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Of being and not

Snow falls
in the darkened street;
seen only as it enters
the shaft of light
that ensnares a circle of pavement
The existence of the masses… 13 more words


Something to remember. 

I found this quote yesterday… as I wandered the web in search of something intangible I suppose. It echoed, deep inside me. It is not only something I deeply believe to be true, but also, that should never be forgotten. 83 more words


Love Puddle

The Divine did an interesting thing to this vessel.

He filled it up with so much of him that Love seeps out through every crack. 17 more words


Harry's Offbeat Dream-like Paradise

“If you had told me that all the while I was in Paris of the future. That same nineteenth century ‘fin d’siecle’ metropolis that was several hundred years ahead now a dystopian paradise an reigning queen of the cyber-caliphate then I would have never believed it. 770 more words


Walking In Place

Sometimes I see little glimpses of the present.


The Traveller

Got to get to some place

Any place but here

Got to get to other things

Any thing not near

For here I am

Inside beside along… 63 more words