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The Boston Globe Is For Sale? Paging The Koch Brothers...

Dear Koch Brothers,

We’ve never met and by the way, I’ve been to Tea Party events but never received one of those checks liberals keep telling me you guys were handing out. 256 more words


Saturday Night Live To The Rescue

Chuck Hagel’s confirmation hearing was a disaster for him and Obama. He gave horrible answers and didn’t seem competent for the position of defense secretary. 48 more words


Jason Mattera Harassed By Armed Security For Asking Bloomberg About Gun Control

New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg is typical of many liberal elitists. He doesn’t want anyone to have guns, except for the people who are protecting… 17 more words


Two Reasons Obama Couldn't Pass His Own New Proposals On Gun Ownership

Obama has proposed 23 new executive actions on guns.

You can read them all at Talking Points Memo, a leftist blog which suddenly thinks executive power is just great. 219 more words


Guess Who Acts Like The Leader of The World?

I would say free world, but in this case, Putie doesn’t see himself in that context and neither do I.

Reuters reported today that Putin warned against sanctions against Iran. 331 more words

Barack Hussein Obama

Andrew Breitbart Launches BIG Hollywood!

Conservative libertarian writer and pundit Andrew Breitbart has launched a new website called Big Hollywood.

He describes the site thusly:

“On Tuesday, I launch Big Hollywood, a big group blog that will feature hundreds of the big minds from the fields of politics, journalism, entertainment and culture.” 18 more words