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I'm back guys

sorry I haven’t posted much lately I have been having so many appointments at the hospital. Just to let everyone know I am fine just a bit sore still. 28 more words

Needs to finding peace

You just need a little peace huh?

Everyone has those moments where you JUST NEED A BREAK!!! Maybe you’ve had the absolute worst week ever or you feel like you’re about to lose it at home. 263 more words

Prayers For The Girl Who...

Me and my brain - two peas in a pod. And war.

Oh the life…

I´ve had this way of thinking about my own mental health “issues”, it started with me trying to educate myself about what was going on in my body and brain. 351 more words

First Posts

That Guilt Feeling

Photo by: @Uzia_april

My usual routine before I go to bed at night is to read Bible quotes and forward to my blood brothers. But tonight I was looking for the perfect bible quotes that would match what I’m feeling. 361 more words


Beaten up, or beaten down?

Everyone has had their shit beaten out of them at least one time in their life, can that be called a fact? Some get literally beaten up, some think or feel they get beaten up, when in fact they get bitchslapped or are just feeling bad because they didn´t get what they wanted. 790 more words

Mental Health

The Light At The End Of The Tunnel

So….I came across a picture from last year before I lost some weight and went down from a size 16 to a 14 and decided to do a side by side thing – the weight loss is kind of obvious! 245 more words