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Heidegger on theology

In Being and Time Heidegger enumerates how a range of disciplines — sciences and humanist enquiry — have had their fields reconfigured as a result of deep-searching alterations in how their most basic objects have been grasped. 396 more words


5 Reasons Why You Should Embrace Being Single

We see vines, memes, and YouTube videos all over the Internet illustrating how sad or pathetic it feels to not be in a relationship. Movies, novels, and TV shows showcase romance and relationships, putting it way up high on a metaphorical, nonexistent pedestal, leaving all the single people reflecting on their own lives, wondering what they’re doing wrong and what they need to fix about themselves. 618 more words

A Witchy Evening

The firelight echoed, not bright enough to shine.
A corner of fabric,
the metallic thread of a shoulder.                                                                                              Plenty of people faded into the shadows, black satin and velvet. 166 more words


The Downside of "Doing"

One thing I’ve learned over the years is that “doing” – or taking action – doesn’t always “do” it. It doesn’t always solve the problem. It doesn’t always produce the best result. 768 more words

Comfort With The Unknown

“Do You Understand?”: Journey of Fulfillment 2.0 - Day 35

Guiding Thought

In Divine Mind, I am filled full! All are equally filled full. All are equal in Love. I fill my mind with thoughts of fulfillment and remember what I already know. 483 more words



in the dreams I do not see,
nothing happens!
pitch black darkness
and enough space to contain every painting in it.

In the dreams I do not see… 96 more words