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To live

a life of purpose:

it is what I desire

at the core

to observe, to learn

to listen, to love

to be around those I love… 113 more words


Come, it said.

“Come,” it said, gesturing with an upturned palm, the gentleness of the movement belying the rigidity of its fingers, its joints, the stiffness of the steel with which we’d made him. 991 more words


A Massive Impact: Leszek Kołakowski on Philosophy

“A modern philosopher who has never experienced the feeling of being a charlatan is such a shallow mind that his work is probably not worth reading”. 133 more words



Lady bug, oh lady bug,

so weightless on my finger.

Visit, & fly away!


Let`s stop running

Never expect anything or anyone outside yourself to make you happy.
Make yourself happy first and then your very happiness will make others happy.
But it starts with you. 78 more words


Being present as a spiritual exercise; day 16 of Ramadan

“The present moment is filled with joy and happiness. If you are attentive, you will see it.” – Thích Nhất Hạnh

All too often in my life I am constantly on the go without truly being aware of what I am doing in the… 357 more words

My Journey

Just When I Thought it Was Safe: Journey of Freedom - Day 05

Guiding Thought

How can I live apart from God? God is indivisible. God is my Source, and the Life within me. My Oneness with All through God was established at my birth, at the creation of my being. 598 more words