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Spilled Milk.......

I am pretty sure everyone must have spilt milk in their childhood either during breakfast, lunch or dinner. I do remember my mom telling me that while i was little, i was very inquisitive. 528 more words


A world of lies...

Don’t you ever wonder how hypocrite our society is? It says how accepting your true self wins over external beauty. You can see a lot.. and i mean a LOT of quotes and blogs on being “Yourself”. 222 more words

Being Yourself

The Words in my Soul

These words that are buried
So deep in my soul
They carry with them
All the burdens I hold

All of the shit I been through… 90 more words

Being Yourself

Never Play by Their Rules

Society has a way of telling you
You gotta be what they expect
When you’re living your whole life
Just wishing for a little respect… 116 more words

Being Yourself

That Kid

That kid, you know the one, who always clapped half a second after everyone else.

That kid, you know the one, who went left when everyone else when right. 218 more words

Creative Writing

Left to Go Left

I had the honor of chaperoning Full Speed and some classmates for their sixth grade trip to Sea World.  Thankfully, Mad Dog was able to attend.   496 more words