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Day Passed - Fiftieth Post

Another day passed.  Uneventful.

Just anxious and depressed.  Worse than usual though.

That’s all.

Blue Watery Eyes #3

Ash couldn’t understand why Jason didn’t see that girl behind him.

“And where did she go? I wish I could know her name, at least.” Ash said. 982 more words


Another Day Passed - Forty-Eighth Post

I didn’t do much today except for work and then passed out when I got home.  Just chalk this up to getting through another day.  Hopefully tomorrow will be more productive.

That’s all.

Smashing the Mirror

When the tears on our face
Don’t show in our reflection
And the pain in our eyes
Hides behind another emotion

We choose what we show… 146 more words

Being Yourself

Something's Missing - Forty-Sixth Post

So I haven’t posted in a week more or less.  I just didn’t know what to post and also wanted to shake this feeling that I had to do it everyday, even though I’ll probably pick up that habit again. 204 more words

Flying to be Me

Forget the mountains! (Just for a while. I’ll get back to them.) Look what I did. 1,463 more words

By The Way

Get motivated!

“If anywhere in you soul, you feel the desire to write, please write. Write as a gift to yourself and others. Everyone has a story to tell. 156 more words