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There IS Hope

I myself have known what it feels like to have no one. To feel all alone. That no one cares about me or how I feel. 560 more words


Trying To Be As Strong As Everyone Seems To Think I Am

Everyone always tells me how strong I am, how they wish they could be as strong as me. What they don’t understand is that I don’t choose to be strong. 172 more words


Hey You! You Don't Have to Be Strong

I have a hundred other things I need to do tonight. Literally. They’re called dishes, and they’re piled all over my kitchen. I have a lot on my mind though…plus, dishwashing is my least favorite chore. 538 more words

Life Lessons

18 Ways I Rock My Chronic Illness!!

Written by: Cynthia Alberson

I have spent most of the past 11 years in a medical nightmare, bouncing from doctor to doctor, receiving misdiagnosis after misdiagnosis. 229 more words

Chronic Illness


Obviously, chronic illness doesn’t affect everyone the same way. That said, I’ve heard from people all over the world with every imaginable chronic illness (which includes chronic pain), and our day-to-day lives are strikingly similar. 288 more words

Chronic Illness

no one completes you, but you

I know you have probably heard this one before, but I want to share it again in hopes that some folks might start to believe it and do something about it. 102 more words

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