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Our Right to Informed Consent is Being Usurped – Will You Resist?

By Alex Pietrowski

Through case-law, as well as by the 4th Amendment of the U.S. Constitution, it is well established as a legal precedent in the United States that an individual has the right to informed consent of any invasive medical procedure. 1,187 more words


The Art of BEing ...

I love early morning coffee time with God.  Quiet time.  Nurturing.  I never cease to be amazed at what comes though when I journal.  After being on a hiatus with this practice during the time of a whirlwind romance, Spirit was ready and waiting when I returned. 344 more words



Twisted lying still

Innards shift and tumble

Crimson red rises

Spewing like molten lava flows

Exuding weakness and frailty

Tears fall to the ground

Like glass beads scattered below… 68 more words


Truth, Essence, and Being

There’s words I can’t say and phrases I cannot otter.
So my brain clogs and fills with clutter…
I jumble thoughts and phrases into sentences. 58 more words

Poems And Thoughts

Walk In Love

The path we walk can seem hazardous at times.

But there can be no pitfalls when we walk in love.


The Necessity, Yet Insufficiency, of Existence in Itself

Existence itself must be the first thing to exist; for nothing else can exist without it. Thus it obviously exists, because other things exist. But at the same time, existence in itself is not a… 45 more words