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Life will catch us

How do we just let ourselves fall back into the arms of life? With no doubts? No fears? Knowing that life is ready for us and that we are ready for life.  25 more words

Letting Go

Kicking cancer in the ass!

After my diagnosis and carefully discussing with my surgeon the next phase of my cyst.  I kept thinking to myself…how did it grow so big?  I was startled by all the doctors reactions especially my surgeon.   622 more words

Forgiveness, Why Is It So Difficult? Part 2

Think of a time when you needed forgiveness for something you thoughtlessly did that hurt another person. How did you feel about how the other person reacted to the transgression? 164 more words

Forgiveness - Why Is It So Difficult? Part 1

When someone we love and trusted has treated us with disdain the last thing on our minds at first is forgiveness. Our dreams have been shattered and we usually become angry and want revenge. 236 more words

The hardest part...

This morning while brushing my teeth with my little 2 year old rascal, it dawned on me what the hardest part about being alone is…. for me anyway. 420 more words

15 Power of Positive Thinking Quotes

  1. Thoughts are not static. They gather momentum like a snowball on a hill. Positive thoughts blossom – negative thoughts flatten.
  2. Negative thoughts can quickly become catastrophic.
  3. 267 more words