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4 Line Stories: Redemption (The Final Act)

Her days of seeing ghost faces long gone
The woman within, immeasurably strong
The room she stands in is like a city of light
Acceptance of herself as a beautiful being
photo credit: mz-stories.blogspot.com


How Do I Know If A Guy Likes Me?

Hello, all!

I have come to the conclusion that “Macho Man” is an odd name for someone, so I will now call him “Biceps,” because his are the size of my face. 337 more words

Helpful Tidbits


Dear reader,

Two months ago I promised these two beautiful women to send them the picture that I took of them. Unfortunately, I lost their Facebookpage and I can’t seem to find them online. 94 more words


Confessions of an introvert

Normally when I sit down to write a post, I have an idea of what I want to write about, and then I fully wing it. 526 more words

Personal Blogs

Learn To Fall In Love With Yourself, Too

Falling in love with yourself is as beautiful as any experience of love is. It’s learning to laugh at your awkward tendencies and smile at all your quirky habits. 107 more words


Tattoos and rotten pumpkins

A lot of people want tattoos, but many fret over the permanence: that they’ll pick something they won’t want to look at after <insert random measure of time here>. 243 more words

Being Yourself


Is it okay to be you where you are?

You know? With you… Is it okay with you to be you?

Sounds circular, huh? But it is a real question. 39 more words