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#JUMBO – Η Μετοχή η Οποία Ευνοήθηκε Όσο Καμία Άλλη από την Ελληνική Κρίση 16 more words


Poached eggs

1. Boil a pan of water

2. Crack an egg into a very small round bowl / glass / teacup.

3. Once the water is bubbling, slide the egg into the water. 436 more words


Billy and the Chicks

I feel like chicken tonight

We all love KFC. Come on, don’t deny it. It’s fine! Sometimes, kale will not do the trick and all we need is some good old fashioned comfort food in the form of fried chicken and chips. 329 more words



The Holi spirit

It’s a little bit brighter in the mornings, we’re getting some sunny days and I saw one lonely daffodil in my garden today, which means Spring is finally on its way. 410 more words



Baby pink, blush pink, rose pink, bubblegum pink, I’m obsessed with the colour. It makes sense when you think about it…  Bela Shah > B Shah > Shah B > Sharbie > Barbie! 94 more words


The Attendant

Are you taking the p*ss?

A toilet that’s also a café? Say what?! Even though I (Bela) am a massive germ phobe and public toilets are not really my thing (are they anyone’s thing??), Cookie twisted my arm. 338 more words