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"I wanted my children to know that I gave birth"

For my second and third births what was most important to me was that my children viewed birth as a positive and natural experience which is why I gave birth at home. 43 more words

Being Valued

"What mattered was that I wasn't heard"

What mattered was that I wasn’t heard (read: they didn’t respect the fact that I knew what was happening with my body) when I said over and over that I needed to be on the labour ward instead of the ante-natal ward. 120 more words

Being Heard

January 30 - See The Great - even on the crappiest days :-(

This post is one of the hardest that I’ve had to do – today ended dreadfully.  A work colleague, who is looking out for me while hubby is away, had a quiet chat with me to give me some pretty mortifying feedback on the perceptions that some of my colleagues have formed over the first 4 days of the year.   414 more words

See The Great

It's nice to feel valued

Everyone likes to feel valued. Of course the most important thing is to value ourselves rather than rely on getting our sense of value and self worth from others. 460 more words

On Value and Being Seen

Longtime reader Sarah asked in the comments on my post about Edith Pearlman if I could share my thoughts on how I skate the inevitable line of doing work for work sake and doing work to be seen.   900 more words

Summer Pierre


An old fashioned thought in an old fashioned setting, spurred by an old fashioned activity: conversation.

I ran a small focus group in a huge media organisation yesterday.   340 more words


Building Community that Nurtures Thankfulness!

Her wrinkled hand picked up the orange and chocolate cupcake and slid the wooden dowel at its base, piercing its yummy-ness. Then as if placing a hat on its head, a chocolate-chip muffin was placed on top. 638 more words