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The Impact of Relationships On Your Life

Special Teaching by Minister Ginger London

The Fine Art Of Friendship

According to Webster’s Dictionary “friend” is defined as one attached to another by affection and esteem; an intimate association. 392 more words

Self Improvement

Love as a self-portrait 

I promise you relationships and breakups arent the only thing on my mind, at least not these days thank god. But it is the only thing really haunting me because there is no way to streamline it, reorganize it, or repurpose it anymore than I already have. 589 more words

Strength Is For Service

Do you have any friends who are body builders? I do. They work hard at bringing their body under discipline, they exercise, lift weights and eat right too. 374 more words

I Make Friends Easily Positive Affirmation

I make friends easily wherever I go.

I have many friends. It seems that I make a new friend every time I step out of the house. 213 more words

Being Strong

How Your Friendships Affect Your Life

Just about every individual is aware that his friends can affect his life in one way or another. However, most people are just not aware that such effect can be more influential than they could ever imagine. 403 more words

Being Strong

Making the decision

For a long time I had this picture on my desktop:

And it keeps reminding me that speaking up is a choice, as well as taking action is a choice. 98 more words

Personal Growth

Eight Ways to Discover Your Spiritual Gifts

How do you discover your Spiritual Gifts? Here are eight ways I believe will help you.

  1. Understand what the gifts are. Once you understand each gift you will be able to discern more effectively what yours might be.
  2. 127 more words
Life Purpose