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Once upon a time...

Donkeys bray, cats meow, dogs bark and chickens..err cluck? Either way, this is what’s expected. Now imagine one fine day a donkey wakes up and realises he’s bored of braying and just wants to meow and purr the whole day. 416 more words


Society's Dementors of Confidence - and Being Taught to Shrink Ourselves!

Anyone remotely familiar with the Harry Potter series knows of the “Dementors”. They’re the only most terrifying aspect of the wizarding world because they just run around sucking out people’s souls for fun. 1,275 more words


You are anything but broken hearts
You are more than the make up on your skin
You are stronger than the armour you wear
You are brighter than the smile you fake… 222 more words

Free Verse

Walk Your Own Path

Walk your own path

and don’t forget to enjoy the scenery

and friends you make

 along the way.

Mental Health Topics

Childhood Messages

Most childhoods are full of mixed messages about love. Most parents and care-givers did not and still do not know how to truly love themselves unconditionally. 949 more words

The death of my ego.

I’m not trying to be different, I’m not trying to be better than anyone else but myself. I am working on finding who I am in a world that chews up the dreamers, believers and the seekers. 377 more words


Lessons Learned

There are so many things I’ve learned in my 16 years of life. I have learned right from wrong, good from bad, mistakes from accidents, the list goes on and on. 552 more words