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“Dare to dream”, they say.

It’s the theme of everything these days.

A thousand posters tritely line the walls,

Each variation of sameness projects the call… 115 more words

Autism Stuff

Time to Collect My Chips

I’ve fought the same ole demons
And I’ve put the poison to my lips
More times than I could even name
But it’s time for me to collect my chips… 86 more words

Being Yourself

Perfect Blemishes

You complain that your body’s not perfect

How out of shape you were the last time you checked

Worry etched on your face, as you look for another defect… 178 more words

Rise Up, Chorus

Finding my voice in the autism community in a freer way than ever before…

There is a stirring,
A rising up as a chorus

Gradually strengthening in numbers, 99 more words

Autism Stuff

Writing as Therapy - Anonymous Blogging

Pouring my heart out, writing until I know it is enough…I wish I could do that everyday. I want to experiment with how everyone says “writing is therapeutic”. 443 more words

Life has a Way of Leading You

You keep telling yourself
That you need to live different
Then how you’re living every other day

Like you need to step out
And try something crazy… 92 more words

Being Yourself