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Who are you to the world? 

Who are you? Who am I? Do people know me? Do people know who I really am? Does the world know me?

The way you present yourself determines by how you actually present yourself, are you humble or horrible. 143 more words


Who Am I?

I like to think I’m someone who knows themselves. I like to think that I know exactly everything about myself, but sometimes that’s doubted. Someone will say something to me and I’ll think, “I do that?”, “Is that really me?”. 511 more words

Caroline Nycek

My Mom Blogs About Vampires

Seriously, I did date that guy, and more.

What you share with your kids and what you don’t is up to your own comfort level. You don’t want to tell them everything. 645 more words


More on Social Anxiety - Thirty-Second Post

I’ve written about social anxiety in previous posts, so some of this may be a recap.

The reason I’ve decided to type about it, is because I see this as the root of all my problems coupled with perfectionism.   381 more words

What I do to feel like me... 

… Or at least the me I wish I was.

Recently I’ve been really super busy. Working, raising Caleb, that sort of thing! There’s been a very tired, very scatty imposter running around in a Shiv suit and I think she’s probably here to stay folks! 693 more words

Don't Be Afraid To Be You

Welcome back to another blog! It may have been a little while since the last one, but it’s been getting a little busy now I’m back at University for my final year. 461 more words

Being Me