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Upside- Down

I was too tired yesterday since I haven’t had enough sleep and rest because of me binge-watching the 8 episodes of Stranger Things, which by the way was a good TV series. 958 more words


How to be tough when everything seems falling apart?

For the past days I’ve been facing a series of tormenting problems, I got broken into pieces, Pressured from family and work, They are all coming in and I know, I’m slowly reaching my pit bottom. 413 more words


Things I Stopped Caring About At 25

They say turning 21 is the last Big HOORAH of birthdays, because you feel like an adult being that you can now legally drink.

Like most of us, I was drinking well before my 21st, so as it was an epic year, it just didn’t hold a candle to the good old age of 25. 744 more words

Being Kind Without Being Weak

“They mistake my kindness for weakness.”

I hear this all the time, but the truth is you’re just weak.  I know that sounds harsh, but Ive been there so I know! 749 more words

Take Every Risk

Along every journey there will always be bumps.  It is inevitable.  How we handle those bumps, fears, setbacks… is exactly what defines our results.

Weight Loss

I will show you. . .

Like a crumpled waste paper
You abandoned me in distaste
Destroyed me with ominous words
Tarnished my self respect and confidence.

You said, I don’t deserve love and success, 71 more words