all just wishful thinking? 1,111 more words

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The tyranny of the timesheet

This post was inspired by the National Tertiary Education Union 2014 conference on Insecure Work. Thanks to the National Tertiary Education Union for inviting the Research Whisperer to be part of the conference, and for paying for my airfare and accommodation. 1,422 more words

Being Strategic

Realizing That I Am Strategic!

One of my very best friends from college recently decided to leave her corporate job and start up her own branding company.  When she first told me, I knew it was the right decision for her.   804 more words


Do you have a toxic collaborator?

At some time in everyone’s academic lives, there will be cause for collaboration angst.

It may all start golden: big ideas, excitement about working with new colleagues, the potential for fancy-pants funding and intellectual glory. 1,037 more words

Being Strategic