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You Give Your External World Way Too Much Power

It’s been awhile since I last posted and that’s mostly because there has been a LOT of action I’ve been taking in my life :) 1,095 more words

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That Eternal Struggle For New Words

Solidity is an illusion. Why? Because that is what is official transmitted through the contemporary mass media as incontrovertible truth. The big voice that stunts the effect of any other one competing with it. 1,040 more words


And We are Protecting our Miracle?

We enter this world as pure as our parents genetically allowed us to be, but we become exposed to chemicals right away!  While we are beholden to the world, as adults, it is now up to us to become as much as we can, chemical free.   33 more words

CARDI B: Alleges Racism After Being Booted From Hotel

Cardi B called the Hilton Albany hotel staff and the Albany, New York police department racist after she was booted from her hotel room early Sunday morning. 225 more words

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A cup must be empty before it can be filled.

William Breault, S.J.

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How can you receive God if you are full of that which is 

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being so rounded

spin a circle wheel

and how intelligent you are

and yet so indifferent to a cold cold world

and where does the wonder

and hope as a IQ… 43 more words


Of Pericopes, Susanna, and the Long Form of Our Lives

We can’t hope to know others as we should like to, but we should make it our business to know them as well as we can.

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