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Stress Managing Techniques

Stay away from caffeine and nicotine??? Ummm…I think not! We’re all stressed aren’t we? And we all have different coping mechanisms, some unhealthier than others. I for one do indulge in a nicotine stick sometimes. 788 more words

The Underdog

There is this undisputed fear breathing down my neck

Every minute second and hour ,

The fear of drowning in the sea bed of this world unfair. 117 more words


Christmas with Marjorie 

If you have read any of my previous posts you’ll know who Marjorie is and where she falls in place in my life. If you haven’t well, she’s my husbands on line girlfriend from Georgia who moved here to live with him. 2,579 more words


Deserted Path

By Meher Gandhi

I think of the journey and from where I started.

Though still, I stand in the sands that once held the crowd, my fear;

251 more words


There is a emptiness, but also a moment when your hemoglobin has attached to every molecule of oxygen and releases what it does not longer need… 125 more words


Once upon a time

For a long time ago,
I could feel us in my soul
deep in my bones
like we were built of identical atoms
yet, something made us so different that… 38 more words


How You Learn To Love Yourself

The first time i had my heart broken, i was convinced it was the end of the world. Of course there was a lot of crying and wailing in the first few primal days that slowly led to convincing myself if i could change a bit of this or a bit of that, the one that got away would return. 1,188 more words