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To "practice" is to remember

Jack told Betty: “I am meeting with some friends to talk about spiritual matters.”
Betty replied: “The challenge is to practice it. Anyone can talk.” 488 more words



The most dismal truth is that most people waste their life, imitating and simulating – never ever getting around doing something Right. That is, anything authentic which comes from the core of their Being. 55 more words



Knowing is a key outcome of being…and with the holiday weekend upon us, with family out of town, and major pathways being contemplated, I am looking forward to nesting and being and knowing as we head into June.   29 more words

The Most Simple Of Explanations

“This is such a silly game that I am playing out to its illogical conclusion.”, he said to her. He waited for a span of minutes for a reply but found that there was not one word forthcoming in response from the empty darkness that encased the room. 897 more words


Midday Meditation 5.24.16

Midday Meditation 5.24.16

“The Lord walks among the pots and pans” – Brother Lawrence


Since Friday I’ve been working behind the scenes at my work, that is, light duty in the form of washing dishes, getting sack lunches ready, getting snacks ready, and related. 266 more words

Who are you listening to?

I was following a conversation on social media (lurking). The writer expressed concern over the tone of our political process. Could this mood of fear and anger be released? 535 more words