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She'd Look Better With Makeup

When I was modeling, I dealt with a lot of insecurities. Everyone does though, model or not. If someone has ever told you they’ve never felt insecure I’d go ahead and call that a lie. 823 more words

Chelsea Walker

Don't Tell Me What To Do

The other day I was told: ” You are not serious enough, you know. You are not taking life seriously.”

And I thought to myself:” Thank you for reminding me not to get sucked into the rat race too deep.” 183 more words

My Way To Truth

As the saying goes…why fit in when you were clearly born to stand out?

I’m assuming you figured out who wrote “Happy Thanksgiving!” on this board.  :-)

Everything Else...


When you buy a gift you don’t keep it for yourself. The purpose of purchasing a gift is to give it away to someone who will like it and appreciate it. 1,083 more words


8 things you may not know about me

We all have parts of ourselves we hide. These secrets we guard carefully and only let very few people in on. Why? Because we fear rejection. 732 more words

The Ultimate Kill Joy

One of my favourite quotes is by Theodore Roosevelf, it says

“Comparison is the thief of Joy”

The older I get the more apparent this quote becomes.

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I Wish I Wasn't So Scared To Be Myself

I wish to wander aimlessly
In woods you penned
I want to saunter namelessly
For years on end

In your sweet unbent paradise
Where we could stay… 8 more words