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Rebekka's Quick, Simple Rules on How to be Happy!

Do not lie. Do not cheat on somebody that loves you more than anyone else ever possibly will. Appreciate that person and do not screw them over. 40 more words

Bekki Roderick

All I Really Know

Nothing is forever.
All of the people who were so, so important five years ago and two years ago and one year ago have had their day and been replaced by new people, and that is how it should be. 138 more words

Bekki Roderick

Can You Ever Stop Loving Someone After a Relationship is Over? No.

If your love was real, you never stop loving them.

If the other person ever meant anything to you, you always will feel something for them. 165 more words

Bekki Roderick

Well, I've Been Afraid of Changing 'Cause I've Built My Life Around You

It’s been a rainy, solemn day here, and “Landslide” fits the mood.┬áThese lyrics hit me deeply. The ever changing “landslide” of life. If you stand still, even for a second, you get left behind. 9 more words

Bekki Roderick

No Two People Are "Meant" To Be Together!

This is BS and a fairy tale!

Of all the relationships I have been in, there have been three that lasted over at least 2 years. 295 more words

Bekki Roderick

Just a Reminder to Anybody Who's Suffering

It’s a cruel world, but do your best to find/have positive people in your life while in it to shine a light on what’s good. There’s good in most things if you are willing to see it. 13 more words

Bekki Roderick