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Drown Myself

Drown Myself

I’d drown myself in whiskey,
Except I have to drive
And I suppose I’m better off
Sober and alive.

I’d drown myself in kisses, 116 more words


Saying Yes...

Here’s a quote I read this morning from Mark Nepo…”The first step to wakefulness, again and again, is putting down what we carry and saying yes to what life has to offer.” 272 more words


The Long Night

She was drowning in the darkness

of the reality she lived in,

fighting all her demons

hoping one day she’d win

She fought and then gave up… 141 more words


Or Not. And That's Okay.

You’ve read it in a novel. You’ve heard it from a song. You’ve watched it from a movie. Or from that TV series you’ve been binge-watching for several… 441 more words


Its All In My Head

Many nights when sleep won’t come,

I often play out visions of my future,

or what I hope they will be.

As always you are the main character, 287 more words

Enough is Enough

Since my brother died, DHS wants me to pay his bills. There are two quotes I have been thinking about lately.

“You don’t have to do anything in life except pay taxes and die.”  lol… 397 more words


Why Showing Strength Doesn't Always Mean Being Forceful

I’m sure most of us held the people of Paris in our hearts and minds at various points over the weekend.  I am amazed at the resiliency of people under time of duress like this, although I am also baffled by the capacity of people to do harm to each other.  543 more words

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