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Resisting Ourselves

It’s been a good couple of weeks for resistance, the fingers-in-the-ear, la la la I can’t hear you variety. I’ve been putting some pretty serious energy into noticing others’ faults, imagining different ways to order the world, and telling myself I should be doing almost everything better or at least differently. 303 more words


The Word

See the printed word
That verse my thought reified
I am more, or less


Be beautiful 💕

In being there is beauty
In beauty there is being
Be beautiful
Truly beautiful
~ M. L Adams


When In Doubt

When in doubt, end that game by doubting doubt itself.


Watching is not Doing - Osho

Being with you I feel so blissful and liberated, and there seems to be no end to it. You must have tricked me. What is your secret? 1,488 more words


Undefended Openess as a Skill

When we accidentally trip, our natural instinct is to put our arms out and maybe lessen the damage of the fall to our important parts – head and belly. 478 more words

Living Vinyasa

Of Juniper and Roses

Of Juniper and Roses

Roses shouted about sense and
sensuality, symbols and duality,
how time passes in this reality.

Juniper just sat and whispered
in the breeze of how to be green… 6 more words