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I feel sad for the women who have had to be everything. The woman who is so independent that she feels less than if she allows a man to lend a helping hand. 541 more words

Laying Mental Bricks

Everyone has their own ways of ¬†dealing, some are healthy and some not so much. My way of dealing would be classed as the latter. If I put it blandly and straight up ¬†– I don’t deal. 598 more words

Being Strong

The Bird's Story

Once a bird tried to fly
To the cumulus clouds so high
But a child threw him a stone
The lonely bird broke a bone. 155 more words

Poetry And Prose

All of My Favourite Parts

In case you missed it, I defamed my mother terribly in my last post, I poked fun at her vanity and her constant need to feel and be perceived as young. 605 more words



Maybe life is not all about laughter, happiness, the roses and love.

Maybe its about burning to become an ash and then to be carried away by the wind. 142 more words


Being Strong!

Nobody can stay strong for long. It’s just not easy to smile through your tears. It’s not easy to pretend everything is unicorn and rainbows when you’re broken inside. 135 more words