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We are the battle scarred and weary

Who have decided that the flowers

On this field of war

The flowers are worth protecting

We’ve learned to dance… 115 more words

Poems And Stories

Tale of a Tattered Heart

She cried a thousand rivers that it can be an ocean,

Her salted tears filled the zone but no one is sailing.

Hear ye, Hear ye, she is a sorrowful girl, 182 more words


Just Something to Think About

If Satan knows he can’t take you from the Father’s hand, and you figured out that no one can….
Not your spouse
Not your children… 185 more words

Christian Living

Sometimes I feed off the memories that leave me

broken. I do not mind the memories pushing me

down and hurting my sleep and everything that I… 89 more words


Alaura Bey Say: Intuition

The way I feel,
The way people perceive their intuition as something that doesn’t matter
Or something that can be ignored
The way spiritual knowledge is made into something that is optional… 102 more words


The Lesson You Learn Behind The Pain You Feel

When I say pain of course I’m not referring to the physical pain. I’m talking about the emotional and mental pain that majority of us experience while navigating through life. 340 more words