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Acceptance #midnighthaiku

Perfect acceptance

Neither threat nor worry looms

At rest within peace




Once upon a time, a baby resting in a cradle was not a baby, but the oldest of beings taken the form of one.

She wanted to see first hand what it was that made these humans tick. 195 more words


Would You Rather...

Would you rather be responsible for planting a seed or making a tree grow?

Don’t overthink your answer. It’s not that deep.

What do you want to be responsible for, the easy part or the hard part? 315 more words

Personal Growth

"We ARE that"

So phenomena are appearing and disappearing in consciousness. This is empirically obvious; just look and see if it’s so. What ELSE is there to see? If that’s true, then that must be what we are. 8 more words

Pointing Towards What IS

About questions and answers.

One of the reasons I have seen patients in clinic is for management of warfarin. Warfarin is an anticoagulant (a “blood thinner”) and it requires a blood test for dosing. 523 more words


Holy Hell

The year, as you call it, would have been 1B, as in “Before”. No one was there to welcome me into being. I remember struggling to open my eyes for the first time, light and dark were fighting over which would have dominion over my sight. 358 more words


Hide And Seek

Stop looking for what you want!

I’m not talking about the keys you lost this morning, no, find your keys.

I’m talking about the ideal version of the life you want to create. 458 more words

Personal Growth