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What did we Forget

Sneeze Sneeze; aww bless you

Sniffle Snuffle; here tissues for you

Hot scalding tears; big hugs for you

Livid, Angry; talk- I’ll listen to you… 225 more words


being aware

something it moved

and found its own spot

and  keeping

and how it was so puzzling

and were it went side to side

and other and its own… 42 more words



I wade into the shallows
when I wish to dive
into the depths
I watch from the sidelines
when I wish to be
the attraction… 93 more words


You Are Limitless

Take that in to yourself. Think about it often. Believe that to be true about yourself. I don’t know if you know this, but you are limitless. 655 more words


The Path of Being

The path is there,
you need only step onto it.
It is well-marked and clear,
and you don’t need anyone
to tell you which direction to go, 95 more words



Last friday I was going to school, when I looked up and saw directly to the church tower. I saw its clock, a circle with two pointers, obviously fixed in the middle. 99 more words


* Tao Wisdom ☯ - fire and stillness

Movement is necessary to overcome the cold,

But when excessive movement threatens to set the world aflame,

Cool stillness will bring things back to order.* 39 more words

Middle Ground