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D.Smokey Chakra Tumbled Stones

The beauty of these products is that it can be utilized anywhere and everywhere easily and makes a value addition with an impressive combination. Since it can be added and mixed to almost all kinds of variations, your innovation and imagination can work wonders above your creativity. 466 more words

Crystal & Stones Products

Being and Doing

My first blog was a success, at least by my standards. I wrote fairly regularly, commenting on life in Taiwan both as an observer and a participant. 495 more words

fading in and out

There is a pain that comes with creating.  A sort of lonely laden pressure that sits atop your chest, upon your vision.  It never fully goes away. 359 more words


Before words

What came before words?
Listen to sounds of language
not your mother tongue.

Imagine the mind
as a blank slate, how would you
then communicate? 102 more words

Lullabies and Fantasies

In lullabies our words are dreams as we whisper unheard wishes to a crumbling world.

In fantasies we tell of the hidden evil in a seemingly perfect world, or the hidden beauty in a seemingly evil one. 114 more words

Random Musings: the discovery (broken pieces)

the discovery (broken pieces)

broken pieces strewn about… do you like puzzles he asked?

Yes, very much she replies..Unaware that the scattered tattered bits were shattered pieces of his heart, spirit, & dreams. 397 more words



Through the fog a figure arises,

With white hair and gray blue irises.

Arms outstretched and clothes a tatter,

Skin rotten and no better the latter. 135 more words