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Probably the best Christmas present to give yourself!

To All Nursing Students, including my own: If I were to assign any homework this weekend it would be to take a break. 10 minutes at a time.

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100's of reasons for Gratitude!

A few months ago notification popped into my e-mail that I had my first follower!

I was intrigued by this and wondered what it was about my thoughts and words that would make somebody want to follow… me! 476 more words

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Close knit!

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I’m blessed to be part of a close knit family, we don’t live in each other’s ears but we are always there for each other when push comes to shove. 29 more words

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To 'DO' or to 'BE'...now that's a good question for Black Friday?

What a great post for Black Friday! Emotionsoflife2016 certainly got me thinking!

Just take a moment to consider…are you a ‘DOer’ or do you try to simply ‘ 212 more words

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As simple as ABC but don't forget D!

A…accepting who you are as being ‘good enough’ in this moment but always wanting to achieve to your full potential.

B…begin, you can’t achieve any goal without taking that first scary step into the unknown. 19 more words

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Fantastic Day Flashback!

Simply peeling vegetables for home-made soup, listening to a compilation of 80’s songs, my legs are wanting to dance and I can only resist for a few minutes but best of all…my mind, thoughts and emotions are also dancing! 42 more words

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Daily Prompt: Neophyte

via Daily Prompt: Neophyte

A year ago I was a neophyte to blogging. I typed up my first post and put it out there as much for myself as for you. 164 more words

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