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Ain't nobody gonna drag me down..

You can’t drag me down…
Though u can try….
In the end I will still be standing
Today Is not the day I give up.. 64 more words


“Try It, You’ll like It!”: Journey of Worth 2.0 - Day 14

I feel an introduction is in order as this is something new to you folks here at WP.

My name is Tam. How do you do? 954 more words


yesterday's traditions today

It’s Bank Holiday weekend.

Strange how we hold on to these relics of a time gone by. These customs. These traditions. Long beyond their time in a sense. 199 more words

The Life's Building 

Our life’s can be seen as a building:

If we build it functional and practical, we will be efficient and all will work, but there is no cosy feeling and it feels disconnected from our nature. 77 more words


What it Means to Be Human

If you are into sciences, physics, cosmology, arts, this is a great conversation.  I always find the World Science Festival interesting and am able to follow along without having a degree in physics.

Tall & Small

The following wise words come from my 10 year old son :)  It shows his innocent reflection on his journey of acceptance about being the shortest around, for his age. 81 more words