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You are STRONG. Is that ALL?

I’ve always been of the opinion being strong is a great way of living one’s life.

When you are Strong:

Your intentions for everyone is good and pure. 407 more words

Routine Life

I’m not trying to be emo on this blogpost but today’s post will not be about hiking and adventure.  I just had a little weird dream about this song.

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From early childhood I have been a sufferer of Asthma and as I grew older I still always get regular attacks that it has affected not just my personal well-being but also my social well-being.

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Emotions in Motion

My emotions at any given moment vary like a spring weather report.
Moment by moment, emotions in motion.

I ran into a friend in the grocery store the other day, and after a nice long and needed hug, she asked how I was doing. 671 more words

I Can Survive, but I Don't Want to.

I want to break. I can’t remember the last time I properly, properly let myself feel. I can’t cry, it takes an enormous amount of effort to muster a single tear and then I stop. 454 more words

Suicidal Thoughts


She can find the missing socks in a cupboard that seemed empty,

She can kick back a tiring day and wind it down with her welcoming smile. 153 more words