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You Have Permission To Be Whoever You Want To Be

It’s my last day at home before driving down to Duke to begin freshman year. I’m sitting on the floor of my room with bits and pieces of my life splayed out around me—all the sentimental objects I usually keep stored in a shoebox under my bed. 758 more words

Finding yourself through fashion.

Express yourself –

I’m a firm believer that someone’s appearance gives an insight into the person themselves. This doesn’t apply to a person’s genetics as that’s something you’re born with, but rather the way they choose to present themselves. 365 more words


Stop Trying To Impress People Who Don't Deserve You

We’re all perfectionists – there are different degrees – but we all want to be some sort of perfect. We want to look like the girl in the magazine, have a relationship like the one in the movies, excel at our jobs like a millionaire, or be the perfect family member like we see our friends being. 319 more words


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Great post on stop trying to impress people. Always be yourself for you are worth greatness. Not everyone going to want to be in your corner, yet you have to move forward regardless. Go visit Rosie at Hookup Culture so she can tell you more. 💜

Friday Morning FYI - 4/29/2016

Welcome to your Friday Morning FYI – my chance to share observations/wisdom/rants in short, easily consumed form.

“Are you a writer?” I was asked last Sunday, just before ordering my typical Americano. 305 more words


You Don't Have To Be Me To Be You

To everyone who reads me and thinks “I can identify myself with what she writes.” – this is more of a reminder than of an instruction: 398 more words


Stream of Consciousness Writing - Becoming Yourself

I did not post much over the weekend because I have been taking care of my daughter who has been sick.

Hopefully the antibiotics are working now. 436 more words

Mental Illness