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A dying 24-year-old's advice

This morning I was reading an article from Your Happy Project about a dying 24-year-old’s advice from Reddit (2 years ago). I had to share on Malanie Loves Fiction, too. 692 more words


Steel Cannot Bend

Some of those days
You might feel so broken inside
Like you’re always the one
That has to go run and hide

People try to tear you down… 194 more words

Possible Songs

Experience Yourself

During the half hour drive home from Wayne, Nebraska Thursday afternoon, I didn’t remember riding over a somewhat tricky curve in the road. It is somewhat hazardous because it is much sharper than most curves, it’s on an upgrade, it divides a farm property, and the highway intersects in the middle of the curve with a graveled county road. 605 more words


Becoming me

As long as you are worried about what others think of you , you are owed by them. Only when you require no approval from outside yourself can you own yourself. 149 more words

The Style


Courage, it’s such a small word, with so many different ways of interpretation. Courage to me is a lot of things. It’s like this powerhouse of energy, and blind trust, which we seek at times of darkness. 803 more words


Waving Through a Window: How Dear Evan Hansen Helped Me See My Anxiety More Clearly

I love theatre. Ever since I was a child I can remember wanting to perform for and entertain people. There has always been something about making people laugh or causing an emotional reaction of some sort that brings me an unprecedented amount of joy. 1,913 more words