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I was not the best mom, but I have changed. 

The thing about paying attention to your thoughts is you realize what’s running around in your brain all day long. A lot of the thoughts are actually time consuming and useless, while others you can use to learn about yourself. 618 more words

Here’s to those who feel like the world is put on their shoulders;

I wouldn’t say “Hi!” or “How are you?” or “It’s going to be fine.”

I would rather hug you if you’re in front of me right now. 1,228 more words

Being Strong

Photography by Meher Gandhi


By Meher Gandhi

Cages, bars and empty hearts,
Where is the air I used to breathe?

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My letter to you

I wish I could tell you all this before you left but as you and I know I’m no good with talking. Instead I will write it down in this letter, least this way you will not forget what I have to say. 361 more words

Few Of My Thoughts

If only God wouldn't have forgotten

I thought I’d relax
But the mind won’t let me
The constant worry and anxiety
The fear of tomorrow changing my planned destiny.

I stay awake at night… 244 more words



Today is my birthday. I don’t much mind the birthday itself. I think 42 is going to be a fantastic age, and a grand year in almost all respects. 485 more words

Emotional Crap

Accomplishing the "Impossible"

I accomplished something yesterday that I never thought I could.  I have wanted to attempt a career in real estate for many years.  I have bought and sold my own homes, after fixing them up, several times.   940 more words